Easy Ways To Extend The Life Of Your Generator With The Help Of A Generator Repair Service | Dillon, SC

Easy Ways To Extend The Life Of Your Generator With The Help Of A Generator Repair Service | Dillon, SC

How long will your generator last? It all depends on how well you take care of it, which means knowing what to do when things go wrong. If you’re operating a business that requires electrical power, your generator is one of your most valuable assets. Generators produce electricity on demand and keep our homes running when utility power goes out. But generators can be costly and time-consuming to repair; if you want yours to last longer, it’s worth taking some precautions. It’s essential for homeowners in Dillon, SC, to seek professional maintenance advice from a generator repair service technician at least once per year.

Perform Regular Engine Maintenance

Regular engine maintenance is one quick and easy way to lengthen generator life. While most generators are supposed to last at least a decade, you can extend their life by two or three times if you perform routine maintenance every year. Engine components like fuel injectors, belts, and hoses can deteriorate over time and cause severe damage to your generator. For best results, seek professional assistance when performing maintenance on your generator. It’s safer for both you and your generator that way.

Replace Your Air Filter As Needed

If you run your generator for long periods regularly, the chances are that it will start emitting a foul odor. That’s probably not a good sign. To make sure your generator is running in tip-top shape and doesn’t pose any threats to anyone or anything nearby, replace its air filter. Most experts recommend doing so once every two months, but some generators will require more frequent replacement. If you aren’t sure when your air filter needs replacing, call a generator repair service like Mister Sparky Generators. We can help ensure your generator is operating safely and efficiently.

Keep the Gas Tank Clean

Running low on gas can be an inconvenience, but running out of gas is a costly problem. A generator repair service can help you clean the tank or determine whether or not your generator needs a new tank. Don’t let your generator run dry; keep a careful eye on your gas level, and never allow it to get lower than 1/4 full. If you aren’t using your generator regularly, consider filling it with a stabilizer that keeps gas fresh for one year. This will ensure you always have enough fuel on hand if needed.

Change the Oil Regularly

All generators come with an oil reservoir, and these reservoirs should be filled when you first receive your generator. However, once it’s been used for a while, you’ll need to change out that dirty oil every couple hundred hours (or so). When refilling your oil reservoir, note how much was in there before to track when its next refill is due. If the oil level drops below when you last filled it, add more until it reaches capacity again. This will help ensure your generator lasts as long as possible. A generator repair service can tell you if your generator needs servicing or maintenance.

Turn Off Gas Valves During Storage

Some people leave their generator’s gas valves when they store them, which is a terrible idea. Suppose you turn off your generator’s gas valve and make sure it’s disconnected from its propane tank or natural gas line. In that case, it will not emit any carbon monoxide as long as you keep it in a dry area with adequate ventilation. If the gas valve doesn’t turn off, a generator repair service can fix that for you. This will ensure your generator stays safe while you aren’t using it. Even if your generator has an automatic shut-off feature, these features are only designed to prevent fires. They do not contain carbon monoxide poisoning.

Use Stabilized Gasoline

The carburetor may be a part of your generator, but it’s not designed for stabilized gasoline. If you use gas stored in a can left out in sub-zero temperatures, you could damage your generator’s carburetor. To avoid damage and prevent problems with starting, opt for stabilized gas. A generator repair service can recommend a stabilizer if you don’t know what kind to buy. It will also help you make sure your machine has been appropriately maintained. Stabilized gas doesn’t need to be filtered or changed as often as un-stabilized fuel.

Check the Cooling System

Generators are machines, and they run hot when in use. A dirty cooling system can cause issues like engine failure, so it’s essential to keep it clean for long-term machine health. The cooling system should be routinely checked to address any blockages or issues before they lead to more severe problems. Schedule regular maintenance visits with a professional specializing in generator repair service near Dillon, SC.

Using a Surge Protector to Keep Voltage Consistent

One problem that plagues a lot of generators is voltage spikes, which can wear out some of your generator’s key components, especially if you’re using a generator that’s several years old. Luckily, there are ways to combat voltage fluctuations, and one of them is using a surge protector. Surge protectors aren’t just for electronics; they can be used on any piece of equipment that could be damaged by sudden changes in voltage, including generators. A good surge protector will extend the life of your generator while also protecting it from damage during a storm or other emergency.

Check for Loose Connections and Parts

Many components make up a generator, and any one of them could become faulty over time. Before replacing your entire generator, check all of these parts for loose connections or worn-out pieces. If there’s a problem with just one component, it may not be worth repairing; however, if more than one part needs maintenance, it’s best to contact generator professionals. They can help keep your equipment running at peak performance by ensuring everything works together correctly.

Clean and Inspect the Spark Plug

We all know that keeping your car in good running condition is essential, but you may not know just how big a role your spark plug plays. If your spark plug is dirty or broken, it can create a domino effect with other parts and cause much more damage than anticipated. Spark plugs need to be cleaned periodically by removing them from your generator and blowing compressed air into them. If the spark plug is dirty, a generator repair service will clean or replace them for you.

Generator Service From The Best Company

To get a generator up and running again after it’s broken down, you’ll want to find a reputable generator service. If you live in Dillon, SC, call Mister Sparky Generators. We specialize in generators and generator repair services. Our team will help you with any questions or concerns about your generator. Give us a call today.

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