Ensuring Optimal Performance: A Complete Guide to Scheduling Generator Repair Service at the Right Time

Ensuring Optimal Performance: A Complete Guide to Scheduling Generator Repair Service at the Right Time

If you live in a remote location or a place prone to outages, you know how important it is to have a reliable power source. A generator comes in handy in such situations. But like any other machine, generators require regular maintenance and occasional repairs to operate at their best.

Regular maintenance and repair services extend the lifespan of your generator and ensure that it operates at optimal performance. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how often you should schedule generator repair services to keep your machine running smoothly.

Manufacturer’s Guidelines

Concerning generator maintenance, adhering closely to the manufacturer’s guidelines ensures the equipment stays in great shape. These guidelines are usually included in the owner’s manual that comes with the generator and provide specific instructions on how often to perform various maintenance tasks.

The manufacturer’s guidelines consider factors such as the type of generator, usage, and environmental conditions. For instance, generators used for emergency backup power require more frequent maintenance than those used for occasional recreational activities.

Similarly, generators used in harsh environments, such as construction sites or remote locations, may require more frequent maintenance than those used in more controlled environments.

A typical inclusion in the manufacturer’s guidelines is a recommended maintenance schedule that outlines when specific services are necessary on your generator. These services may include oil changes, air and fuel filter replacements, spark plug repairs, and battery inspections.

The manufacturer’s guidelines will indicate the recommended frequency for performing maintenance services, typically based on the generator’s operating hours or calendar time.

Adhering to the manufacturer’s guidelines ensures your generator is efficient and reliable. Neglecting maintenance or following an irregular schedule can result in reduced performance, higher fuel consumption, and significant mechanical failures.

In addition, failing to comply with the manufacturer’s guidelines can invalidate your generator’s warranty, leaving you responsible for costly repairs or replacements. It is essential to ensure that only trained and qualified personnel perform proper maintenance on your generator.


The frequency of generator repair services required also depends on how often you use your generator. Generators used more frequently need frequent maintenance to keep them running smoothly and efficiently. On the other hand, if you use your generator occasionally, you may extend the time between maintenance services.

When evaluating usage, the key factor to focus on is the number of operating hours your generator has accumulated. Most manufacturers provide recommended maintenance intervals based on operating hours, with more frequent maintenance required for generators with prolonged usage.

It’s worth noting that even if you do not use your generator frequently, it’s still important to schedule regular maintenance services. Idle generators for prolonged periods can still develop problems due to aging, moisture, or corrosion. By scheduling routine maintenance services, you can catch these problems early and prevent them from becoming a severe concern.


The environment in which your generator operates is another factor that can impact the frequency of repair services required. Generators exposed to harsh environmental conditions, such as extreme temperatures, humidity, and dust, need more frequent maintenance services to keep them running at optimal performance. Conversely, generators located in clean and dry environments may require maintenance services less frequently.

Extreme temperatures can have a significant impact on the performance of your generator. If your generator operates in a hot and humid climate, it may require frequent maintenance services to prevent overheating and ensure proper lubrication.

Similarly, if you stay in cold areas, your generator may require additional maintenance services to prevent fuel gelling and other issues that can arise in cold environments.

Humidity is another factor that can impact the frequency of generator repair services required. If your generator operates in a high-humidity environment, it may be more susceptible to corrosion and rust, resulting in mechanical issues if left unchecked. Other maintenance services may be necessary to protect the generator from these environmental factors.

The presence of dust and debris can also hurt the performance of your generator. In dusty environments, such as construction sites or manufacturing facilities, you may need more frequent maintenance services to keep the air filters clean and ensure proper ventilation.


The age of your generator is a significant factor to consider when determining the appropriate frequency of repair services required. As generators age, their components may wear out or deteriorate, leading to a higher risk of failure. In addition, older generators may not be as efficient as newer models, leading to increased fuel consumption and operating costs.

It is crucial to schedule maintenance services more frequently for older generators to avoid inconveniences. Adhering closely to the manufacturer’s maintenance guidelines is essential, and it may be necessary to conduct additional inspections to identify signs of wear and tear.

As the generator ages, the engine oil may break down more quickly, leading to increased wear on engine components. Therefore, regular oil changes may be necessary to ensure the engine is properly lubricated and protected.

