6 Reasons Why Your Generator is Refusing to Start | Generator Repair in Dillon, SC

6 Reasons Why Your Generator is Refusing to Start | Generator Repair in Dillon, SC

Electricity has become an essential part of our lives and has been for more than a century now. It is almost impossible to imagine life without this wonderful thing. This is why many people get haunted during a power outage in the area. Everything, from household items to communications devices in workplaces, is dependent on electricity for its operation. However, in most cities of the world, there is only one source of electrical energy, and that is the central power plant.

A single power plant means that if anything happens to the power plant, then the whole city goes into an emergency power outage situation. This can be a disastrous situation for every citizen, especially if they don’t have a backup energy source. Therefore, the best solution for such emergency situations is an electricity generator. The generator runs on fossil fuels or natural gas.

If you already have a generator, then you might also be familiar with the problems it comes with. These problems only occur if you fail to get your generator regularly maintained. One of the most basic problems to occur on your generator is its refusal to start.

There are many reasons that cause your generator’s failure to start; some of them are mentioned below:

1.   Battery Failure

Generators are pretty similar to automobile engines when it comes to engineering design. If you are familiar with car engines, then you would know that they require battery power to start. The same is the case with generators. So, if your generator is refusing to start, then the first thing you need to do is check the battery. If the battery is dead, then simply get it repaired or replaced immediately. Call the best generator repair service in Dillon, SC, to come and fix this issue.

2.   Low Coolant Levels

Another major problem that might be preventing the generator from starting is the low coolant level. Just like an automobile engine, the generator also requires a coolant to function properly. The coolant is a liquid that runs around the outside of the engine to keep it from overheating. It is necessary for smooth operation. If the coolant level is low, the generator will refuse to start.

One of the top reasons for the low level of coolant is leaks in the radiator. You need to look out for the puddles of liquid around the generator. The coolant has a distinctive color and sweet smell, which makes it easy to identify it. So, if you notice that the coolant is leaking, then it means there might be holes in the radiator. You need to immediately get the generator repair service in Dillon, SC, to fix this issue as soon as possible.

3.   Fuel or Oil Leaks

Most of the electrical generators have engines that run on fossil fuels such as gasoline and diesel, just like an automotive engine. These engines also require oil for smooth operation. Therefore, if your generator is refusing to start, then oil or fuel leak can be one of the main causes of that. Just look at the surrounding areas of the generator for any possible liquid puddles. The distinctive smells of gasoline and diesel can be the identifying factor pretty easily. Check the oil level through the dipstick that is already installed in the engine. If you notice any kind of fuel or oil leaks, then you need to immediately get it fixed. Call for the best generator repair service in Dillon, SC, to resolve the issue.

4.   Air in the Fuel System

One of the weird reasons why your generator is not starting can be the air in the fuel system. This problem is quite common in generators that are not run frequently. To prevent this problem, make sure you test run the generator at least once a week regardless of its need. Just run it for a few minutes to avoid any air build up in the fuel system. If following this routine is still not effective and the generator stalls again, then there might be a different problem. You need to call the best generator repair service in Dillon, SC, to determine and solve the issue.

5.   No Fuel at All

This might sound stupid, but this actually happens. Some people don’t even bother checking the fuel of their generator and eventually run out of it. Therefore, if your generator isn’t starting, then it might have run out of fuel.

However, even if you regularly check the fuel of the generator, it is possible that it runs out of it because of some leaks (as mentioned earlier). In the case of any kind of leak, you need to immediately call generator repair service in Dillon, SC.

6.   Breaker Trip

One of the things that you need to check if your generator doesn’t start is the breaker. Make sure that the remote emergency power switch of the building is not turned off. Someone might have accidentally switched it off. If the breaker is tripped immediately after the ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch), then the generator will definitely not start.

This is a dangerous situation and you should never try to operate the ATS yourself. It can cause severe injury to your body that can also be fatal. Therefore, in this situation, it is better to call a generator repair service in Dillon, SC, to deal with it.

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