Common Questions Regarding Generators | Home Generators in Florence, SC

Common Questions Regarding Generators | Home Generators in Florence, SC

Home generators in Florence, SC are a necessity in every household. In any case, it is imperative to maintain it and keep it in optimal condition. Therefore, there are certain factors that generator owners must adhere to.

How to Carry Out Installation

For instance, for home generators in Florence, SC to function adequately, it is vital that home owners consult professionals. More specifically, if and when they purchase a new home generator in Florence, SC, users should contact technicians who they know for certain will execute a proper installation.

This should be carried out not just for safety reasons but to ensure that those involved follow all local, state and national electrical codes as well. Home owners must only use the services experienced and authorized experts.

Furthermore, using an unauthorized installation service for your home generators in Florence, SC is not recommended for warranty reasons. Using a certified installer safeguards the generator’s warranty as well.

Even the best working electricians in the business prone to suffering from mishaps on the job. However, if repairs are covered under warranty, then both parties can rest easy. If a shoddy electrician is employed and there is an issue, then the warranty, or lack thereof will augments the complications involved.

What is an Automatic Standby Generator?

Another query that home owners may want answers to is what an automatic standby generator does. An automatic standby generator is a backup electrical system that operates whether the occupants are at home or away.

These home generators in Florence, SC react to a power outage by automatically supplying power directly to the home’s electrical circuit breaker box. Once utility power is restored, the generator switches off and becomes dormant until the next outage of electricity.

Automatic standby generators function using natural gas or liquid propane gas and are placed on the outside of a home, just like a central air conditioning unit.

Why Keep an Automatic Standby Generator instead of a Portable one?

When a utility power outage occurs, an automatic standby generator is vital for many reasons, especially in contrast to a portable generator. For example, authorities genuinely suggest that when it comes to home generators in Florence, SC, residents should use permanently installed fixtures as opposed to other types.

First and foremost, this is a safer method of the provision of backup energy. With an automatic standby generator effectively installed on the outside of the house, it is protected from carbon monoxide which can be particularly detrimental since it carries a lower risk when compared to portable generators.

Furthermore, since it runs on the home’s natural gas or liquid propane fuel supply like we mentioned earlier, an automatic standby generator is more cost effective since it does not require gasoline and refills are not a part of the equation as well.

Moreover, automatic standby home generators in Florence, SC start automatically, as the name suggests. This transpires within mere seconds of a power outage. This eradicates the need to haul a portable generator outside or attach extension cords to different parts of your abode.

Last but not least, they also provide round the clock protection, regardless of whether the inhabitants are inside or away. They switch off when utility power returns, which means there is no need to monitor the unit during an outage.

Distinction Between an Automatic Air Cooled Generator and Automatic Liquid Cooled Generator?

The main distinguishing factor between both of the aforementioned generators is the engine. Air cooled generators are equipped with engines that use fans to coerce air across the engine for cooling purposes.

On the other hand, liquid cooled home generators in Florence, SC use enclosed radiator systems for cooling, which is akin to how an automobile works. In general, liquid cooled engines are used on larger kW generators owing to the larger engines that are mandatory to facilitate the output of higher power.

Benefit of Using an Aluminum Enclosure

There are several companies that provide an aluminum enclosure for the purpose of accommodating home generators in Florence, SC. These enclosures protect the outer unit from environmental factors like dust and rainfall.

In addition, they are naturally rust and corrosion resistant, which helps in achieving their purpose. Also, for high humidity conditions, the use of aluminum is extremely encouraged since it ensures years of service without any apparent issue.

Is an Automatic Standby Generator a Good Replacement for Utility Service?

Sadly, the simple answer to this question is no. This is because the generator fuel costs would increase manifold than buying power from a utility company. Their cost of producing electricity is divided among thousands of customers. Therefore, the answer to this query is not in the affirmative.

What Type of Oil is Satisfactory?

When it comes to home generators in Florence, SC, generator owners should use high detergent oil that falls in line with the requirements for gasoline engines, similar to how a car.

What to do When a Generator Becomes Overloaded?

In an ideal circumstance, a generator should never overwhelmed. Allow us to define what an ideal circumstance entails. The system must be properly sized and installed by the relevant electricians. However, if some unusual circumstances transpire, then there are contingencies as well.

For instance, some generators have circuit breakers which trip when an overload occurs. This step disconnects the generator from the excessive load it was bearing. Once residents rectify the issue and reset the breaker in the generator, they are good to go.

How to Size a Generator for Your Home

We brought it up recently: it is important to size up a generator according to the size and spaces of your home. This may be done by professionals who survey the site i.e. your dwelling in order to determine which generator would be best suited given the area it has to cover.

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