In addition, as generators age, their electrical systems may become less reliable, leading to issues such as voltage fluctuations or improper grounding. Regular inspections of the generator’s electrical system help identify potential issues and prevent them from becoming serious problems.

Finally, older generators may require frequent inspections and replacement of components such as belts, hoses, and filters. These components can wear out over time, leading to decreased performance and increased risk of failure.

Stay Ahead Of The Storm: Protect Your Home

Take preventative measures to avoid the adverse effects of power outages. Contact Mister Sparky Generators today to schedule your generator repair service.

Our expert technicians will ensure that your system is functioning smoothly, giving you peace of mind knowing you’ll have backup power when needed. Call us now or visit our website to schedule your appointment.

To Wrap It Up!

Scheduling regular maintenance and repair services for your generator is essential to ensure its optimal performance and longevity.

By following a comprehensive guide and working closely with a reliable and experienced generator service provider, you can ensure that your generator is in top condition and ready to provide uninterrupted power in periods of dire need.

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8 Problems That May Call For a Generator Repair

8 Problems That May Call For a Generator Repair

A backup generator is a substantial investment that ensures an uninterrupted power supply in case of outages. If you care for it well, a generator can serve you for years without a problem. However, like all other home appliances, generators can begin to wear down with time to require urgent repairs. Here are some of the most common problems that may require a professional generator repair.

Presence of leaks

One of the most common problems that may require professional repair is the presence of fuel, coolant, or oil leaks. Fuel leaks typically occur when the pump system malfunctions. On the other hand, coolant leaks are more common with aging block heater hoses. The hoses tend to wear out faster than other components because they are typically subjected to high temperatures generated by the block heater. Most of the time, oil leaks are due to engine slobber caused by an accumulation of unburned fuel, lubrication oil, carbon particles, and acids. If your generator is experiencing fuel, coolant, or oil leaks, have them fixed before they become a significant issue.

Trouble starting

If your generator doesn’t start despite having plenty of fuel, it could be due to several issues. These include a leak in the line, faults with check valves, or air in the fuel system. Don’t attempt to fix the issue yourself. Generators are complex machines that should be left to experts. Have a licensed technician inspect the unit and diagnose the cause of the failure.

Low power flow

A well-functioning generator should provide adequate energy flow to power all your devices at once. If your generator has low power flow than its rating, you could have an issue with the master breaker, master phase selector switch, or control panel. Do not attempt to troubleshoot the issue yourself. Call a professional to schedule an appointment for generator repair.

Signs of wear in electrical components

Worn-out electrical components can impact the optimal functioning of your unit. Fortunately, you can easily observe most wear of the electrical components. Inspect your machine for bare wires, cracked, worn, or missing control knobs, frayed wiring, and loose connectors. Electrical damage can be dangerous and could result in fires or electrocution if not taken care of. Besides, ignoring these issues could lead to more extensive damage that requires costly repairs or replacement. If you notice any signs of wear or storage issues with your generator, have an expert fix the problem.

Battery malfunctioning

One of the more common problems with most generators, regardless of the model, is battery failure. Fortunately, you can quickly fix this issue by checking your circuit breaker to determine the one that was flipped off. Once you have located it, flip it back on, and the generator will now function again. However, if the problem persists, there is likely an underlying issue that requires the attention of a professional. Schedule routine maintenance with an expert to clean and tighten connections and remove sulfation buildup that may accumulate on the battery plates. Lead sulfates prevent the battery from delivering string current, giving rise to recurrent system failures.

Stalling during operation

If your generator starts normally but falters while running, it could be due to a number of issues, including fouled spark plugs. These plugs can prevent your machine from delivering adequate power to sustain ongoing power demand. If you are using natural gas generators, ensure the spark plugs are changed after every 100 hours of use or if cracked or worn out. You should also ensure the machine’s filters are clean and working optimally. Oil filters help eliminate contaminants from the engine oil that could accumulate over time and wear down your engine. If your filters are dirty or worn, have an expert clean or replace them to keep the machine running smoothly for a long.

Clogged fuel lines

Fuel lines ensure the smooth flow of diesel into the engine. However, when your fuel lines are clogged, they prevent your generator from accessing its fuel. This causes insufficient fuel to pass, impacting your generator’s overall performance and functioning. Clogged fuel lines are typically caused by oxidation that makes diesel dirty and causes sludge to build up deep inside the lines. Although oxidation is inevitable, having a licensed technician perform regular repairs, fuel treatment, and maintenance can help reduce its impact.

