7 Things to Know When Getting Your Generator | Backup Generator in Myrtle Beach, SC

7 Things to Know When Getting Your Generator | Backup Generator in Myrtle Beach, SC

Electricity is a utility which not many people think about on a daily basis. It’s a blessing that’s always there. Whether it’s at our home or at business, electricity is something we don’t worry about. The only time we think about it is when there is a power outage or some fault occurs in the lines. That’s when you realize how vital this utility is and how its absence brings our lives to a grinding halt.

Most of the items in our houses and workspaces rely on electricity. From television sets and refrigerators to lighting and cooling systems, everything is dependent on electricity. Even smartphones need electric power to charge and stay active.

Before your home and work space in Myrtle Beach, SC, comes to a halt, you should consider getting a backup generator that will keep your essentials active. Emergency generators for home use are a good investment to think about for solving power problems, if you face any in Myrtle Beach, SC.

After you have decided you want this powerful piece of equipment for yourself, there are few factors and situations you need to familiarize yourself with. The following list will help you make an informed decision for getting a backup generator in Myrtle Beach, SC:

Power Requirements:

When you’re getting a backup generator in Myrtle Beach, SC, you should know what your power requirements are. Every house has different power consumption and you can’t make a decision based on the generator your neighbor got. The power requirement also affects your budget for the generator.


To answer your power requirement question, you have to decide on how much you will be consuming during the time of power outage. For example, if the users want their backup generator in Myrtle Beach, SC to power their whole house, then they will have to get a generator that’s capable of taking the maximum load.


Fuel Type

There are three options when it comes to fuel types for generators; natural gas, propane, and diesel. The cost of your generator will vary depending on your fuel choices. Homeowners looking to get a backup generator in Myrtle Beach, SC, should exercise an option that is the most cost-effective option for them. Fuel requirement can surge if there are lengthy power outbreaks. Moreover, the availability of fuel is important as well. Both diesel and propane can be re-filled and can act as on-site fuel source.


Another important factor relating to fuel is abiding by the local code requirements. Environment issues can come up if you use propane or diesel generators. So, before you get a generator for house in Myrtle Beach, SC, you should be aware of the requirements.


How Will It Be Installed

After making your choice for the type and size of your generator, you have to see who and how will the generator be installed in your home. Mostly if you hire a licensed electrician, he will be able to get this done for you.

While installing, it is important to be aware of your wiring systems and power capacity of your circuits. A licensed electrician will consider all the factors before installing it. It’s also important to be aware if your electrician gives generator service in Myrtle Beach, SC.


The Setup Location

Choosing the right location for your generator is crucial, because that spot should be readily accessible for maintenance work. Factors like ventilation, fuel supply, accessibility, and noise need to be considered when picking a spot. There are also cases when generators have to be placed at a certain height to avoid them from being in contact with the water hazard during rainfall or snow.

When installing a backup generator in Myrtle Beach, SC, also make sure that the generator is located close to the transfer switch. It is essential to be aware of any hazard you might be undertaking.


Transfer Switch

There are two types of transfer switches, automatic and manual. Mostly emergency standby generators have automatic transfer switches that help with the power supply without any interruptions. The type of transfer switch will depend on whether the power supply is required in the entire building or just some sections. Manual transfer switch does not come with a lot of cost saving and will require constant monitoring.



The warranty durations are considered as well. Typically, generators come with one to five years of warranty for residential purposes. You should know which of its parts are covered by your warranty, in case there is some unfortunate incident. The warranty duration and coverage can often be increased at additional costs.



Maintenance is a significant aspect of generators that have to be kept in mind. You have to know who is going to maintain your backup generator in Myrtle Beach, SC. Generators need routine checks to keep them functional and ready. Often neglected, generator maintenance is an area of immense importance as your whole house is connected to it. You don’t want to worry about its maintenance when you need it the most. You don’t want to be stranded in this situation without any electricity.


Before you get yourself in that dreadful situation, check your generators from time to time. Bolts and pipes have to be checked for rusting and/or any loosening. Handling issues related to electricity is a sensitive matter. You have to make sure that you are keeping your house safe from all hazards.


Having a power backup system at your home can make your life easy at difficult times. You never know when the next power outage will be or a natural disaster interrupts the power supply system. Generators are a good investment for both your home and business. Mister Sparky generators have solutions to all your generator-related queries.