8 Reasons You Need a Home Generator | Tips from Your Trusted Dillon, SC Generator Installation Company

8 Reasons You Need a Home Generator | Tips from Your Trusted Dillon, SC Generator Installation Company

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If you have been living in Dillon, SC for a while, you know that the storms can be brutal. Hurricane season is the worst, and even if your home isn’t in the direct path of a hurricane, the part of the storm that hits your area can be very severe. One of the most significant issues people in your area face is power outages. As hard as the electric company tries to restore power, it could be hours, days, and even weeks before you have power again. Because of this, you should consider generator installation. You can have a generator installed that has enough juice to power your entire home. There are a few excellent benefits of investing in one.

More Convenient Than Portable Generators

A portable generator can come in handy during a power outage, but they aren’t very convenient. Generators cannot be run indoors, and it is raining, it isn’t safe to use. This means that you will need to wait for the rain to stop before hooking up the generator. Also, portable generators have only a few plugs. This means that you will need to run extension cords throughout your home, and you can only power a few essential appliances and lights.

If you have a generator installed, it is stored in a covered area so that you can use it rain or shine. Since a generator is hard-wired into your electrical panel, you can run just about everything in the house, and you won’t need to run extension cords.

Keep Your Refrigerator Running

If the power in your Dillon, SC home is out for more than a day, the food in your refrigerator will start to spoil. When the power comes back on, you will need to throw out hundreds of dollars’ worth of food. Generator installation will keep your refrigerator running while the power is out, keeping your food from spoiling. If the power outage lasts for up to a week, you can buy refrigerated items during the time and have peace of mind that they won’t spoil.

Your Daily Routine Won’t Be Interrupted

A power outage can put a significant damper on your day. If you work from home or need to do school work on your computer, you can forget about it until the power has been restored. If you were looking forward to watching your favorite show on television, you can forget about that also. When you don’t have power, there isn’t much you can do in the home. Generator installation will allow you to keep up with your daily routine without skipping a beat.

Keep the Kids Happy

If you have children, you know that a power outage in your Dillon, SC home can make them miserable. When the power is out, your kids can’t watch TV, they can’t use their devices that require WiFi, and at night, younger children will be afraid of the dark. Generator installation will keep the lights on, the WiFi connection, and the TV on. If you are going to survive a long-term power outage with children, you will need a generator.

Home Security System

Where there are widespread power outages, the homes in the dark are at risk for intruders. Getting in and out under the cloak of darkness isn’t difficult for seasoned thieves. Generator installation will allow you to keep your lights on at night, keeping intruders away. Also, the generator will keep your home security system running, which will give you peace of mind when you go to sleep at night.

Save Money on Food

During a power outage, you won’t be able to cook in your home. This means that you and your family will need to eat out for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If the power is out for a few days, your restaurant bills can be hundreds of dollars. If the power outage is widespread, you might need to travel to another town to have a meal. This will require an awful lot of gas if you are going to do it three times a day. Generator installation allows you to cook on your stove, in your oven, or in your microwave during a power outage. When you can prepare meals in your home, you can save a lot of money.

Keep Medical Equipment Running

If someone in your Dillon, SC home, relies on tanked oxygen to breathe, a power outage can be a life-threatening situation. The same is true if someone needs their breathing medication administered using a nebulizer that runs on electricity. Generator installation will allow you to run the essential medical equipment, and you or your loved one won’t need to stay in the hospital until the power comes back on.

Run Your Sump Pump

The torrential rains that go along with most storms in Dillon, SC, can cause a major flood in your basement. During a power outage, you are powerless to do anything about it. Knowing that your basement is flooding and there is nothing you can do is frustrating. Generator installation will allow you to run your sump pump, even after the power has gone out. When the storm is over, and the power comes on, you may be the only one on the block without a flooded basement.

Severe weather and power outages are common in South Carolina; therefore, you should consider generator installation through Mister Sparky Generators. We can install the right size generator to meet your needs, and you won’t need to worry if the power goes out during a storm. The weather can be scary enough, and the idea of going days without power only makes it worse. Generator installation will keep everything in your home up and running, providing the convenience and safety you need during a power outage.