Overheating issues

If your generator engine is overheating, the issue could be as easy as a low coolant fluid. When in operation, your generator produces extreme temperatures that could damage components. The coolant ensures your engine is at the ideal temperature by spreading the heat across the parts to prevent overheating or freezing. Routine maintenance, including regular fluid level checks, help ensure your generator has enough coolant to prevent typical overheating issues. If the coolant levels are adequate but still experiencing overheating issues, it could be a sign of a deeper issue that requires professional generator repair. Typically worn-out hoses, drive belts, or clogs in the radiator core could cause overheating issues. Call a technician to diagnose the problem and fix it at once.

Wet stacking

Wet stacking is another typical fluid leak that impacts your generator’s efficiency. This problem can occur when fluids such as unburned fuel, oil, and condensed water build up in the exhaust system and rip out as dark, thick substances. An effective way to remove wet stacking is to burn off any excess fuel. If the problem persists, have a technician install provisions for load bank testing and paralleling. This issue is common in diesel generators that don’t operate at rated loads.

Get Professionals to Install, Maintain and Repair Your Generator

A standby generator is supposed to cover you in an emergency power outage. Although generators are designed with a lot of sturdiness, they are not entirely immune to many issues affecting similar machines. By understanding the most common problems that require a professional generator repair, you can easily prevent many issues through scheduled inspections and maintenance. At Mister Sparky Generators, we understand the importance of having an uninterrupted power supply. Our licensed technicians are ready to undertake routine inspections and maintenance to keep your generator running optimally for a long time. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Generator Installation Company for Your Home or Business

The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Generator Installation Company for Your Home or Business

Power disruptions cause inconveniences for homeowners and businesses. They can disrupt daily routines, cause financial losses, and even pose safety risks. Many individuals and companies invest in a backup generator to ensure a reliable power source during outages. However, installing a generator is not a simple task and requires expertise and experience. This is where a professional generator installation company becomes suitable.

Advantages of Hiring an Expert to Install Your Generator

Hiring an expert generator installation company saves you time and money and avoids potential hazards. Professional installation ensures that your generator will function optimally and safely, providing you with reliable backup power when you need it most. Here are some advantages of hiring an expert to install your generator:


An expert installer is aware of the safety protocols and guidelines for generator installation. They will ensure your generator is installed correctly, minimizing the risk of accidents, fires, or electrocution. Mister Sparky Generators has professionals who follow safety procedures when handling projects to ensure clients are not exposed to harm.

Proper Sizing

A professional can help you determine the right size generator for your needs, considering your power requirements and the size of your property. This ensures that your generator will provide sufficient power during an outage without overloading your electrical system.

Code Compliance

Expert installers are familiar with local building codes and regulations, ensuring that your generator installation meets all requirements. The codes usually aim at ensuring the electronic systems are not harmful to anyone around it. You’ll also avoid charges that non-compliance attracts. Mister Sparky Generators complies with local codes and regulations and guarantees customer satisfaction.

Warranty Protection

Hiring a professional to install your generator ensures the manufacturer’s warranty remains valid. Improper installation by an unqualified individual may void the warranty, leaving you without coverage for repairs or replacements.

Efficient Installation

An expert installer has the experience and tools to complete the installation quickly and efficiently, minimizing disruptions to your daily routine. Mister Sparky Generators is known for quick and effective installations, verified by past and repeat clients.

Fuel System Setup

A professional can properly set up the fuel system for your generator, whether it runs on natural gas, propane, or diesel. An efficient setup ensures the generator performs optimally and doesn’t have leaks or any other issues.

Noise Reduction

A business should operate in a quiet environment, and a noisy generator may cause disruptions. The experts at Mister Sparky Generators can recommend and install noise-reducing measures, such as soundproof enclosures or barriers, to minimize the noise your generator generates during operation. 

Proper Ventilation

An expert will ensure your generator is well-ventilated, reducing the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning or other hazards associated with improper ventilation. Mister Sparky Generators provides expert advice on the correct place to install a generator in your home or business premises to ensure that it doesn’t become an air pollution hazard.

