Backup Generator Maintenance Service: Your Generator And Our Followup Care Together Keep You Protected When Power Fails | Marion, SC

Backup Generator Maintenance Service: Your Generator And Our Followup Care Together Keep You Protected When Power Fails | Marion, SC

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One of the top questions people ask about backup generators for their home gets right to the point: is it reliable? That’s a critical feature on a unit that’s supposed to be ready to supply power at a moment’s notice when the unexpected happens. There are two reasons why the backup generator you purchase offers excellent reliability, though. One is the quality of the unit’s design and construction. The other is the installation, backup generator maintenance service, and repairs that your generator supplier provides.

Without excellent service, the best generators are still subject to wear and breakdown. At Mister Sparky Generators of Marion, SC, our strengths include backup generator maintenance that is intentionally thorough, changing oil and filters but also examining your backup generator for any signs of possible issues. We know that you depend on your backup power generator, and we’re dedicated to keeping it ready to serve you.

Backup Generator Maintenance Service Ensures Your System’s Reliability

Our backup generator maintenance team works to perform the necessary maintenance required for your unit and to notice any potential issues during that process. These can be damaged wires and other soft components that may have been exposed to insect or small mammal damage, filters that indicate fuel quality is poor, or settings in the unit or transfer switch that will prevent proper operation. When they perform a test run, they can also evaluate engine performance, generator voltage and frequency stability, and other factors, along with safety features such as carbon monoxide sensors. In some generators, self-testing including weekly test runs are part of the unit’s automatic operation, but our team can perform more extensive tests during maintenance visits and perform visual inspections that automatic self-test can’t provide.

On-Call Repairs Initiated By Our Backup Generator Maintenance Service or the Unit Itself

If your generator has operational issues, they may not come to light until our backup generator maintenance service team performs periodic maintenance checks or appropriately equipped units identify issues through self-test or checks during operation. To provide prompt repairs, some units will notify the owner through a smartphone app or control panel that repairs or maintenance activities are required, and enable the owner to schedule that work directly as a response to the notice. This helps the backup generator maintenance service team to resolve issues in the least time necessary, reducing any window of vulnerability. We know that your family relies on backup power that’s available for unexpected events, so the more efficient the process for ensuring availability, the better.

Checking Your Automatic Transfer Switch and Wiring

Our backup generator maintenance service team can also check your automatic transfer switch for proper operation using a test switch, if available, and make sure that the transfer is within the required time, switching back to commercial power when the test switch is disabled. We can also check your electrical panel for any issues involving backup generator power including added circuits that may present a higher load than your system was designed for. While the unit is running, there are performance tests that involve longer operation than self-tests provide, enabling the unit to achieve operating temperature and checking for proper operation and cooling at that point.

Generator Mounting, Exhaust, Sound Level, and Vibration

A typical generator mount provides stability for the unit while operating. Our backup generator maintenance service can verify the generator mounts, ensuring that they are corrosion-free and haven’t been replaced with lower-quality hardware. They can also make sure that the generator’s exhaust system is intact and fully functional, and that the noise level generated is still within specifications. If there is excessive vibration noted, backup generator maintenance service techs can further inspect the mounting and supports to see if there are other issues.

Fuel System Concerns

Without a sufficient supply of clean fuel, the generator can fail during operation, have degraded performance and engine issues, or operate unreliably. The fuel supply should be checked, filters inspected, and any signs of fuel quality problems should be addressed immediately, along with checks for engine issues such as spark plug fouling. In the case of diesel fuel, the age of the fuel should also be checked, and the supply replaced if beyond specifications.

Battery Inspection

The battery for your generator is essential to its starting when backup power is needed. Our backup generator maintenance service techs check the battery for age, condition, and proper charging from your home’s power between generator activations. The battery age is typically required to be in a certain range to guarantee proper operation, and routine battery condition checks verify that it still meets original specifications for electrolytes or other components. The generator battery charging circuit should be operational and providing proper current to maintain the battery charge.

Working as a Team to Meet Our Customers’ Needs

Whatever your backup power needs now, or in the future, our staff is prepared to help you select a system or upgrade your current one to fit your plans. The right backup generator system is then followed by a proper installation by our generator hookup technicians, ensuring safe and reliable operation according to local requirements and your needs. Installation hands off your care to our maintenance and repair experts, who follow up on a regular basis to make the most of your power investment.

Our Backup Generator Team Is Dedicated to Your Reliable Backup Power in Marion, SC

Our team goes beyond following a checklist to ensure that the engine is within specifications. They check the components of the backup generator system and ensure that when commercial power fails, the generator starts and takes over keeping your home well-lit, comfortable, and safe for your family. At Mister Sparky Generators in Marion, SC, we follow up the reliable systems we sell and install with maintenance, repair, and other services to keep each system doing its job. Give us a call for inspection and maintenance of your home’s backup generator.