Backup Generator Maintenance Service: Your Confidence In Backup Power Is Only As Good As Your Maintenance Schedule | Marion, SC

Backup Generator Maintenance Service: Your Confidence In Backup Power Is Only As Good As Your Maintenance Schedule | Marion, SC

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If you have a backup generator in the area, you’re ahead of the game when the unexpected happens. There’s only one more thing you need to do to make sure that your lights are on and essential equipment running when the power goes out for a day, week, or more. Schedule backup generator maintenance service on a regular basis, whether your generator has been running or not. In fact, if it hasn’t been operating at all for months or even years, it’s a very good idea to get it checked out. Generators are tough and meant to survive, but they’re also meant to be maintained and checked out from time to time. When you know you’re getting a backup generator and hear it run during the checkout, your confidence level goes way up.

What Does Backup Generator Maintenance Service Consist Of?

Backup generator maintenance includes items from the following list, plus others:

  • Oil level check
  • Radiator core check and hose condition check
  • Fuel system check
  • Voltage generator check and adjustment
  • Starting battery condition check
  • General cleanup
  • Exhaust system check
  • Test run

While your backup generator may not run very frequently, that can actually create a greater need for a thorough maintenance check when it is performed. We’re looking less for wear on the system, and more for items that may experience problems sitting for a long time. That’s one reason, for example, that we recommend natural gas as a backup generator fuel, rather than diesel.

How Often Should Backup Generator Maintenance Services Be Performed?

The backup generator maintenance service schedule depends on three things: the frequency and duration of generator use, the presence of maintenance indicators like low fluid level alarms, and the manufacturer’s recommendations. Generally, a full service every two years is a good guideline, with test runs more frequently. With proper maintenance and care, many generators last for decades so good practices provide reliable service as well as longevity.

If You Need More Generator Power or Features

If you’ve been using your existing generator for a long time, you may be thinking about replacing it. A more modern system offers automatic switchover and remote monitoring, as well as reduced noise and emissions. You may also have an increased need for power, and want to upgrade to a unit that will meet your family or business needs easily. We can help you select from the major brands that we install, and make sure that your new installation is safe and convenient, meeting your needs and local requirements. If you want to use your generator to power certain parts of your home, our electricians can provide additional circuits and modifications to ensure that items like your refrigerator, lighting, and comfort receive priority for power. We can also customize your system to include backup UPS power for computer systems so they keep running smoothly as the generator kicks in. If you have people in your home with electrical medical equipment, we can help make sure that they can charge their gear with generator-supplied outlets linked to your essential power circuit.

Modern Generator Installation for Convenience and Reliability

Count on us for a new generator installation that you’ll be proud of, including a solid concrete pad or other base, proper fuel supply, a safe location for operation, and connection with your existing electrical service by fully qualified electricians from Mister Sparky. Our team will make sure that your new system keeps exhaust away from your living and working quarters even when the wind blows, and our new generators meet standards for carbon monoxide-based shutdown. Fuel supplies are routed carefully, weather protection and sound-reducing enclosures installed as needed, and remote monitoring equipment installed so that you can either monitor the system from inside your building, or have remote capabilities through your smartphone to make sure your system is operating when needed for peace of mind.

Maintenance for Systems Located in Remote Areas

Our backup generator maintenance service keeps your remote power backup running in locations like broadcast transmitter facilities, radio relay locations, and remotely controlled pumping stations. We know that these services are as critical as those keeping the lights on at homes and commercial buildings, and we also ensure that remote monitoring equipment is functioning properly so you can call for repair or maintenance if the system detects issues that need attention. If your system is exposed to extreme weather conditions such as that experienced at oceanfront locations and mountaintops, proper backup generator maintenance service is especially important and we make sure that your protective enclosures and weatherproofing are doing their jobs. If you have an older system that has served you well and are thinking about installing new generator capacity, we can help you select a system that works hard for you and provides the latest features for reliable operation in the years to come.

Emergency Generator Repair and Service

Careful backup generator maintenance service significantly increases the reliability that you can expect from your generator system. At times, though, you may need fast service for your generator as a storm approaches or after an unexpected power outage. We’re here for you, ready to take your call and get on our way to provide emergency generator repair and service when you need it. If you encounter problems running your periodic generator tests we take that seriously, and we come out to get your system running properly right away.

Turn to Mister Sparky Generators in Marion, SC for Your Complete Backup Power Strategy

At Mister Sparky Generators, we serve the Marion, SC area with experience in the installation, operation, backup generator maintenance service, and repair of systems from portable to extremely powerful. Our many years of experience protects our customers, and our backup generator maintenance service is based on our commitment to keeping our customers protected with power they can count on. Give us a call for information, ideas, and quick service when you need it.