Maintenance Guidance

A professional installer can provide valuable information on maintaining your generator, helping you extend its lifespan and ensure reliable performance. Mister Sparky Generators has professionals who engage with customers and offer customer support on issues regarding maintenance.


Tips for Choosing the Right Company to Install Your Generator

Choosing the right generator installation company facilitates a smooth installation process and long-term reliability and performance. You should evaluate various factors when choosing a company, as this decision can significantly impact the overall satisfaction with your generator system. Here are tips to help you make an informed choice:

Research the Company’s Reputation

Look for online reviews, testimonials, and ratings to gauge the overall satisfaction of previous customers. A company known for satisfying clients will likely provide quality service and installation.

Verify Licensing and Insurance

Ensure the company is properly licensed and insured to install generators in your area. This protects you from potential liabilities and ensures the company adheres to local regulations and industry standards.

Assess Their Experience

Choose a company with extensive experience in generator installation, as this demonstrates their ability to handle various projects and troubleshoot potential issues. Experienced companies are more likely to deliver a seamless installation process and reliable results.

Inquire About Their Training and Certifications

A reputable company should have well-trained and certified technicians in generator installation. This ensures they possess the necessary skills and knowledge to perform the job correctly and safely.

Evaluate Their Customer Service

Gauge the company’s responsiveness and willingness to address your concerns. A company that values customer satisfaction will likely provide prompt and effective support throughout installation.

Request a Detailed Quote

Obtain a comprehensive quote outlining the work scope, materials, and labor costs. This allows you to compare different companies and make an informed decision based on the value they provide.

Check for Warranties and Guarantees

A reputable company should offer warranties on their workmanship and the generator itself. This provides peace of mind and ensures that issues will be addressed promptly and professionally.

Ask for References

Request a list of previous clients who have had similar generator installations. Contact these references to inquire about their experiences with the company and the quality of their work.

Consider Their Availability

Choose a generator installation company that can accommodate your schedule and provides timely installation. Delays in installation can be inconvenient and costly, so selecting a company that can meet your timeline is important.

Assess Their Post-Installation Support

A reliable company should offer ongoing maintenance and support services to ensure the long-term performance of your generator. This includes regular inspections, tune-ups, and repairs as needed.

Evaluate Their Pricing

Cost is not the main factor, but choose a company with reasonable prices that do not compromise quality.

For efficient and reliable generator installation, our company, Mister Sparky Generators, is the right one for you. We have experts to ensure that your generator operates efficiently for years. We offer customized solutions, transparent pricing, and a commitment to customer satisfaction. Don’t wait until the next power outage to invest in a backup generator. Contact us today to experience uninterrupted power.

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How a Professional Generator Repair Service Can Keep Your Power Running Smoothly

How a Professional Generator Repair Service Can Keep Your Power Running Smoothly

Power outages can occur unexpectedly and cause inconveniences. Due to a storm, equipment failure, or other unforeseen circumstances, losing power can disrupt your daily routine and pose a safety risk. Many homeowners and businesses invest in backup generators to ensure a reliable power source. However, generators can experience issues and breakdowns over time, like any equipment. That’s where a professional generator repair service comes in.

The Importance of Having a Reliable Generator for Your Home or Business

In today’s fast-paced world, where technology and connectivity are essential, a dependable power source is crucial for maintaining productivity, safety, and comfort. A reliable generator can provide numerous benefits, ensuring you are prepared for any power outage or emergency.

Uninterrupted Power Supply

A reliable generator ensures your home or business has a continuous power supply during outages. This prevents disruptions to daily activities, keeps essential appliances running, and maintains a comfortable environment for occupants. In a business setting, this translates to minimal downtime and sustained productivity. Mister Sparky Generators can help you avoid power interruptions by availing competent personnel to repair your generator.

Safety and Security

A dependable generator provides lighting and powers security systems during power outages, keeping your home or business safe from potential intruders. Additionally, it prevents accidents caused by limited visibility and ensures that emergency systems, such as fire alarms, remain operational. Mister Sparky Generators can guarantee your security by ensuring your generator remains functional.

Protection of Sensitive Equipment

Many homes and businesses rely on sensitive electronic equipment like computers and servers. A reliable generator can provide a stable power source, preventing damage to these devices due to power fluctuations or outages and safeguarding valuable data.

