7 Reasons Why You Should Have A Backup Generator Installed Today | Dillon, SC

7 Reasons Why You Should Have A Backup Generator Installed Today | Dillon, SC

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If you have been living in Dillon, SC, for a while, you know that the weather isn’t always bright and sunny. Heavy rains, strong winds, tropical storms, and hurricanes are common in this part of the country. As if the severe weather isn’t bad enough, power outages often go along with extreme weather.

If you have ever lost power, even for an hour, you know that the power outage can bring life in your home to a complete standstill.

We all rely on electricity every day, all day, and when the power goes out, life in your home will be frustrating and incredibly inconvenient.

The best way to prevent issues during a power outage is to have a backup generator installed. A generator will provide power to your entire home and will kick on as soon as the power goes out.

If you aren’t sure if a backup generator is worth the investment, you should consider the ways your home and family can benefit from having one installed.

#1 Your Kids Will Stay Busy

If you have children, you should have a backup generator installed on your property. Kids today rely on their gadgets to stay busy. When the power goes out, they cannot charge their devices, play video games and watch TV. In addition, your Wi-Fi router won’t have power, and Wi-Fi is necessary for your children to use their devices.

When the power goes out, and your children cannot play on their gadgets and video games, they will get bored quickly, and throughout the day, they will become unbearable.

A generator will power your home, allowing your children to continue using their gadgets until the power comes on.

In addition, younger children often get scared at night when the power is out. You can use flashlights and candles, but younger children will still be frightened. A generator will keep the lights on, allowing your children to feel safe.

#2 Your Refrigerator and Freezer Will Continue Running

When the power goes out, it won’t be long before the food in your refrigerator and freezer starts to spoil. Within 24 hours after the power outage, the food in your fridge will start to spoil. Within 48 hours, the food in your freezer will begin to defrost. By the time the power is restored, you can end up throwing away hundreds, possibly thousands of dollars worth of food.

A backup generator will provide power to your entire Dillon, SC home, and your refrigerator and freezer will continue running until the power is restored, saving you money in wasted food.

#3 You Can Cook At Home

When the power goes out, you can’t use your stove and microwave. In addition, if the power is out for at least two days, you can’t use any of the food in your refrigerator, which leaves you with very few options. You can only eat food that doesn’t need to be refrigerated or cooked. You can take your family to a restaurant; however, eating out three times a day can be expensive. Also, if the power outage is widespread, it can be challenging to find a restaurant that has power and is open.

Installing a backup generator will solve your mealtime problems. The generator will power your home, allowing you to cook the way you usually do when the power is on.

#4 You Work From Home

Many people today work from home. Typically, working from home can be great because you don’t have to worry about the commute or traffic. Working from home isn’t so great if there is a power outage. Without power, you cannot use your computer, internet, and other office equipment. This will cause you to lose money and miss deadlines.

A backup generator will keep the power on in your home, allowing you to work during the outage. If you work from home in Dillion, SC, a generator is a necessity.

#5 Home Security

When the power goes out in your home, the lights will go out, and your home security system will shut down. This can put your home and family at significant risk. Most intruders wait until the cover of night to break into houses, and when the power goes out, so do the lights. Also, a power outage is a perfect time for intruders to break into homes because they know home security systems will be down.

A backup generator will power your indoor and outdoor lights, which will scare intruders away. In addition, your indoor and outdoor cameras will still work, and your home security system will continue keeping your home safe.

#6 No Need For Storm Prep

When there is a major in the forecast, people flock to the stores to prepare. People buy candles, flashlights, batteries, ice, canned goods, and bottled water. If you start your storm prep too late, the shelves will be empty when you get to the store.

If you have a backup generator, your entire home will have power, and storm prep isn’t necessary. This will save you time and money, and you will always be ready when a storm hits.

#7 Portable Generators Are a Hassle

A portable generator will provide power; however, the power is minimal. You can only power a few essential appliances and devices. Some people run extension cords and use power strips to power more devices; however, this can overload the generator and can create a tripping hazard. In addition, generators cannot be used in the rain. Unless you have a covered area away from your house, your portable generator will be useless in the rain.

A backup generator will power your entire home, and you won’t need to have extension cords laying all over the house. Also, your generator will have a protective housing, allowing you to use it anytime, regardless of the weather.

Why Choose Mister Sparky Generators?

If you are ready to have a backup generator installed on your Dillon, SC property, contact Mister Sparky Generators. We have been serving customers in the area for years and have an excellent reputation. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and a 5-star rating on Google. In 2017, we won Angie’s List Super Service Award.

Our techs can help you choose the correct size generator based on the size of your home and your electrical demand. When the generator is installed, we provide maintenance and repair services.

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