Common Generator Installation Problems | Dillon, SC

Common Generator Installation Problems | Dillon, SC

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Buying a generator for your business is a big decision and should be done with a knowledgeable approach. Buying a generator for your home is just as important. However, businesses and homes have different power needs. Depending on the type of generator you get you may be able to get 3,000 hours or more out of a decent-sized generator. According to statistics, your generator should last about 30 years on average. The installation maintenance of your generator is important. Improper installation and maintenance can cause your generator to malfunction and possibly shorten the lifespan of your generator. If you are in need of professional generator installation, contact Mister Sparky for proper and reliable generator installation.

The life span of the generator also depends on how much you use it. Running your generator as recommended by the manufacturers will help maintain the integrity of your generator. If you are having trouble deciding what kind of generator you need for your place of residence or business, you should contact a local and trustworthy electrician to consult with. By utilizing the assistance of an experienced generator installation professional, you eliminate the potential of choosing the wrong generator for your property; which could be a significant waste of time and money.

Once you have a generator you won’t need to replace it for quite some time. By maintaining your generator, you avoid the need for premature installation and failure. Hire a professional electrician at the first sign of trouble. If you live locally and experience any of the following generator issues, contact Mister Sparky for professional generator repair service.

Common Generator Problems

Low Coolant

One of the biggest culprits for a malfunctioning generator is low coolant levels. The reason for low coolant levels are typically related to internal or external leaks. There are some portable generators that have an alarm to warn the generator user that the coolant is low. This may prompt you to contact a generator installation professional to either repair or replace the faulty generator. Your electrical professional will be able to determine the cause for the low coolant and proceed with its repair or replacement.

Blocked Heater

A block heater heats the coolant. The coolant then circulates around the engine block inside the generator. To prevent the oil in the engine from becoming too thick, the engine block must stay warm to inhibit cold temperatures and prevent the oil from coagulating.

The generator’s engine block heater does more than keep the engine warm. It can discourage scuffing of the metals. Scuffing of metals can lead to premature wear and tear. The metals in generator engines tend to scuff because of the different materials used to make a generator. Block heaters can help prevent some of the scuffings by maintaining the temperature and keeping the components a line. If you live in or around the Dillon, SC area, you should hire Mister Sparky electricians to assist you with generator repair if your generator’s temperature is not being regulated properly. An irregular generator temperature can cause your device to stop working way before expected.

Coolant Temperature Alarms

Low coolant temperature alarms may cause your generator’s engine to stop running. Your generator’s block heater should be running all day long. If it stops, it may not be because of the temperature being low. It could be due to a coolant temperature alarm malfunction. To fix this issue you should hire a generator installation and repair professional to assess the appliance and determine the best way to go about fixing it.


Leaks are common problems in generators. The best way to avoid them is to have an electrical professional perform routine maintenance checks on your generator system. If you believe your generator is leaking, you’ll need a professional’s opinion and experience to find the cause and fix it.

Generator leaks aren’t always leaking. Some malfunctions that appear to be leaks are actually caused by something commonly known as engine slobber or wet stacking. Wet stacking is the accumulation of carbon, fuel, lube, water, and acids. The acids are produced by the exhaust system and the water present is in the form of condensed water. This can easily be solved with the help of a licensed electrician. Hire generator installation and repair company to assist with generator maintenance and prevent engine slobber from occurring.

Leaks do occur, however. The most common reason for a leaky generator is a block heater hose. The extreme temperatures in the generator can affect the integrity of your block hoses. The hoses often become worn down quickly. You should consult with a professional generator installation and repair professional to ensure you are caring for your generator properly. Routine generator maintenance can prevent future leaks as well.

Generator Just Won’t Start

If your generator is not starting up you may be facing a serious problem. A generator that refuses to turn on could be severely damaged or malfunctioning. If this happens to your generator, you may need to consider getting a new one. If you do end up purchasing a new generator, make sure you hire a professional for installation. Improper installation can lead to more generator problems in the future.

One reason your generator may not be turning on could be because your generator fuel has bled back into your tank. Modern fuel requirements actually make the emissions more impressionable in the presence of air. This can cause a malfunction in your generator. Older generators don’t experience this issue as frequently as newer ones do. This is why it’s so important to maintain your generators with regular electrical maintenance services. If you live locally hire Mister Sparky for all of your installation and repair needs for your generator.

There are many things that can affect the functionality of your generator. Proper maintenance and generator installation are required in order to receive the maximum amount of energy and life out of your generator. You can maintain your generator by hiring Mister Sparky electrician to routinely maintain your generator. If you live near Dillon, SC, contact Mister Sparky for generator installation and maintenance.