5 Reasons To Consider A Generator Replacement: Insights From A Generator Installation Company | Marion, SC

5 Reasons To Consider A Generator Replacement: Insights From A Generator Installation Company | Marion, SC

You probably have had the same commercial generator for a while now, if not decades, and perhaps you are wondering whether you could ever need a generator installation company again for a new unit installation.

Honestly, there’s no set time frame for when you should change your existing power backup unit. Instead, when to replace the generator will depend on various factors, including its age and frequency of use.

Don’t forget that a typical commercial generator is built to last through several years of service. However, the longevity of the generator will be determined by how well you maintain it, the number of running hours it has used, and how often you’ve exercised it.

Yes, proper maintenance is a fail-safe way of lengthening your backup generator’s life expectancy. Regardless, there might come a time when you realize the system can’t effectively keep up with your office operations as it used to, calling for a replacement.

Certain circumstances may necessitate replacing the current generator in your industrial facility. Want to know what they’re? Well, read the blog to the end.

The System Is Old

Old age is the most obvious sign that your standby generator needs a replacement. If it has served for over a decade, probably, it’s experienced a bit of wear and tear. Commercial generators have an average lifespan of 10,000 to 30,000 hours, equivalent to 10 and 30 usable years, respectively.

Many models can work beyond this time limit, except for the frequent breakdowns you may experience. At this point, you’ll have to weigh generator repairs versus replacement costs and decide accordingly.

Mostly, the first sign of a generator wearing down is reduced efficiency. You may notice the system struggling to keep up with the load it has always handled. A simple tune-up by a professional could help address the issue, but if problems persist, it may be time to install a new machine.

Your hired generator installation company in Marion, SC should conduct an exhaustive inspection and give a comprehensive report to help you make wise business decisions.

Your Power Requirements Have Changed

When purchasing a commercial generator, it’s common for most individuals to focus only on their current power requirements, forgetting that the future is quite unpredictable. As the business expands, your power needs to increase, yet you expect the same generator to handle the additional load.

The generator will wear down with time, eventually causing it to shut down prematurely. Therefore, if your business has exponentially grown over the years, it’s best to invest in a new system that will sufficiently meet your needs. Partner with a professional generator installation company to install and service the unit.

You’re Experiencing Increased Generator Problems

If you regularly encounter system errors and shutdowns, now might be the perfect time to consider a replacement generator. Among everything else, preventive maintenance ensures your generator provides consistent and dependable power for your business. But if you still have to deal with frequent repairs, even with periodic inspections, in this case, replacement may be the best option.

Trying so hard to keep a generator that has become increasingly unreliable will cost you a lot in repairs. Remember also the increased downtime could result in a loss of productivity and revenue flows. The sooner you dispose of that old, worn-out backup generator, the sooner you’ll begin to enjoy the cost savings and the peace of mind that you can rely on your unit when you need it the most.

Ensure you hire a licensed and insured generator installation company in Marion, SC for the safe and proper placement of your new power backup system.

There’s Unpredictable Power Output

Business owners mainly invest in backup generators to ensure access to consistent and reliable power. Once the generator begins to operate irregularly, including starting up slowly or experiencing power disruptions, these may be signs that you need a replacement generator.

For any standby generator with an automatic transfer switch, when there’s power loss, it should start up instantly. Any trouble or delays starting? Have your generator system assessed by a licensed generator installation company near you.

Several things can make the generator fail to start when there’s a power out. The generator installation company you’ve hired will be able to consider all these factors during the inspection. If they’re satisfied that a replacement generator is in order, then investing in one is worth it.

The last thing you want during an emergency is worrying about whether or not the generator will be up to the task of keeping your operations running smoothly.

There’s Too Much Fuel Consumption

Increased fuel consumption is another sure sign your generator has taken a downturn. Ideally, if you don’t experience significant changes in your generator usage, the amount of fuel the machine consumes should remain relatively constant year-round.

The expected fuel economy is in the generator’s manual. However, sometimes, this number might decrease. If you’ve observed an increment in fuel usage for the generator to perform the same work it has always done, consider getting the unit inspected by a generator installation company to resolve any issues.

Of course, as the generator ages, its mechanical parts start to wear out, rendering it inefficient over time. In such a case, you can expect fuel consumption to rise substantially over the years. But a sudden, significant rise in usage means something is up with the unit.

Let a certified generator installation company in Marion, SC look at it to establish whether a new generator is in order. Upgrading to a modern, energy-efficient brand could see you save money besides enjoying a reliable power supply year to year.

Contact Mister Sparky Generators for the Best Solutions

Undoubtedly, investing in a new generator can impact the overall success of your business. Replacing the old unit gives you access to more efficient equipment, new technology, and reliable power. Mister Sparky Generators is the generator installation company you want to partner with for backup power solutions in the Myrtle Beach area.

We deliver premier services matched to your needs. Our highly trained technicians are certified to install and maintain some of the most trusted generator brands. Need generator replacement service? Contact us today, and we’ll be glad to help.

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