Backup Generator Maintenance Service: How To Prevent Standby Generator Problems | Marion, SC

Backup Generator Maintenance Service: How To Prevent Standby Generator Problems | Marion, SC

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Electricity is essential in operating different appliances and devices in Marion, SC homes. Without it, numerous issues such as preserving fresh foods and groceries, meeting deadlines for online tasks, or running HVAC units can sometimes cause discomfort and worries. Preventing such dire situations is possible with the installation of backup generators.

Standby Generator

A standby generator acts as a backup that provides power to your residential property or business premises in case of an outage. They can operate for days when the electricity goes off for long hours due to natural causes such as storms, inclement weather, lightning, and an aging power grid. The standby generators operate using either natural gas, petrol, or diesel.

These generators can run all the appliances in your home, including heater, ACs, fridges, and washing machines. The user-friendly diesel and natural gas standby generators require periodic maintenance by qualified technicians in backup generator maintenance service to ensure they last longer and continuously supply power whenever you need it the most.

Here are some generator issues you might encounter in your house and ways to prevent them.

Leaking Coolant

When you experience an electricity outage for hours, your generator is likely to run for hours and heat up. The extremely high temperature can affect the coolant piping, causing damages that lead to leakages. Leaking coolant leaves insufficient levels unable to cool the overheating generator, hence breaking down.

A certified and qualified expert in backup generator maintenance service can prevent the issue by inspecting the hoses that hold the coolant annually. The professionals check for possible wear and tears to ensure the coolant functions long without failure.

They can address any visible structural damages to the coolant tubing once they identify and diagnose them. In addition, the contractors in backup generator maintenance service in Marion, SC, replace the coolant in the hoses routinely for optimal functioning.

Low Fuel

You can also have fuel-related issues with your standby generator when you fail to have an expert carry out a backup generator maintenance service. Natural gas-powered standby generators don’t need fuel because of the connection to the main gas pipeline, which is not the case with diesel generators.

After months of not experiencing any blackouts in your home, you might get comfortable thinking the power outages are over until a hurricane or lightning strikes in South Carolina, causing downed power lines and electricity outages. At this point, you will rush to turn on your generator for a continuous supply of power to save the food in the fridge. But, it might fail to start because the fuel level is too low for the generator engine to respond. If the fuel is insufficient, it implies you ignored the low fuel level alarm contrary to the recommendations of a generator professional.

The diesel or petrol in the generator should never run out entirely to prevent the sudden malfunctioning of the system. You should check the fuel gauge to know if it is almost running out for a refill as a way of averting preventable damages to your standby generator. If it does, your unit and hoses allow air to enter, taking too much time for backup generator maintenance service professionals to eliminate.

Malfunctioning Battery

Battery failure is a common problem in most types of generators. The engine of the standby generator in your house requires a battery to operate the electronic parts. The batteries might fail to work because the backup generator maintenance service technician intentionally shut the battery to service the system. After the tuning-up process, the contractor might forget to turn the circuit breaker back on. The solution to an intentional turning off the circuit is switching on.

Another reason behind the malfunctioning batteries could be dirt and debris in the terminal connecting the battery and your standby generator. The accumulated dust in the connections makes it impossible for the generator to have a stable connection to start the unit. If the expert in backup generator maintenance service works on the generator annually, the dirty connection issues would not exist.

But if you are the type that does not see the importance of regular servicing of your system, you will have to call a professional to remove the dust, dirt, and debris to restore the stable connections for the battery to work. A backup generator maintenance provider can thoroughly check the battery and the connection terminals to ensure they are running at peak performance before you experience a blackout.

Dirty Air Filters

Standby generators have air filters that screen out dirt, grime, debris, and dust for the smooth operation of providing power in case of a blackout. Without regular replacement or cleaning of the filters, your generator will have numerous problems that will reduce its lifespan. It is an issue that an expert can correct to restore the optimal functioning of the generator.

Certified professionals in backup generator maintenance service can prevent the issue of dirty filters by inspecting the filters during the tuning-up process. The expert ensures the filters are working at peak performance by cleaning or replacing the ones beyond repair with reusable air filters.

Insufficient Lubrication

Standby generators also require constant lubrication for the moving parts to operate efficiently. For that reason, the technician specializing in backup generator maintenance ensures the system has sufficient oil levels for lubrication.

Without routine oiling of the backup generator, you will be unable to turn the unit on in case of a power outage. Low oil levels can cause significant damage to the engine, leading to sudden breakdown.

Need Generator Services!

All issues of standby generators are preventable through regular maintenance. If you want your generator to always operate at its peak during an electricity outage, you can contact Mister Sparky Generators.

It is a company that offers electrical and generator services to residents in Marion, SC, and the surrounding areas. Its trained and experienced experts in backup generator maintenance service do their best to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.