Generator Installation Company | Marion, SC

Generator Installation Company | Marion, SC

Heavy rains, strong winds, tropical storms, and hurricanes are common in Marion, SC. Severe weather can be damaging and can knock the power out for days. Electricity is essential to your daily life, and when the power goes out, life in your home will come to a screeching halt. If you want to prevent the problems associated with a power outage, call a backup generator installation company.

If you want to be prepared the next time the power goes out, you don’t have to stock up on supplies, and a backup generator will keep the power on. The backup generator will kick on automatically when the power goes out and provide enough electricity to power your entire home. When the power is restored, the generator will shut down automatically, and you won’t have to do anything.

Backup generators come in a variety of sizes and can cost anywhere from $2,000 to $20,000, depending on the size of your home and your family’s electricity demand.

If you aren’t sure if a generator is worth the investment, you should consider the ways your home and family can benefit from hiring a generator installation company to install a generator on your property.

#1 Power Outages Can Last a Long Time

If a severe storm hits Marion, SC, and does considerable damage, it could be days before the power is restored. When the power is out for days, you can’t do most things in your home, and you will be desperate for the power to be restored.

If you call a generator installation company, your entire home will have power, and you won’t be inconvenienced at all, regardless of how long the power is out.

#2 You Have Kids

Children are a joy, as long as your home has electricity. Kids today spend a lot of time watching TV, playing video games, and playing on their computers, cell phones, and tablets. If the power goes out, they can’t use the TV or power their devices, and they will start getting bored quickly. Fortunately, a generator installation will keep the kids busy. Your home will be one of the only ones on the block without power, and you won’t have to listen to your kids complaining about being bored.

A power outage can be scary for young children because the house will be dark at night, and a generator will keep the lights on.

Overall, if you have children or teenagers in your home, you should call a generator company to install your new backup generator.

#3 You Work From Home

Many people work from home today, which can be great as long as you have power. You can’t power your computer, internet, and other essential office equipment when the power goes out, and you won’t be able to work until the power comes back on, resulting in missed work and deadlines.

A backup generator installation company can solve your problem. They can install a backup generator, and your office equipment will continue functioning when the power goes out, so you can keep working and making money.

#4 Your Fridge and Freezer Will Continue Running

When the power goes out, your refrigerator and freezer will as well. After just four hours, the food in your fridge can start to spoil, and the refrigerator door needs to remain closed. It takes 24 hours for a half-full freezer to thaw and 48 hours for a full freezer to thaw. If the power outage lasts at least two days, you will have to throw away the food, wasting hundreds and even thousands of dollars. Fortunately, a generator installation company can save your food when the power goes out.

A generator company can install a generator to ensure the refrigerator has power when the electricity goes out, saving your food. Also, you can use the food in the fridge during the power outage.

#5 You Can Cook At Home

Preparing meals can be challenging during a power outage. Your refrigerator won’t have power, so you can only eat non-perishable foods. In addition, your stove and microwave won’t work during a power outage, so your meal options are limited. You can take your family out to eat; however, eating out for three meals a day can get very expensive. Also, if the power outage is widespread, you might not be able to find a restaurant that is open and has power. Fortunately, a backup generator company can simplify mealtimes during a power outage.

A backup generator installation company can install a generator that will allow you to cook like you usually do during a power outage. Every kitchen appliance will have power, and you can prepare meals for your family and clean up after. Nothing has to change at mealtime if you have a backup generator installed on your property.

#6 No Need To Prepare For a Storm

When a severe storm is set to hit local residents flock to the stores to prepare for the storm. People buy flashlights, batteries, candles, bottled water, and non-perishable food. A generator installation company can install a generator that will allow you to avoid the crowds of people shopping for storm supplies because storm prep is unnecessary.

When the power goes out, your generator will power the house, and you won’t need emergency food and water. In addition, the lights will stay on, and flashlights and batteries are unnecessary. When everyone in Marion is running around trying to get their storm supplies, you can stay home and wait for the storm.

#7 Home Security

Your indoor and outdoor lights don’t work when the power goes out, and your surveillance cameras and home security system won’t either. Power outages are the perfect time for intruders to enter your home because they have the darkness for protection, and your cameras won’t pick up their movement. Luckily, a backup generator installation company can help.

Fortunately, a backup generator company can install a generator to keep your home and family safe until the power comes back on. When potential intruders see your lights on, they will move on when your home is lit, and your family will feel safer.

#8 Portable Generators Are Inconvenient

Many people have a portable generator to power a few essential appliances and devices, but not the entire home. This means that they have to decide which ones are the most important. Also, the generator can run too close to the house, and you will need very long extension cords to reach the appliances you want to power, creating a tripping hazard, especially at night. Finally, you can’t run a portable generator in the rain, and if you don’t have a covered area away from the house, the generator will be useless.

Backup generators have protective housing and can be used regardless of the weather. Also, the generator will be hard-wired into the electrical box in your home, and you don’t need extension cords. A generator installation company can install a backup generator that will power your entire home, regardless of the weather.

Why Choose Mister Sparky Generators?

If you are planning a generator installation on your Marion, SC property, and want to work with the best generator installation company around, call Mister Sparky Generators. Our techs can help you choose the right generator based on the size of your home and your family’s electricity demand. If you can’t afford to pay for the generator outright, we offer financing.

We are more than just a generator installation company. When your generator is installed, our techs are trained to perform maintenance servile and repairs when necessary.

To schedule an appointment for a generator installation, give us a call today.

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