Confidence: An Important Benefit Of Backup Generator Maintenance Service | Marion, SC

Confidence: An Important Benefit Of Backup Generator Maintenance Service | Marion, SC

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For many of the generator systems we install at Mister Sparky Generators of Marion, SC, the only indication that they’ve taken over from utility power is a brief transition flicker. Everything is automatic and reliable, and they’re designed to be that way. Part of the design of these top-quality generator systems is a carefully thought-out maintenance checklist that our technicians perform on a regular basis. Our backup generator maintenance service is the behind-the-scenes activity so that the show can go on. That show may be your family life, a senior’s secure days at home while a storm rages, a medical office that’s sure it can meet patient needs, or a remote outpost that keeps pumps or transmitters running even when the long line from the power company is disrupted.

Planning Backup Generator Maintenance Service

Maintenance is a critical part of generator ownership because failure is not an option. By scheduling regular backup generator maintenance service, you keep bringing it into tip-top shape, no matter whether it has been sitting idle or providing active service and backup power. In fact, many of our newer models with remote monitoring have features that help you schedule backup generator maintenance service. They also make note of any performance issues and schedule repairs or additional maintenance when needed. It’s all in the name of reliability, and it can be performed at your convenience. Our team can tell you exactly what the manufacturer recommends for your generator, along with tests to ensure that your unit is performing to specification.

A Lot More than Filter and Oil Changes

Your backup generator maintenance service ensures the reliability of the unit, but by following the maintenance checklist we ensure that your generator is providing all of the benefits that you expected when you bought it. We’re helping to extend the lifetime of the generator, and making sure that the engine is running smoothly with no signs of excessive wear. We’re making sure that the lubrication is fresh and at the right level, and that the belts and similar parts are in good shape. Technicians make sure that the power generation components are in the specification, and that they produce power that meets the standards whether the unit is running freely or under load. Measurements make sure the frequency is correct and the voltage is within range, and we make sure that the waveform is correct so that your more sensitive equipment won’t be disturbed by power variations. We also check that the mounting of the generator is still firm, that it is not vibrating excessively, and that it is not making more noise than expected. We check the engine structure and housing to ensure that it is intact and fastened correctly and that safety and emissions components are in place and working to protect you and your family. The list goes on and makes our backup generator maintenance service a renewal service for your critical power supply.

Power System Checks

Many of our generator systems have been connected to the owner’s building wiring either as a replacement or auxiliary service, supplying power to all the outlets or a subset. Our backup generator maintenance service can check the switching equipment that moves your building from commercial power to backup, and verify that the wiring for the building is in good shape. We do this to ensure that no changes have been made to your wiring that unintentionally affected your backup power, including simple changes to the circuit breaker settings that could disrupt the transition to backup power in an emergency. Should you have concerns, we’re glad to repeat this check whenever needed to ensure that your system is ready. When your wiring needs have changed, we are also available to make changes to distribute the power for your needs, moving a circuit for your refrigerator backup power to another location, adding power to a bedroom for medical equipment, or running power to your home theater based on past power outage experience. If you’re interested in a generator upgrade for additional capacity or a replacement with a newer, perhaps more efficient model, we’re glad to talk about these and other questions while we’re visiting for your backup generator maintenance service.

Adding Repair Services if Needed

While maintenance services usually limit the need for repairs by reducing wear and tear, occasionally a backup generator will require repair services. Sometimes the reason is external, such as damage while the home is being worked on or the landscaping is being maintained, or perhaps a tree limb fell on it. In any case, our team is ready with parts and expert technicians to make the repairs you need either at the same time as your maintenance or in a prompt follow-up visit. We’ll make sure that our repair leaves your unit in the same top condition and meets the same specifications as we ensured during backup generator maintenance service. As we noted, some generator units will actually recognize certain repair needs and, even if they are located remotely, can communicate this need to both you and us so that we can follow up with authorized repairs.

Are You Considering Additional Capacity?

Newer backup generator systems often have significant technology, efficiency, and safety upgrades, including meeting newer federal safety standards. We can arrange to make a smooth transition from your existing generator system to the new one with a minimum of disruption and a maximum of convenience. Adding capacity is great for your home and can make a big difference if people have come to depend on your growing Marion, SC business, allowing you to assure your customers that your services will be available even when storm winds blow.

Count on Mister Sparky Generators of Marion, SC for Comprehensive Backup Generator Services

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