Business Continuity

A reliable generator is essential for maintaining operations during power outages for businesses. This ensures that customers can continue to be served, deadlines are met, and revenue is not lost due to unforeseen circumstances. Mister Sparky Generators ensures you continue business operations by offering effective generator repairs.

Comfort and Convenience

A dependable generator allows homeowners to maintain a comfortable living environment during power outages, powering essential appliances such as heating and cooling systems, refrigerators, and communication devices.

Disaster Preparedness

In natural disasters or severe weather events, a reliable generator can provide a vital lifeline, allowing you to maintain power and communication capabilities and access essential services. Once you seek a generator repair service from Mister Sparky Generators, you can be confident to face any disaster that may cause power failure.

Remote Location Support

A reliable generator is essential for maintaining power and connectivity for homes or businesses in remote locations with limited access to the power grid.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional to Repair Your Generator

Hiring a professional to repair your generator will reduce repair expenses in the long run. A generator is a complex piece of equipment that requires specialized knowledge and skills to maintain and repair. By entrusting this task to an expert, you can ensure your generator will be in optimal working condition when needed. A professional generator repair service has the following advantages:


Professionals have the necessary training and experience to diagnose and fix generator issues accurately and efficiently. They are familiar with various generator models and can quickly identify the root cause of a problem, ensuring that your generator is repaired correctly the first time.


Working with electrical equipment can be dangerous, especially for those without the proper knowledge and experience. A professional technician will follow safety protocols and use the appropriate tools to minimize the risk of accidents and injuries during the generator repair process.

Warranty Protection

Hiring a professional generator repair service can help maintain your warranty. Many manufacturers require that certified technicians perform repairs to keep the warranty valid. Attempting to fix the generator yourself or using an unqualified technician may void the warranty.


A professional can complete the repair job much faster than an inexperienced individual. They have the tools and expertise to diagnose and fix the problem quickly. Mister Sparky Generators has skilled professionals who can handle generator repairs speedily and correctly.


While hiring a professional may seem more expensive upfront, it saves money in the long term. Incorrect repairs or DIY fixes can cause further damage and more costly repairs. A professional will ensure the job is done correctly, preventing future issues. Mister Sparky Generators offers high-quality professional services to ensure you don’t need to repair your generator again after a short while.

Access to Quality Parts

Professionals have access to high-quality, genuine replacement parts for your generator. This ensures that the repairs are durable and reliable, extending the life of your generator.

Preventative Maintenance

A professional technician can also perform preventative maintenance on your generator, identifying potential issues before they become major problems. This helps extend the life of your generator. Mister Sparky Generators offers maintenance services that help identify and fix problems early enough.

Customized Solutions

Professionals can provide tailored solutions based on your generator model and usage requirements. This ensures your generator operates at peak efficiency and meets your unique needs.

Up-To-Date Knowledge

Professional technicians stay current with the latest industry developments and technologies. This means they can provide your generator’s most advanced and effective repair solutions.

Emergency Services

Many professional generator repair companies offer emergency services, ensuring you can access expert assistance. This can be invaluable during power outages or other critical situations.

Long-Term Support

Hiring a professional for generator repair often means establishing a relationship with a reliable service provider. This can benefit future maintenance, repairs, or even generator replacement.

Dealing with power outages and unreliable generators is tiresome. Let our company, Mister Sparky Generators, help you take control of your power supply! We can help you choose the perfect generator for your home or business and install it for you. Don’t wait until the next blackout to take action. Call us now or visit our website to learn more about our generator installation services.

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Do You Need Generator Repair Services? Reasons Behind Generator Failure And Prevention Measures

Do You Need Generator Repair Services? Reasons Behind Generator Failure And Prevention Measures

Generators provide a reliable backup power supply in case of a power outage that results from power failure, heavy storms, and power cuts during maintenance. They power appliances to ensure you and your loved ones are comfortable and foods remain fresh.

Backup generators should be in perfect working condition to shift into action during outages. But, that is not always the case as the mechanical parts are prone to malfunction, break, or fail. They are in danger of inefficiencies and other potential issues that need repairs or replacements. Generators can fail due to numerous reasons, including:

Dead Batteries

When a generator fails to operate efficiently and reliably, the most likely culprit is a dead battery. Battery failure is an issue that arises due to multiple reasons, including corrosion, dirt, aging, and lead sulfate buildup.

