A Backup Generator Keeps Your Lights On, And Many Other Important Jobs In Your Community | Dillon, SC

A Backup Generator Keeps Your Lights On, And Many Other Important Jobs In Your Community | Dillon, SC

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Once you start thinking about a backup generator for your home, you’ll notice the quiet, small units in many of your neighbors’ yards, waiting for the call to supply power to their home automatically when the commercial power fails. You might even start noticing the generators of all sizes that serve small businesses, hospitals, government buildings, hotels, and other facilities. Life doesn’t stop when the power does, and these reliable units keep everything from essential services to international business operations active around the clock when they’re needed. At Mister Sparky Generators, we install, repair, and maintain backup generators for customers in Dillon, SC and beyond, keeping them prepared. They’ll stay comfortable, secure, healthy, and busy even when street lights are out and the town is mostly dark.

Emergency Power for Health and Safety

Probably the most important job backup generators perform is keeping the lights on and equipment operating in hospitals and clinics, and providing power for police and fire stations to stay operating and ready to respond through stormy weather or other situations where power is lost. Power for computer servers, networking, and radio systems is part of the modern dependence on electricity for even basic functions of society. When serving long hours, workers might also argue that power for the coffee maker is an essential need as well.

Hospitality and Tourism

Backup power keeps hotels, casinos, amusement parks, and even ski areas and zoos covered with their special power needs. A power failure during ski lift operation is a critical need, for example, and the same with a Ferris wheel. Chaos could ensue if power was suddenly lost at a hotel or casino, where guests are generally unfamiliar with the layout of the facility, plus security cameras, elevators, heat, and staff communications need to remain functioning during power outages. Brief power failures can be handled with backup power so they don’t disrupt the ability of the facility to provide services and keep revenue flowing. Food in storage needs to remain cold, too.


During an indoor concert, outdoor event, TV broadcast, or other media event, having reliable power can make the difference between an uneventful and enjoyable performance attended by perhaps thousands of people, and a memorable disaster. Simply keeping the main lights on rather than battery-powered emergency lights can help maintain normalcy, and a high-capacity generator can keep the show going with little or no interruption. For TV and radio stations, live productions, transmitter power, and electrical power for servers and communication equipment are a few of the reasons that a reliable generator needs to be on standby at all times. In addition to the need to continue to provide entertainment and gain revenue from broadcasts, TV and radio are essential sources of public information during bad weather or other situations and need to be able to remain on the air even when power fails.

Retail Businesses

An important retail business that is always the subject of concern during widespread power failures is gas stations. If power is unavailable for days, motorists won’t be able to fill their tanks and could be stranded. Even in a neighborhood power failure, the local gas supply will be limited. Most convenience stores and other retail businesses use computerized transaction equipment, security monitoring, freezer and refrigeration equipment, and inventory management that will shut down without power. In some cases, large retail stores have had to decline transactions once power is disrupted, with customers leaving empty-handed. Even when a business is closed, security and other functions continue, and need power.

Businesses That Store Food

Lost power in grocery stores, restaurants, retirement homes, and other facilities that serve or provide food can create a food emergency on top of the power failure. Backup generator power keeps food at required temperatures and is ready to eat or distribute.

Government Operations

Police and fire are not the only government operations that need to keep going, especially during prolonged power outages, Everything from trash collection to transit and maintenance needs power for communications systems and office operations to keep city services up to date for health and safety reasons.


Power loss to cell phone towers can have widespread effects because systems are designed to transfer calls to other towers and at some point, area cell phone service can become overloaded and fail. These days, not only telephone companies but networking providers who connect customers to the internet need backup generators to keep the many forms of communication active. While many people could do without phones and internet for a while during an outage, these have become essential services in so many ways that backup power is definitely necessary to keep them available.

Power Plants

Even locations where power is generated on a large scale basis may need backup generators when they are down for construction, maintenance, or repairs. Control systems in particular need to be powered and active to maintain and monitor power grid connections and support orderly resumption of power transmission.

Other Places Backup Power Is Used

Large apartment buildings, locations that rely on HVAC systems for vulnerable populations like nursing homes, and even doctor and dentist clinics use backup power to continue to provide the comfort and services people need. Outside the city, farms can be especially vulnerable to disruption of their power lines, relying on a generator to keep essential farm operations on schedule.

Mister Sparky Generators, Backup Generator Power for Your Home or Business in Dillon, SC

There’s no doubt, even though we occasionally lose power, communities rely on it heavily. We serve Dillon, SC, and the surrounding area with service as reliable as our generators, maintaining backup generators and performing repairs to keep them at the ready. Our backup generator installations are carefully planned and performed, with special care for home-based systems. Give us at Mister Sparky Generators a call to get service for your generator, or to select one to keep your family comfortable when commercial power is gone.