9 Signs You Need Generator Repair Service | Marion, SC

9 Signs You Need Generator Repair Service | Marion, SC

A generator is a valuable investment to any homeowner in Marion, SC that acts as a power backup source in case of power outages. High winds, a major storm, or lighting can cause prolonged power outages that could put you and your house occupants in danger. Imagine your HVAC unit shutting down in the middle of summer or winter. This can cause respiratory illnesses or heat fatigue. Blackouts also cause food spoilage and prevent the use of medical appliances. But if you have a generator, you can keep your essential appliances running until the power comes back. This is why you should always take precautions to ensure that your generator is in perfect working condition. Regularly inspect your unit and seek professional generator repair service if you spot any of the following issues.

Start-up Delay

The most obvious sign that you need generator repair service is if your unit has difficulty starting up. This could be due to battery failure caused by dirt build-up or loose connections. Your generator may also fail to start if the coolant level drops so low, and the engine will soon overheat. Other causes include clogged fuel valves, blocked carburetors, impurities in the oil, and dirty air filters. Have a professional inspect the generator, test the fuel, tighten the loose connection, clean dirty parts, and recharge the coolant.

Visible Damage Signs

Check your unit for wear signs like frayed wires, missing control knobs, corrosion, and loose connections, and seek generator repair service immediately. These might be signs of rodent damage, storage issues, negligence, or natural wear. If you have a maintenance plan with a generator repair company, you can ask the technicians to help with inspections. This way, you can fix minor issues before they strain the unit leading to more extensive damage.

Inconsistent Power Supply

Your generator should provide consistent power throughout. Seek professional generator repair service if your unit starts cycling between sufficient and insufficient output. If you have flickering lights or your generator fails to power some appliances, it could be due to fuel problems. Low fuel levels, incorrect fuel, poor fuel quality, fuel blockage, faulty fuel pumps, or leaky fuel lines can cause power surges. Damaged capacitors also prevent your generator from properly generating and distributing power. An older generator has a higher chance of delivering inconsistent power, which can damage your electrical equipment. Call a professional to replace your old generator and change fuel filters to improve the power supply.

Strange Smell

Any weird smell from your generator means your Marion, SC home could be in danger. If your generator has a strong gasoline smell, it could be due to a leaking fuel tank. Loose fuel caps may also allow gas fumes to escape. Once the carburetor malfunctions, your unit may deliver too much fuel to the engine, causing a strong gasoline smell. If you can smell too much exhaust fumes, it might be due to a faulty muffler or cracked exhaust pipe. These fumes may contain high toxins, so turn off the unit and seek a professional generator repair service.

Unusual Sounds

Get generator repair service if your unit starts making loud, disruptive noise. A generator may produce whistling sounds due to bad bearings or old worn-out belts. A loud grinding sound could indicate obstructions around the fan or a broken spring. If your unit makes rattling or knocking sounds, this indicates loose components. Persistent hissing sounds indicate a leak, while clicking noises may be due to a defective battery, poor ground connection, insufficient voltage, or defective solenoid. A popping sound may occur if the generator has insufficient fuel, while revving noise means a dirty carburetor.

Leaking Fluid

Inspect the generator’s fuel lines and storage tank for leaks and punctures. Look for oil and coolant puddles around the generator. A generator can leak due to loose connections, incorrectly fitted components, or deterioration. Operating a leaking generator could cause fire, an explosion, and hazardous gas exposure. Seek generator repair service from a reputable company to fix the leak as soon as possible.

Higher Upkeep Cost

Seek professional help if your unit starts to consume more fuel than usual. This can be due to the accumulation of carbon deposits around the engine. If you are using an oil generator, it produces a carbon polymer during combustion. The carbon deposits attach to different components and can affect the generator’s efficiency. Call a professional to clean your unit and change the oil to boost energy efficiency. Neglecting maintenance and overloading a generator can also lead to high fuel consumption. If the engine develops faults, it strains to produce power and consumes more fuel. Have a professional inspect the generator and replace worn-out components with genuine parts from a reliable supplier. Low-quality or counterfeit spare parts may strain the generator, increasing fuel consumption.


Book generator repair service if your unit has sat idle for a long time. Most manufacturers recommend that you periodically run your generator to prevent moisture build-up. If a generator sits idle for so long, soot and unburned fuel build up in the engine leading to system failure.

System Alerts

Most modern generators have a monitoring system that gives insights into the unit’s performance. You can see the generator’s fuel usage rate, operational efficiency, fuel level, and voltage ranges of the connected appliances. You will receive an alert if the oil pressure is too low or in case of any problems. Check the generator monitoring system often and call for generator repair service if you receive a generator failure or parts malfunction alert.

Leave Generator Repairs to the Experts

One easy way to improve your generator’s efficiency and lifespan is by calling a professional to fix any minor issue before it escalates into a significant problem. This way, you can keep your home adequately powered during an emergency. If you notice any of the above generator problems, contact Mister Sparky Generators. We provide generator installation and repair services in Marion, SC and the surrounding areas.

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