7 Signs It’s Time to Repair Your Generator | Horry County, SC

7 Signs It’s Time to Repair Your Generator | Horry County, SC

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A generator is meant to help you through a power outage. You obviously don’t want yours to leave you in the dark in the middle of a light out situation. So how can you tell if your generator needs repair and maintenance?

We’ve compiled a list of signs that will help you figure out when you need to contact a generator repair service in the Horry County, SC area.

Signs for Generator Repair

The Generator is Struggling to Turn On

Conducting regular checks on your standby generator is really important for it to stay well maintained and in running condition. A part of these inspections should include starting the generator to check if it is running well. If you notice that your backup generator is difficult to start, or momentarily buzzes and dies out after a while, this means you need to seek a professional for generator repair service.

The same advice goes for a situation where the motor is making unusually loud ringing or banging noises. It might mean that you require regular servicing, but you could also have a bigger issue on your hands. It’s always a good idea to get it repaired beforehand than when you actually need to use it.

The Generator is Providing Low Power Flow

When you are running your backup generator at home, pay close attention to the amount of power it generates. In the situation where the unit doesn’t provide as much power as it is supposed to, or simply fails to produce any electricity at all, this indicates that there might be a problem. Either there’s an issue with the master phase selector switch, master breaker, or the control panel. All these need to be repaired by a skilled technician.

The Electrical Components Show Signs of Wear and Tear

If the electrical components of your standby generator are damaged you would be able to notice them when you conduct a visual inspection. Some of the thing you should look for includes loose connectors, frayed wires or extension cord and worn, cracked or missing control knobs.

In case you find any signs of damages on these parts, make sure you hire a generator repair company to fix these components for you.

The Generator is Leaking Liquid

When you’re conducting regular checks on your standby generator, also check the surrounding areas for any traces of fluid leakage. Try looking for pools of liquid with rainbow-colored or iridescent film on top, which would be an indication of coolant or an oil leak. In case the generator is leaking fuel, you would also observe a gassy odor in that area.

A backup generator that’s leaking is usually the result of worn out hoses or fuel lines. However, a faulty storage pan can also cause the generator to leak. It’s extremely dangerous to run generators for home use that’s been leaking fluid, which is why you need to find out the reason behind the issue. A generator repair service in the Horry County, SC area can help you figure out the root of the problem and resolve it as well.

The Generator’s Body has Been Damaged

It might happen that while the generator is in storage, objects fall over it leaving behind dings, dents and other noticeable signs of damages. Although most of the time you shouldn’t get too concerned about them, but at times it might lead to a huge problem. We feel it’s better to be safe than being sorry later. That’s why you should ask a professional generator repair company to take a quick look at it.

The Generator’s Battery has a Low Charge

In case you don’t tend to use your standup generator as often, the batteries can easily become weak with the passage of time. For that reason you should keep a check of the voltage on a regular basis with the help of a voltmeter. Also, keep an eye out for corrosion near the cables and when needed clean up using a wire brush.

If you have a traditional battery that has individual cells, you might need to add electrolyte every now and then. On the other hand, if you have a maintenance-free battery, it won’t have any cells that would be accessible to you. On average, the battery tends to last for almost three years. You should consider getting a replacement if your battery is nearing the end of its lifespan. Take advice from an expert in generators in Horry County, SC.

Pests Have Made a Nest in the Generator

It’s quite common for pest such as insects, vermin, and other tiny creatures to create a nest inside the backup generators in your home. In case you find such a nest in your generatorjust removing it isn’t enough. There are a lot of insects that tend to chew up the wires and other delicate parts of the generator. This means that these components could get damaged and you won’t be able to notice it with your bare eyes. If you want to make sure that there isn’t any major damage done to the parts, it requires a detailed inspection. You can call a backup generator service company to help you in such a situation.


By now you must be well versed regarding the signs which will help you understand that it’s time to get your unit repaired. As generators are a pricey investment, you shouldn’t try to DIY you way through these problems as you might end up paying more than the cost you tried to save. If you’re looking for a professional generator repair in the Horry County, SC area you should hire Mister Sparky Generators. They’ll help you get rid of all sorts of generator related problems and maintain a well functioning power unit.