Backup Generator Maintenance Service Also Serves To Catch Repair Needs Early | Marion, SC

Backup Generator Maintenance Service Also Serves To Catch Repair Needs Early | Marion, SC

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Your backup generator, especially the ones we install, is designed to last a long time when it has proper maintenance and repairs. How do you know that it needs repairs? Often, our maintenance technicians will identify parts that are in need of replacement so you don’t have to experience critical downtime. At Mister Sparky Generators of Marion, SC, we’re focused on keeping your home’s backup generator serving you reliably when you need it, every time you need it, for many years. Like most emergency equipment, the time invested in maintaining and repairing your backup generator pays off tremendously when the need for power arises. We’re proud of the services and equipment that we offer our customers, and we stand behind them for the long term.

Long-Term Care of Your Backup Generator

Over the many years that your backup power system serves you, our backup generator maintenance service will be the key to reliable long-term operation. Our team will perform basic tasks like oil changes, filter replacement, and belt and hose inspection and replacement, performing checklist items, and also inspecting the system for any issues that may arise. If your system is rarely maintained or tested, it may experience degradation of replaceable components such as belts and hoses over time without appropriate repair. While your unit’s protective cover will shield it from most environmental problems, there are chances that material blown into the unit during storms, or even very small creatures deciding to build a nest inside could cause problems. In particular, small creatures tend to seek nesting materials nearby that can include pieces of backup generator components. Frequent testing and maintenance can help make sure that your unit’s cover is secure and deter nesting activity since the creatures become aware that it’s not the isolated, protected location they need.

Battery and Starter Issues

Our backup generator maintenance service carefully checks your unit’s battery and starter to make sure they are in good condition. Batteries are normally replaced based on a schedule since they are so critical to the reliable operation of the unit. If your system is not properly connected to your home’s commercial power, the battery may not receive the ongoing charging that it needs to be ready when the power fails. The starter can be tested to make sure it still operates freely and doesn’t show signs such as a higher current load that may indicate problems. Our backup generator maintenance service will follow recommendations to make sure that your starter is in good shape and reliable, especially if it has provided service for a number of years.

Exhaust and Noise Reduction

Our backup generator maintenance service team will also check your unit’s exhaust system and any noise mitigation features to make sure they are still performing as required. For newer units, that includes care for the carbon monoxide shutdown feature if present. These repairs may be needed for the best operation of your unit, and for your family’s safety. For noise mitigation, keeping the unit in good repair can help keep good neighborhood relations, as well. Recommended replacement intervals may govern these repairs, but our backup generator maintenance service performs inspections to catch early issues such as corrosion or vibration damage.

Generator Mount Issues

An essential part of your backup generator maintenance service is ensuring that your unit is still properly mounted. Typically, we provide a durable pedestal mount with reliable fasteners for systems we install, but it’s possible that your unit’s mounting has degraded over time, either in the materials used in the support or in corroded bolts and other issues. Since your unit does produce some vibration, problems with your system’s mounting can get worse over time, and a repair can be a good idea. If you have experienced flooding, shifting soil, or other issues in your yard, they may also have affected your generator system’s mount stability and it should be checked during our backup generator maintenance service.

Electrical Wiring Issues

Verifying that your generator system’s wiring is intact and properly connected is another vital part of a backup generator maintenance service. Even if no other professionals have made changes to your home’s wiring, corrosion and other time-related issues can lead to the need for wiring updates. If your wiring has been modified, it’s always best to ensure that generator connections remain as they should be, and that unexpected additional loads have not been connected that might affect your backup power’s ability to meet your needs.

Automatic Start Features

Your automatic transfer switch and related wiring and components are critical to your home receiving backup power when needed. Backup generator maintenance service will typically simulate a power loss to verify that your automatic start features, from power loss detection to generator starting, are all working as expected. If there are any concerns about these components of your system, a more thorough testing, and repair visit may be needed. Since we know that backup power is an important part of your family’s protection, we know that the less we assume about your system, the more solid we can ensure that it is.

Is It Time For an Upgrade or Modification to Your System?

When our team visits to check your generator’s status, or at any time it’s on your mind, we are glad to talk about whether your family needs modifications to the system. These are changes such as adding a circuit to supply a new home office, that our electricians can provide. If you have an overall need for additional capacity to handle new loads such as your HVAC system or a backup freezer, we can talk about the best path to a capacity upgrade for your backup power system.

Keeping Your Backup Generator Ready to Meet Your Emergency Power Needs in Marion, SC

At Mister Sparky Generators in Marion, SC, our team is here to help keep your backup power in great shape over the years. Call us for your questions, service needs, and upgrades.