Common Causes Of Generator Failure That Call For Professional Generator Repair Service | Dillon, SC

Common Causes Of Generator Failure That Call For Professional Generator Repair Service | Dillon, SC

If you live in an area that experiences frequent storms, you’ll appreciate that a backup generator is a lifesaver during a power failure. Whether it’s a portable or whole-house generator, this critical piece of equipment ensures an emergency electrical power supply in the home to keep everything functioning smoothly.

Nevertheless, generators are subject to mechanical failures as they age, and the risk of damage is even higher if you don’t maintain the machine or have it serviced regularly. Again, given that most generators are only used to provide emergency power during a power outage, this infrequent use makes them prone to potential issues which often go undetected.

There are various reasons why generators malfunction. Even if you’ve got the best model in the market, at one point, you might find yourself searching for a generator repair service near you.

This blog will help you understand the common causes of generator failure and why having a generator maintenance plan and repair services is vital. Keep reading to know more.

Weak, Dead, or Dying Batteries

Among the frequent culprits, battery problems are common issues with faulty generators. Several factors can influence your unit’s battery performance. For example, the wire connections could become dirty, rusted, or loose.

Perhaps, the battery’s lifespan could have been overrun. Another thing could be the accumulation of lead sulfates on the battery plates, affecting the ability to provide enough electrical power. More often than not, by the time this happens, you’ll need to replace the battery.

Considering batteries are vulnerable to damage, it’s vital to partner with a certified generator repair service provider who can help inspect them thoroughly during bi-annual and yearly generator tune-ups.

For most standard generator types, the battery’s life expectancy can go up to three years before it starts failing. But with proper and regular maintenance, the battery can function ideally well for several years before you can schedule a generator repair service in your home.


Another top source of generator problems is coolant, fuel, or oil leaks. And while it may sound somewhat easy to notice these particular leaks, it may not. This is because such leaks tend to be deceptive as they develop slowly over time. As such, you may not tell there’s an issue until you experience a significant generator problem.

Sometimes, oil leaks happen due to wet stacking – the build-up of fuel, oil, or other liquids in your generator’s exhaust system. Depending on the extent of the leakage, you could risk damaging your engine because of a lack of sufficient oil.

A fuel leak will negatively impact the generator’s performance and pose potential hazards, including fires that may cause property damage and injure the generator repair service tech.

Having your fuel lines, pump systems, and storage tanks inspected routinely and promptly repaired by a licensed generator repair and maintenance expert in Dillon, SC can help prevent fuel leaks. In addition, since coolant leaks often occur inside the block heater’s hoses, you must use silicone hoses only designed to handle extreme heat.

Inadequate Coolant

Insufficient coolant levels may cause the generator to fail abruptly and eventually break down due to overheating. For this reason, you should frequently check the coolant levels of your generator.

If you notice the coolant is significantly low, then a leak in the system is most likely to blame. Also, watch out for any puddles around your generator. Should you observe either of these, the best thing is to get the unit checked immediately by a generator repair service pro in Dillon, SC.

Water Damage

Water can be an offender when it comes to generator operation, which is true with emergency generators. When water accumulates outside your generator, it can lead to rust formation, which may result in corroded wires, hindering electrical connections.

Similarly, suppose the water seeps into the inside of the engine. In that case, parts can rust, and microbes can find a conducive atmosphere to thrive, causing filters to clog and engine breakdowns. A generator repair service technician can help fix such issues promptly to prevent further damage.

Poor Unit Maintenance

There’s no denying that homeowners who neglect generator maintenance contend with much more unit problems. For instance, if you don’t change the filters regularly, dirt builds up in them over time, resulting in air quality issues and causing the generator system to strain.

At least, you should get a quarterly inspection for your generator besides the annual maintenance service that entails filter replacement, connection checks, oil changes, and running tests.

Control Setting Errors

Sometimes, generators may refuse to start due to human errors. Many standby generators utilize the automatic transfer switch (ATS) that allows the system to turn on during power outs. However, generator repair service specialists often turn this setting off during routine testing.

After service, you should ensure the auto mode is correctly reset. If you don’t follow the proper resetting procedure, a control error will likely occur following a fault shutdown. It’s wise to review your generator’s control settings regularly for maximum efficiency and safe use.

Bad Fuel

Without proper fuel maintenance, bacterial growth, oxygen, debris, and additives can build up in the generator tank, contaminating the fuel. It’s good not to use biofuels in any standby generator because they naturally deteriorate over time.

You can keep your generator safe and up to the task by ensuring that the fuel quality and storage tanks are regularly inspected by a reliable generator repair service and maintenance company in Dillon, SC.

Air in the Fuel System

Air in the fuel system can make your generator fail to start, especially when the unit is hardly used, as in the case of most emergency generators. The air can impede fuel from getting into the fuel injector, preventing the generator engine from starting.

Qualified generator repair service personnel recommend turning on the unit at least five minutes a week to get the air out of the fuel system.

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