Generator Installation Company: Why You Should Get A Natural Gas Generator For Your Home | Marion, SC

Generator Installation Company: Why You Should Get A Natural Gas Generator For Your Home | Marion, SC

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According to the Energy Information Administration (EIA) 2019, the natural gas generators usage was 43 percent of the U.S electricity generating capacity. The natural gas generators operate using natural gas, as its name suggests. They are the best compared to generators that run on gasoline and diesel fuel. When selecting the best natural gas generators for your Marion, SC, home, you should consider aspects such as cost-effectiveness, size of the generator and home, environmentally-friendliness, and smooth operation.

Natural gas-powered generators also need the skills and expertise of a qualified technician from a reputable generator installation company for proper and accurate installation. Getting one of the natural gas generators in your home can have numerous benefits to discuss later in this blog.

Selecting a Home Generator

When you select a natural gas generator, there are different aspects to consider, including:

The Appliances It Can Operate

A whole-home generator is one of the options that power everything in your home or some high-powered electric unit only for continuous comfort during a power outage. The generators can operate refrigerators, gas furnaces, central air conditioners, microwaves, well pumps, home security systems, televisions, and laptops.

Size of the Generator

A hired contractor you get from a renowned generator installation company will help you determine the size of natural gas generator to buy for your residential property usage. The size of the generators is determined using the kW ratings. The higher the rating, the more appliances the natural gas generator will run efficiently, while lower kW can only run a few electrical types of equipment.

Types of Natural Gas Generators that Operate on Natural gas

Standby Generators

The standby natural generators are popular for residential applications during power outages. The generators need permanent setting up by a certified contractor from a nearby licensed generator installation company. The natural gas for the generator comes from a local utility company to ensure it runs efficiently during a power outage in your house or the entire Marion, SC area.

The standby generators connected by technicians from a nearby generator installation company automatically swing into operation when there is an outage. The automatic switch saves your fresh foods and vegetables in your refrigerator and enables you to continue enjoying your favorite TV shows, music, or movies. The standby generators can only operate for a limited time because they can easily malfunction after running for long hours.

Prime Generators

Unlike the standby generators, the prime generators are vital when there is no local utility company. It is less applicable for residential purposes because most homeowners cannot connect it to a natural gas line immediately when a power outage occurs.

A technician from a local generator company installing the prime generator in your home will recommend you buy natural gas for truck delivery to your home in case of a power blackout.

Benefits of Natural Gas Generators

If you are contemplating the type of generator to get for your house to meet your power needs, you should consider the natural gas generator for the following reasons.


The standby natural gas generators are the best compared to diesel and gasoline generators because they do not need storage. The generators installed by experts from licensed and bonded generator installation companies do not require filling because of the local utility company that supplies gas. All you need is a gas line connecting to the utility company for a continuous gas supply. Natural gas generators are the option for people in areas where blackouts are frequent because of calamities such as lightning strikes. Therefore, if you want the storage less generator, you should call your preferred generator installation company to inquire about getting a natural gas generator. The technicians install the lines underground directly to your home.


Another reason you should go for natural gas generators is their costs. Natural gas is cheaper than diesel, making it the best option to operate your generator when there is a power outage. The generator is cost-effective because it uses the gas lines from a utility company for a continuous supply of gas. It is economically feasible due to the installation time and physical footprint.

The downside of natural gas is the installation costs that can be higher because the generator installation company provides a technician to install the gas line and the generator, ensuring it switches on automatically when the power goes out.

Ease of Use

The generators powered by natural gas are easy to use in cold and dry seasons. Getting a permit to operate the natural gas generator is easier. They do not have issues such as wet stacking, which is common in diesel generators. For efficiency, you need a licensed and skilled technician from a generator installation company to connect the natural gas generators.

Environmental Friendliness

The reason you should opt for standby natural gas is its clean energy. It does not emit toxic gasses, including carbon dioxide. The generators using natural gas operate cleanly, which does not compromise the health of you and your inhabitants.

Clean energy from the natural gas generator reduces greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global climate changes. They are also the best because they are noiseless, which is not a nuisance to homeowners. To get the odorless and quietly operating natural gas generators, call the nearby generator installation company to hire a technician to help with prompt and safe installations.


If you are wondering if natural gas fuel will run out, affecting supply in the future, worry no more. The natural gas production in the United States is rising, and by 2018, it was 10.0 billion cubic feet in a day. The country has numerous utility companies spread throughout for residents in different states and counties to access the gas through gas lines.

If you are convinced that natural gas is not running out any time soon, call that generator installation company you trust for installation instead of continuing to increase.

Here For Professional Help!

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