6 Red Flags Your Generator Will Give You When It Needs Repair | Generator Repair in Myrtle Beach, SC

6 Red Flags Your Generator Will Give You When It Needs Repair | Generator Repair in Myrtle Beach, SC

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A generator is our back-up source of electrical power whenever there is an electrical blackout. Since power outages happen all around the world, it’s always a good idea to have a generator on premises.

Power outages often occur due to a natural disaster or even a fault in the power lines. At tough times like these, our generator comes to the rescue and ensures that we continue living life comfortably with a steady supply of electricity. This is why we should make sure our generators are in a perfectly working condition at all times.

Signs Your Generator Needs Repairs

For us to be fully prepared for any challenge that could come our way, we need to be proactive.  The last thing anyone would want is for their generator to stop working in the middle of a long power blackout. For this reason, you must look out for the signs explained below to make sure you get a generator repair in Myrtle Beach, SC when you need it.

1.   You Face Trouble Starting Up Your Generator

If you face difficulty in starting up your generator every time you turn it on then this is a red flag. You shouldn’t have to switch your generator on 4-5 times before it actually starts working. This is one of the most obvious signs that you need to get a generator repair in Myrtle Beach, SC. Whenever you switch on your generator and it turns off after making unusual loud banging noises, it is actually indicating that something is wrong with it.

So make sure to turn your generator on once every month or so to check up on it. It should start up smoothly without any hiccups. Otherwise we suggest you get it checked out by a professional.

2.   Your Generator Has Started to Produce Lesser Power

If your generator is providing a lower flow of power than it is supposed to, then this can be a clear warning sign. You will notice that the lights instantly get dimmer when you plug in another electrical appliance to use. This means your generator is not performing at its best and it is not providing the amount of power that it’s supposed to.  This is an indication that it’s time to get a generator repair in Myrtle Beach, SC to fix the problems with your generator.

3.   Electrical Components in Your Home Are Quickly Getting Worn Out

Whenever you are thinking about a generator repair in Myrtle Beach, SC, you should also inspect the electrical components in your home. An unsteady supply of power can damage and fuse the electrical components in your home. So be careful and get your generator repaired before it causes further damage.

Moreover, faulty electrical components with loose wires, burnt switches or frayed wires can burden your generator with extra load. So make sure you inspect the wires, buttons, switches and connectors to see if they are getting damaged or fused.  It should be your first priority to get faulty electrical components replaced in order to stop them from negatively impacting your generator’s operability.

4.   There Are Unwanted Leaks from Your Generator

Just like every other machinery, generators also depreciate over time. This is why generator leaks usually happen in older generators after many years of use. If you notice any such leaks coming from your generator at home, make sure you call a technician immediately for a generator repair in Myrtle Beach, SC.

Not only is it difficult to spot where exactly the leak is coming from on your own, it is also dangerous.  Never try to fix a leak on your own. These leaks are usually of natural gas or diesel fuel. They don’t only hinder the performance of the generator but also cause a safety hazard.  Such leakages create a huge risk of catching fire if there are any sparks from your generator. So we advise you never delay getting a generator repair in Myrtle Beach, SC in a dangerous situation like this. Your safety must always come first.

5.   Your Generator’s Battery is Low on Charge

Your generator’s batteries can become low on charge with time if you don’t use your generator often. Your generator won’t be able to provide a good voltage if its battery is running low. Initially, you can try cleaning your batteries and cables to see if it helps. Otherwise you can call a quality service provider for a generator repair in Myrtle Beach, SC and they will add electrolyte to your conventional battery to recharge them.

Sometimes it may be the case that your generator’s batteries are at the end of their working life. The average working life of a generator’s battery is about 3 years. So if you’ve had the same batteries for 3 years then it’s time to replace them. You should schedule for a generator repair in Myrtle Beach, SC so they can replace your batteries and restore the performance of your generator.

6.   Your Generator’s Body Has Become Damaged

If you can notice any dents, dings or obvious signs of visible damage to the body of your generator then this is a bad sign. It’s better to get a generator repair in Myrtle Beach, SC to make sure nothing is wrong internally.A trained technician will come to your house to check that there is no internal damage that is negatively affecting the performance of your generator.

The Bottom Line

Overall, maintaining your generator and ensuring that it will provide an unlimited supply of electrical energy in times of need is your responsibility. Your generator is an asset and you must keep it in working condition to be able to use it when you need it most.

It is better to get a timely generator repair for your comfortrather than delaying the repair and regretting it later. Contact Mister Sparky Generators for your repairs and keep your generator fully functional at all times! This way you can rely on your generator without any worries.