Be Thoroughly Prepared With Our Generator Hookup Service | Myrtle Beach, SC

Be Thoroughly Prepared With Our Generator Hookup Service | Myrtle Beach, SC

Backup power can change your life in an emergency, and add convenience during commercial power interruptions. If you need a generator installed, connections inspected or repaired, or any other service for bringing your home or business reliable electricity, we’re here. For power under all kinds of conditions, Mister Sparky Generators generator hookup service is your best choice. We’ll arrive with your new generator in Myrtle Beach, SC selected from our wide range of quality, reliable models of many capacities. We can also provide services for your existing generator, even if it’s not installed yet. If you’ve purchased a property with an existing generator, we’ll make sure it’s up to current standards so you can safely benefit from its power.

How Does a Generator Get Properly Connected to Your Home or Business?

Whatever your location, near a home or business or in a remote location like a pump house, radio shack, or sports venue, our generator hookup service can design a plan to make the right connections, or perform complete installation. If you’ve decided to implement emergency power, we know that you want prompt service to put your generator in service. Our team has the experience to cover all kinds of contingencies, making sure that your backup power is safe, reliable, and avoids noise and vibration issues when it’s close to a building. In most cases, there’s local government paperwork required as well as skilled generator hookup service, and we can help with that as well. We can even help with HOA requirements, we specialize in success!

Our Checklist That Leads to a Solid Generator Installation

There are a number of key factors that we make sure are covered before your generator is brought on line. A proper pad for installation is critical, with a location that’s preferably not near bedrooms or other sound-sensitive and vibration-sensitive areas. Actually, many recent models are designed to minimize or eliminate sound and vibration, so we’ll take that into account in finding the best location. If you have an existing pad, we’ll make sure it’s intact and suitable. Your generator needs fuel, preferably a continuous supply of natural gas for long automatic operation. Propane and other fuels are available as well. Your generator hookup service can ensure that fuel sources are reliable and properly located and connected. Our checklist includes all the ways that your generator is connected, so that there are no surprises along the way.

Wiring Your Generator for Power In and Out, and Networking

Yes, modern generators need network connections for proper operation! It’s an essential component of most generators that provide automatic, reliable power to your home or business. Networking provides a connection for monitoring, which often allows you to check on power status even when you’re away by using a smartphone app. Self-test and service information is also communicated by many models via internet connections, helping you get up to date when service is needed, and easily give our repair team a call to help. We’ll help you ensure that your network is configured so that your generator can communicate. Our electricians can also help you arrange a smooth transition of your network equipment during a switch to backup power using UPS or other technology, so even if your lights flicker briefly, your router won’t reboot. The generator also requires both a proper automatic transfer switch to reconfigure your property to receive backup power instead of commercial power, and a power connection to charge the battery and run the control electronics while the generator is on standby.

Automatic Transfer Switch Installation Takes Care of the Switchover

Our generator hookup service specializes in the heart of the transition between commercial power and backup power. It’s the automatic transfer switch that senses power loss, starts the generator, and switches your property’s power source to generator power. There are manual transfer switches that require human intervention whenever the power fails, but the point of backup power is reliability, so automatic switchover is essential. In some cases, our generator hookup service can provide a manual transfer switch for a location like a sports field, where a smaller generator is in use outdoors, and it’s acceptable to require manual intervention during a power failure. The transfer switch is also an important safety precaution because it ensures that your generator is connected only to your property, and not commercial lines. Routing generator power through commercial lines accidentally can cause a dangerous hazard for workers repairing power lines during a power failure. Our generator hookup service is well versed in safety measures for wiring backup generators, an important part of our experienced team’s process.

Home Wiring for Generator Power

Many homeowners want full backup power for their home, including HVAC in many cases so life goes on as usual. We have powerful generators that can do the job for most homes and small businesses, and our generator hookup service can install them to provide a smooth transition when power fails. Smaller capacity generators can provide the power you need for specific uses, such as refrigerators, lights, perhaps a microwave or stove, even laundry. Our electricians can help you configure your home’s wiring or outlets so the generator can independently supply power to essential needs, without requiring you to shut off equipment to avoid generator overload. Let us provide a generator installation that’s convenient, reliable, and designed by experienced electricians and generator experts!

Your Experienced Generator Team

Here in Myrtle Beach, SC, we get plenty of power-disrupting storms as well as the usual local power problems like transformer issues, power pole accidents, and occasionally broader grid outages. At Mister Sparky Generators, we have the right backup generator for your home or business. Our experienced generator hookup service provides all the plans, paperwork, and connections, and tests your equipment carefully so you can count on it from the day we finish the job. Call us to find out more about our generator services in Myrtle Beach, SC!

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