An Easy Guide To Generator Repair Service And Installation | Marion, SC

An Easy Guide To Generator Repair Service And Installation | Marion, SC

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Generators provide an important energy back-up plan for many households. Ultimately, your specific needs will determine the right generator for your home. But no matter which generator you decide to purchase, proper installation and repair is key to maintaining the longevity of your generator.

Though a generator should stay operational for thousands of hours if kept in good condition, the amount of use and wear-and-tear will impact its lifespan. To make sure you’re making the most of your equipment, it is recommended that you work with a professional technician for selection as well as safe and careful installation.

Though generators have decent product lifespans, you will from time to time need to work with a generator repair service to fix occasional maintenance issues. Mister Sparky provides generator repair service to customers living in Marion, SC, and can bring years of accumulated experience to the ongoing maintenance of your generator. Below are listed a number of common generator problems that Mister Sparky Generators is happy to assist with.

Coolant Replacement

Generators are powerful tools and therefore require a sufficient level of coolant to safely and effectively operate. When coolant levels run low, the generator may not function correctly or at all. Low coolant levels may be the result of leaks inside of the generator. If this happens, your generator may be signaling it in some way, for example through a light or alarm indicating that coolant is low. Reference the owner’s manual to determine how the generator indicates issues like this. When low coolant levels cause generator issues, you should call up Mister Sparky’s Generators. We’ll be able to replace the coolant and determine the underlying leak or issue to correct and repair the machine.

Problems With Block Heater

If there are problems with the generator’s block heater, this can also cause mechanical issues for your generator. A block heater plays an important role in circulating the coolant material within the generator. If it is malfunctioning or broken, the engine oil may become too thick and require repair. Furthermore, a broken block heater might lead to damage to the machine and shorten the longevity of the generator. Because the block heater plays a role regulating internal temperature and preventing damage to critical parts, it is important to get any issues with this piece quickly repaired. If you suspect your block heater may be malfunctioning, call up Mister Sparky Generators for quick and effective service.

Malfunctioning Alarms

Sometimes the problem is not so much the mechanical parts of the generator, but with the alarms. Alarms, when working correctly, are there to indicate common maintenance issues such as low coolant levels. However, sometimes these alarms go off even without an underlying issue causing it. This can be a major problem because many coolant alarms automatically trigger the stopping of the block heater. To make sure your generator is not damaged, it is smart to immediately call a generator repair service to take a look at the coolant alarm and fix the underlying issue. Mister Sparky of Marion, SC, can provide effective repair and get your generator back up and running in no time.

Generator Leaks

Leaks can be a serious issue for generators. Because leaks can cause other issues, such as low coolant levels, it is important to work with a generator repair service to ensure routine maintenance. However, if a leak nevertheless occurs, you should consult with a generator repair service to fix up the underlying issue and return the generator back to working order. Quickly addressing leak issues is key to avoiding long-term damage to the generator.

If fluid is leaking from the generator, it may be coolant. However, some apparent leakage may actually be the result of wet stacking — which is the result of accumulated carbon, water, and fuel. This condensed water may appear to be leaking from the generator, although this is not typically considered a real leak. Either way, any wet stacking or leaking indicates an issue with the generator. You should hire a trained generator repair service professional to address the problem, whether it be leaking coolant or wet stacking.

When coolant leaks from a generator, it may well be due to a damaged block hose inside the machine. This might be the result of high temperature within the generator causing the hoses to degrade and leading to leaks. Because hoses can get damaged over frequent use, it is worth investing in routine maintenance checks with a generator repair service.

Generator Malfunction

If the entire generator will not start up, it is usually the result of a serious malfunction in the machine. In severe cases, the generator’s fuel may have leaked into its tank. Any number of issues may be causing a generator not to start up at all, but without any indicators, it is very hard to tell what on your own. For that reason, you should call up a generator repair service to assess the situation and perform any repairs needed. In some situations, you may need to install a new generator, in which case a repair service can explain how to install a replacement that will avoid the previous one’s issues.

Generators play an important role in many homes, providing a reliable source of energy when traditional power sources are unavailable. Because these emergency tools are so critical, routine maintenance and quick repair should always be priority.

When it comes to maintaining generators, you should always work with a professional generator repair service. Mister Sparky Generators brings years of experience and a vetted team of professional electricians to your home or business generator needs. Effective repair and service is a tremendous investment in your generator, protecting its integrity and extending its useful life and longevity, saving you big bucks in the long-run. So call up Mister Sparky Generators today.