Does Our Generator Installation Company Only Do Big Jobs? | Dillon, SC

Does Our Generator Installation Company Only Do Big Jobs? | Dillon, SC

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Your image of a backup generator may come from units you’ve seen outside hotels and hospitals, located on a concrete pedestal and ready to supply a large building’s power. You may even have seen the generator systems used for computer server installations, with banks of huge units ready to serve and corresponding battery-based UPS systems ready to cover the moments of transition to generator power. Reliable, powerful backup generators are an important part of many businesses’ operational planning, ensuring that they can serve their customers even when the power grid is unavailable for some time. As a generator installation company, Mister Sparky Generators is proud of our commercial generator installations in Dillon, SC and the surrounding area, but they’re not all that we do for our community. In the back of many homes in the area, you might have seen small, unobtrusive boxes covering a residential-sized generator and its concrete mount. It’s the same concept, the same reliable and automatic power, but scaled down for homeowners like you.

You Don’t Have to Wheel Out the Portable Unit to Have Affordable Backup Power

While a commercial backup generator is too much for most homes, using a portable generator has significant drawbacks that make it too little for your home’s needs. Installation and maintenance of even our lowest-capacity units make them a much more effective, safe, and reliable solution for your home than a temporary and unsecured generator on wheels. Our generator installation company supplies generators from big names such as Generac, GE, or Briggs and Stratton that you’ve seen by large commercial buildings, but instead of up to 2000 kW or more for commercial power, an installed Generac for your home can supply as little as 7.5 kW, making it very affordable, and 15-20 kW is a solid support for homes with a 200 Amp electrical service. We’ve got you covered with top-quality generator power.

Big Standards in Small Generator Installations

A backup generator from a company that offers a wide range of capacities inherits the same durability and reliability. Installed professionally by our generator installation company, you’re also benefiting from our knowledge of local requirements and technical standards, but also our awareness of the unique needs of residential customers. We know that noise, vibration, and engine exhaust need to be controlled as the unit supplies your family with power, and we’re experienced at providing carefully designed solutions. We also have residential electricians who can install your transfer switch, specialized circuits if needed, and UPS power for your home office and computers, so your backup generator really is a greatly reduced version of the convenience that commercial customers demand.

Really Small: the Portable Generator’s Role in Supplying Power

The value of smaller portable generators is in their portability, and they supply reliable power for campsites, temporary remote locations, and special events with ease. Most of them these days supply decent AC power, with waveform quality close enough to a sine wave to protect most electronic equipment. It’s still important to make sure that a small portable unit meets the technical needs of your situation, and doesn’t damage any equipment you’re using by supplying unstable or low-quality power. For longer periods of use, portable generators require regular shutdown for safe refueling and a location that’s away from living quarters such as your tent or RV so there’s no risk of fumes affecting people. Generally, people bring power cords to the generator and plugin as they would into household outlets. Most other configurations are unsafe and often illegal.

The Value of Hands-Off Automatic Backup Power

Having a generator installation company provide a fixed installation for your home’s backup power gives you an experienced team to turn to with your questions, making sure that you have the quality power and voltages that you need to supply your home’s needs. The generator is carefully placed by our generator installation company personnel for long-term reliability, and fuel connections are arranged including convenient natural gas that doesn’t need refueling. While a manual transfer switch is usually available so that you can switch power sources yourself, customers prefer an automatic transfer switch that senses the loss of commercial power, then quickly starts the generator and transfers your home’s circuits to your backup power source.

Our generator installation company can also arrange for additional voltages such as 240 V and 3-phase power if you need them. We can also install a UPS fast-switchover unit that keeps your electronics powered through the transition. In-home monitoring so you don’t have to check on the generator status in the rain or dark of night is a convenient feature many of our generators offer, and we’re proud to offer smartphone-based remote monitoring on some units as well. We’re definitely more than a generator installation company since we keep on working for you until your power, comfort, and convenience needs are met.

Convenient Maintenance and Backup Generator Service

Our generator installation company provides units that are designed for residential customers, running reliably with a minimum of maintenance needs and easy access for repairs if needed. A backup generator typically looks similar to an air conditioning unit or heat pump, a small box in your yard that blends in and stands up to the occasional stray soccer ball. Our Dillon, SC customers probably forget that it’s there until the skies darken from a coastal storm, and it’s there in case the lights go out for the neighbors.

Your Local Generator Installation Company, Here for You When You Need Us

We’re Mister Sparky Generators, serving Dillon, SC with commercial-quality residential backup power in units that are the right size for your family’s needs. We offer skilled generator maintenance and repairs, licensed electricians for installation and related circuit wiring, and support to make sure that you can fully enjoy all the features offered by the products that we install. Your neighbors may not notice until they wonder why your lights stay on. Call us to get yours.