A failed battery cannot run your generator, leaving you in darkness throughout a blackout, denying you peace of mind if you have perishable foods in your fridge or an urgent task for submission. Hire generator repair service providers to replace dead batteries after verifying the cause of system malfunction.

Preventing the generator battery from failing entails regular inspections and testing for functionality. The checkups should be at least four times annually for longevity. Routine replacement of batteries makes the generator operate at peak performance for the longest, extending its lifespan.

Worn-Out Belts

As your generator gets old, generator belts deteriorate over time, leading to system failure. Your generator uses belts to ensure power from the engine gets to the generator for smooth running. Worn-out belts can lead to unit failure as the engine fails to transfer power to the unit. A low power supply indicates a reduction in voltage, which cannot run the generator.

All electrical components in the system will malfunction, leaving you in discomfort as your HVAC systems remain off throughout the power outage. Slipping belts in generators can also shorten the lifespan of generators, leading to premature failure with increased damage.

Stopping the belts from slipping requires regular inspections to identify issues. The generator repair professionals fix all potential problems. They can also replace the belts when they reach the end of their life to increase longevity.

Deteriorated Generator Hoses

Hoses are responsible for circulating coolant in the generator. The coolant can leak if the hoses sustain cracks, damage, or develop pinholes due to deterioration. The leaking makes the system highly susceptible to overheat and eventually fail.

Experts in generator services clean the air intake of the hoses to remove various types of dirt that can affect the performance of your generator. Ensuring the hoses are efficient prevents the system from overworking, causing unnecessary stress that increases wear and tear.

Electrical Problems

Another culprit of generator failure is electrical issues. Electrical components in a generator ensure adequate power supply to your unit and appliances. Your generator can fail with time if it has faulty wiring that causes electrical issues such as sparking and short circuits. It can suddenly shut down due to a malfunctioning battery and transfer switch.

Generator specialists can prevent electrical faults by periodically maintaining wiring. They insulate and ground the wiring for safety and longevity and test the automatic transfer switch to ensure efficiency. In addition, installing the systems properly and accurate load management can prevent electrical issues in backup generators.

Fuel Problems

Backup or standby generators run on different types of fuels, such as diesel, gas, or propane. Generator fuel can lead to generator failure if contaminated or old. Dirty oil causes clogs and engine damage, which threaten the efficiency of your system. Another fuel issue is using the wrong fuel type in your generator, leading to engine and generator failure. Problems like fuel leaks due to corrosion and cracks in the fuel tank can eventually cause your generator to malfunction with time.

Changing fuel filters to prevent fuel contamination and clogs is one of the essential prevention measures a generator professional undertakes. The experts can also check your fuel tank and ensure you use the correct recommended fuel type to prevent clogs and potential system damage. They can use fuel stabilizers or additives to stop blockages in the fuel system. In addition, generator fuel should be safely stored outside in a secure place.

Rodent Infestation And Dirt

Sometimes when your generator stays idle for a long time without use, it can become a home for tiny rodents. It seems ludicrous, but rats and birds can start nesting in the unit. Without proper maintenance, rodents can affect the performance of your system.

In addition, the accumulation of dirt in your generator can lead to clogs that lead to system failure in the long run. You can experience system inefficiencies due to clogs that can cause clogs and overheating that need urgent generator repair.

How to prevent rodent infiltration in your generator is through regular checkups and tune-ups. It requires cleaning all dirty parts to ensure the system is always at its peak in providing backup power. The process might seem minor, but it can save your system from expensive repairs and replacements. It also entails spraying the outer parts of the generators to keep rodents away.

Call Us Today!

If your generator is acting up, you can call Mister Sparky Generators. We are a generator company specializing in generator servicing, installation, and repairs of diverse brands, including Generac and GE. Our technicians use their experience and skills to handle problems such as load management, fluid sampling, battery replacement, and rodent screening.

They also evaluate your generator problems and provide the right solution. You can count on us for excellent customer service and quality generator services. So, whenever you want generator repair or maintenance services, call us anytime because we are open 24 hours.

In Summary

Generators are highly susceptible to failure without proper maintenance. They malfunction due to numerous problems, such as dead batteries, contaminated fuel, worn-out belts and hoses, and coolant leaks.

Corrosion and damage of parts also lead to system failure. Luckily, the issues are preventable with periodic maintenance. Professionals clean dirty parts and change fuel, battery, and worn-out components.

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