6 Reasons You Need A Backup Generator | Dillon, SC

6 Reasons You Need A Backup Generator | Dillon, SC

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If you have lived in Dillon, SC, for a while, you know that severe weather isn’t uncommon. Strong winds, heavy rain, and hurricanes are common in this area, and when severe weather strikes, power outages are expected.

Electricity is a basic need, and if the power goes out, you can turn on the lights, power your appliances and devices, and life in your home can come to a screeching halt. Today, many homeowners have backup generators to keep the power on during a widespread outage.

Backup generators are expensive, and if you aren’t sure if buying one is worth the investment, you should understand the benefits of having a generator when the power goes out.

There are several ways a backup generator can make your life easier when the power goes out.

#1 You Have Children

Installing a backup generator is a good idea if you have children. Many kids struggle to find something to keep themselves busy when the power is on. When the power goes out, your children can’t watch TV, play video games or power their devices. Dealing with bored kids can be challenging if the power is out for days.

Many young children are afraid of the dark. During the day, your children have nothing to be afraid of during a power outage, but nighttime can be a problem. You can use candles for light; however, it isn’t safe to put candles in a child’s room or let them burn all night. You can give your child a flashlight, but it won’t light up the entire room and cause shadows that can scare your children even more.

If you have a generator on your property, it will kick on as soon as the power goes out, providing electricity to your entire home. Your children will be able to keep themselves busy during the day, and your home will be well lit at night.

#2 You Work From Home

Many people have been working from home for years, and since the pandemic, many more people have started. Working from home is great, as long as you have electricity. If the power goes out, you can’t use your computer, internet, and other essential office equipment, making it impossible for you to work. If you can’t work, you can’t get your work done, meet deadlines, or make money.

Fortunately, installing a backup generator on your Dillon, SC property can be the solution to this problem. The generator will kick on and power your entire home when the power goes out, and it will be as though the power never went out, allowing you to get your work done on time and continue making money.

#3 Your Frozen and Refrigerated Food Won’t Spoil

When the power goes out, your refrigerator will stop running. The food in your refrigerator can start to spoil four after the power goes out, and the food in a half-full freezer will thaw in 24 hours, and if the freezer is full, it will begin to thaw in 48 hours.

If the power outage lasts a few days, you will have to throw away everything in your refrigerator and freezer, and hundreds, even thousands of dollars worth of food will be wasted.

If you have a backup generator on your property, it will power your refrigerator when the power goes out, preventing your refrigerated food from spoiling and your frozen food from thawing, and you won’t need to throw anything away.

#4 You Can Prepare Meals At Home

When the power goes out in your home, you can’t use your stove and microwave and will have no way to prepare meals for your family. In addition, the refrigerator and freezer should remain closed while the power is out to prevent the food from spoiling.

You can buy food that doesn’t need to be cooked or refrigerated, significantly limiting your options. You can eat out; however, taking your family out to eat for all three meals can cost a fortune, and if the power outage is widespread, it can be challenging to find a restaurant with power.

Preparing meals won’t be an issue if you have a backup generator. The generator will power your cooking appliances, allowing you to prepare meals the same way you do when the power is on. Not only can a generator save on the cost of going to a restaurant, but it can also keep your family happy at mealtimes.

#5 No Need For Storm Prep

People flock to the stores to prepare when severe weather is in the forecast. To prepare for a power outage, you need non-perishable food, bottled water, ice, candles, flashlights, and batteries. If you wait too long to shop, finding the things you need can be challenging.

There will be no need for storm prep if you have a generator on your Dillon, SC property. The generator will power your entire home, and you won’t need to fight the crowds to shop for storm supplies. While everyone is out fighting over the last package of AA batteries, you can be home relaxing.

#6 Added Home Security

When the power goes out, so do your lights and home security system. A widespread power outage is a perfect time for intruders to enter homes under cover of darkness, without worrying about setting off your home security system.

A backup generator will power your lights, which will discourage intruders from trying to gain access to your home. In addition, your home security system will have power, alerting you if an intruder comes near your home. The safety of your home and family are your top priorities, and a backup generator can keep your home and family safe.

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