5 Points to Consider Before Purchasing a Standby Generator for Your Business | Generator in Georgetown, SC

5 Points to Consider Before Purchasing a Standby Generator for Your Business | Generator in Georgetown, SC

There are many reasons why you may need a generator for your business. You may need it because you don’t want your business to stop functioning during power outages. Let’s be honest here we all want our business to stay functional and the operations to continue regardless of what the situation is.

Regardless of whatever the reason may be purchasing a generator for your business is always a smart option. The long term returns of this onetime cost can have a positive effect on the outlook of the business.

The cost, however, can be a source of never-ending expenses if the right type of generator is not chosen. Generators, like any other technology, come in various forms and shapes. All technology at our disposal has certain features and characteristics which make them stand out. Similarly, generators also have varied qualities which make them suitable for use amongst a certain type of users.

If the right type of generator is not chosen, it can become a burden on the user. Rather than bringing great returns, it results in further expenses for a business.

Therefore, choosing the right generator can be a complicated process. To help you with making informed decisions, we have compiled a list of factors that you need to consider before purchasing a standby generator.

Power Requirements

Being aware of your power requirements is essential when purchasing a generator in Georgetown, SC. To determine your power requirements, it is important to figure out what function you want your generator to look after.

In case of a power outage, do you want your generator to run the entire building or just some part of the location? These are some questions that you need to ask yourself before making a decision. Having full knowledge of the potential cost of using a generator in Georgetown, SC can help in making a correct decision.

In addition to considering the scale of the power required, it is also essential to be wary of crucial factors like peak demands during summer months and the amperage of your electrical service.

Location of the Generator

Ideally, a generator should be located outdoors. However, when making a decision to place the generator, make sure that you are placing it at a location where it is easily accessible for repair and maintenance.

When deciding on an outdoor location for your generator, ensure that it is placed at a place that is distant from rising water.

If you plan on installing the generator on the rooftop, then install them at a distance from combustible walls and building openings. Indoor installations are much more complex than outdoor and rooftop generator installations. When installing a generator indoors, it is important to adhere to the requirements of fuel supply and distance from combustible materials.

Fuel Type

Natural gas and propane are the most common fuel types for an emergency standby generator. The availability of the fuel type and costs are the major factors that play an integral role in deciding the fuel type of a generator.

Thanks to various upgrades in technology, generators today are much more fuel efficient today than they were 10 years ago. However, regardless of fuel and energy efficiency, it is important to gather at least two recommendations from experts regarding the cost of using the generator, depending on the scale of use.

Generators that power a large area or a business running on heavy machinery result in a much higher cost. To avoid confusion in making a smart decision, it is imperative to know the cost of using a category of generators in Georgetown, SC. 

Physical Size of the Generator and the Cost of Transportation

Another point worth pondering before purchasing a generator in Georgetown, SC is the size of the generator. A generator which is large in size cannot be loaded on a truck or moved from one location to another with ease.

You can be charged for the mere estimation of the cost of moving a generator in Georgetown, SC. A large generator needs additional resources for its movement. The additional resources employed for the movement of the generator can cost you a fortune too.

Once you purchase a large generator, it’s important to choose an ideal location for it that provides enough room for its operation.

Although choosing a large generator capable of producing power at a much greater rate may be suitable for your work, you still need to be aware of the additional cost of installing a large generator in Georgetown, SC.

Maintenance and Warranty

Installing a generator is not the only step you can take for resolving your business’s energy problems. A generator in Georgetown, SC needs regular checkup and maintenance. Not doing so will exponentially increase the cost of repair in the long run.

A standard warranty for generators generally varies from 1 year to 5 years. However, generators vary from industrial to commercial generators. The standard duration varies for each type. An industrial generator in Georgetown, SC may come with a warranty of up to either 1 or 2 years.

In addition to the warranty, you should also consider the aspect of generator maintenance. Generators need high levels of maintenance; a skilled professional may be required to look after industrial generators.

The huge size and scale of some large generators make it impossible for ordinary electricians to look after them.

So, if you plan on purchasing a generator, the above-mentioned points should be considered.

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