Generator Installation Company: 4 Benefits Of Owning A Home Generator | Dillon, SC

Generator Installation Company: 4 Benefits Of Owning A Home Generator | Dillon, SC

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You never know what the weather is going to throw at you in Dillon, SC, but if you have a backup generator you don’t have to worry so much about hurricane season and other weather calamities. While you cannot change the destructive force of storms, you can help protect your home and keep power running to it during clean-up efforts if you hire a reliable generator installation company to come out to your home and install a back-up generator. Generators serve a lot of purposes, but their most important role is to ensure you never lose complete power.

If you have someone in your home dependent on oxygen or other electrically powered medical devices, a backup generator is even more important. While you can hope that things stay stable you just never know. All it takes is one nasty thunderstorm to potentially threaten your power, and with hurricane season lasting for months, there are always much more powerful winds than just thunderstorms. If you are contemplating contacting a generator installation company, here are a few more benefits to having a backup generator that may help make it easier to decide.

Keep Your Home Safe and Comfortable During an Emergency

One of the main benefits of contacting a generator company is that once the installation is done you won’t have to worry about electrical outages again. Even if the hurricane winds get intense you can hunker down safe in your home with all of your electronics still working the way they are supposed to. While it’s not a bad idea to keep your phone charged, you can continue to watch the weather on your television and enjoy the heat or cooling power for your HVAC system since it won’t go out.

The fact that you can continue to enjoy your HVAC system is a real bonus because it helps you avoid a lot of health problems associated with cold weather or high temperatures. Since you can’t open a window during a storm, having a working AC is a major reason to consider calling a generator installation company right now. You will need to talk to a generator company to see what your options are, but if you opt for a larger generator you may even still be able to leave on some lights, access your laptop, and even keep your fridge cool enough that your food stays safe.

Increase the Air Quality of Your Home

The natural inclination of most people when they have to turn their AC off is to open their windows. However, in the middle of a storm, this is not a viable option. Even after the storm has passed this is not a great option which is why if you experience regular power disruptions in Dillon, SC it is time to contact a generator installation company. The problem is that opening windows and doors creates a clear pathway for dust, pollen, and dirt to seep in.

After a storm passes the humidity levels in the air are usually pretty high which makes it hard to breathe. Those with asthma may find that without the AC running the humidity leads to an asthma attack. Even more worrying is the fact that humidity can lead to mold growing in your basement, ductwork, and other areas of your home. Therefore, creating storm damage even though your home may have not been technically affected by the storm.

This is just one more reason to consider talking to a generator company. If you are able to keep some sustainable form of power then you can run your HVAC system which will dehumidify the air in your home and cool it so that you can shut your home back uptight and improve the overall quality of air in your home. Humidity in South Carolina can be intense, it is in your best interests to guard against it.

Actually Prevent Damage

Even if your home is spared from the storm, you can still sustain a high amount of water damage if your sump pump stops working. You rely on your sump pump to direct water away from your basement or garage, but if you don’t have any electricity it won’t function. The end result may be a flood that destroys your first floor or leads to a serious amount of water damage. You can avoid all this by contacting a generator installation company and having a back-up generator delivered and installed to protect your property.

Once the generator installation company is done you won’t have to worry about flooding anymore because you divert power to your sump pump if the electricity goes out so you can ensure that it continues to run. In addition, you can consider using your generator to power your freezer or refrigerator so that you don’t lose all of your food if the power is out for a long period of time. A lot of people find they have to buy a new ridge after a power outage because it is near impossible to get rid of the smell of rotting food.

Improve Your Home Value

Finally having a backup generator installed by a professional generator installation company can be a big boost to your home value. A complete home generator is very useful and very appealing to people who are looking at moving into the area. A lot of people are willing to pay extra for this perk and some insurance companies will even discount your premium if you have had a generator installation company install a whole-home unit. If you are ready to reap the benefits of a home generator, contact Mister Sparky Generators today. We are a professional generator installation company and work constantly around the greater South Carolina region.