Common Maintenance Issues in Generators | Generator Repair in Florence, SC

Common Maintenance Issues in Generators | Generator Repair in Florence, SC

Are you having issues with your generator? Is fluid leaking from it? Is it emitting smoke or producing strange noises? Has it completely shut down?

If you are facing any of the issues stated above, you should immediately contact service for generator repair in Florence, SC.

Generator maintenance is important – whether you own a generator for commercial or personal use. Generators need to be inspected, cleaned and repaired on a regular basis and by professional servicemen.

Regular generator repair in Florence, SC, can help your generator perform better and work for a longer time. Maintenance is needed if you intend to use the generator for a longer period. Maintenance measures are also recommended if the generator has not been used for a long time.

However, you may be asking what maintenance does a generator require? What problems can a generator cause?

Have no fear; you need only read on further to learn more about maintenance.  The following are a few examples of generator performance issues that might need professional repairs and maintenance.

Coolant Issues

The coolant in a generator helps to regulate temperature. A generator might experience several kinds of coolant issues.  There might be issues with low coolant levels in the generator due to external or internal leaks.

A generator might have coolant depletion and hence could run out of coolants or oils. There could be a serious problem if a generator does not have adequate levels of coolants or lacks coolants altogether.

The lack of coolant can damage the engine as well as other parts of the generator. Coolant problems should then be avoided through Regular maintenance.  Residents of Florence should take great care of generators and seek regular generator repair in Florence, SC.


Several fluids could leak and cause serious damage to the generator. These fluids could be oils, fuels or coolants. Coolants can leak into block heater hoses, for instance, and damage their functioning. Fuels can start leaking if you fill up the base tank with too much fuel.

The situation would then require professional servicing. Leaks can necessitate emergency generator repair in Florence, SC, and should not be taken lightly.

Leaks can, however, be prevented through regular generator checkups and generator repair in Florence, SC. Proper maintenance and care by the generator’s owner can also help maintain the generator in an optimal condition.


Fuel Issues

A number of possible fuel issues in the generator require the owner to be vigilant about fuel conditions and fuel levels.For instance, a generator’s engine may run out of fuel. In this scenario, the generator will perform a critical fuel level automatic shutdown. You may then need to fill in more fuel or call a professional generator serviceman for inspection.

Additionally, a fuel gauge might also be faulty wherein the generator might not be able to accurately or precisely identify and display the actual fuel levels. Furthermore, a generator might not start because of fuel leaks back into the engine itself. You could face this issue especially if your generator is relatively new or has seen little usage throughout its lifespan.

All of these scenarios will require generator maintenance and generator repair in Florence, SC.

Faulty Controls and Alarms

A generator might need service or maintenance if there are faults in the controls or if alarms keep setting off.

Firstly, a normal generator control panel must display the generator’s vital functions and point out any flaws. If the control panel does not work, you may not be able to detect crucial engine or alternator failures or problems.

As a result of a faulty control panel, there might be issues with the generator’s alarms, breakers, switch gears and emergency stop buttons. The generator would then require important generator repair in Florence, SC.

Secondly, a generator can face problems with its in-built alarms. The low coolant temperature alarm is crucial to let you know that there is a problem with the generator’s temperature regulation.

Low coolant temperature alarms can have problems due to broken to faulty block heaters. Regular maintenance of the generator’s block heater, amongst other parts, can help prevent this scenario.

The high fuel alarm is another crucial alarm that might be problematic. The fuel alarm plays a significant role in letting you know when you have entered excessive fuel into the generator.   If you have filled the fuel tank beyond 90 or 95% of its capacity, the high fuel alarm should light up in warning.

If the alarm lights up, you should call for a professional inspection. If you notice that the alarm is faulty and does not light up, then you should call for immediate generator repair in Florence, SC.

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