Generator Installation Options That Make Your Life Easier | Dillon, SC

Generator Installation Options That Make Your Life Easier | Dillon, SC

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Generator Installation by Mister Sparky Generators Keeps Dillon, SC Prepared

We install your home or business backup generators to manufacturer specifications including concrete pad, wiring, and fuel source. We’ll work with you to design an installation that is suitable for your needs, using a generator that has the capacity to meet your emergency power needs. Once the unit is installed and tested, we’re available to service, test, and maintain the unit in the years to come to ensure that your unit serves you well. In some cases, we can program the generator monitoring system to schedule service for you as you direct it to.

Home Installation Options

As your Dillon, SC area generator supplier and installer, we perform many generation installation jobs in the community and have worked with local government and HOAs so we can help ensure that your installation is within regulations. We can guide you in selecting options that are suitable for your needs including the generator installation location, the capacity that will keep your home operating the way you intend during a power outage, a transfer switch that manually or automatically switches your home’s power source from commercial to generator power, and any in-home wiring that you need.

Office and Business Backup Power

Commercial zoning gives you more options for your generator’s location and installation type, but we will still provide guidance for the best compliant concrete pad location. For businesses, we recommend automatic transfer switches but it is still at your option, and while partial power for your location is available, we recommend providing power for your entire office or other operation allowing you to function normally in a power outage. If you choose partial power, we can install special circuits in your building to accommodate it.

Considering Manual and Automatic Transfer Switches

As part of your generator installation, you’ll select the way that your generator gets cut into your building’s power wiring. A manual switch can cost significantly less than an automatic one, especially for higher capacities, but it requires that your home or business accept downtime while you make the power transfer. An automatic switch senses the power loss and transfers your building’s power load to the emergency generator. The installation including the concrete pad, fuel source, and transfer switch should be located close to each other, observing certain safety rules.

Determining the Type of Power Provided

Permanent generator installation configurations supply your home or business with power similar to what you receive from your commercial source, suitable for your electronic equipment as well as your lights, refrigerators, and other appliances and electrical equipment. You may need 220V power for some equipment, which is available from many larger generators. Portable generators sometimes have a more basic way of producing AC power that is only suitable for basic loads like incandescent lights and heating and may be harmful for sensitive electronics and some lighting and motors. We’ll help you make sure that you get the right kind of power for your needs.

Capacity Planning

Budgeting your power requirements can be a challenge. Your commercial power supply usually provides as much as you need to draw, within the constraints of your electrical service box design. The capacity of your service is planned with future expansion needs in mind, so it’s usually much more than the power you need to operate. We’ll survey your major power loads and estimate your minor equipment power needs, along with lighting and equipment that may be present at a later date. We’ll take into account power surges from equipment such as motors that draw more when they start up and add some headroom for safety. The total will be the amount of power you need for full operation. Depending on your budget, you may consider focusing your generator power on essential needs to reduce costs.

Your Fuel Source Options for Your Generator Installation

Generally, natural gas is used for a steady source of energy when you need it, avoiding the need to maintain fresh fuel and the complications of using propane. Most generator installation options include several other fuels if needed, however. We will usually do the fuel connection ourselves, but in some cases such as propane we’ll subcontract that part of the work.

Remote Site Auto-Start and Monitoring

Backup generators installed at unmanned locations need to be fully automatic, and we can provide equipment that will start on power loss, automatically transfer power, and allow you to monitor the state of the generator while it’s running. This avoids personnel trips to initiate or monitor backup power and will help you provide reliable service to your customers.

Remote Monitoring Equipment

Some of our generator manufacturers such as Briggs provide monitoring options that we can include with your generator installation. There are basic remote monitoring choices that allow you to check the generator from inside the building, avoiding trips outside in stormy weather. The advanced option for Briggs provides smartphone- and tablet-based and monitoring software that can be used anywhere you have data service, and allows you to not only monitor the generator’s operation but receive condition and maintenance alerts and communicate with us to schedule service also.

Sound Level

Many of our generators are designed to run very quietly, but it’s an important factor to include in your generator installation plan. If your area has a specific decibel requirement, we can help you choose a generator that meets it. Depending on the generator location, you may have your own requirements as well. Larger capacity generators may generate more noise as well, in which case water-cooled rather than air-cooled generator engines can help reduce the noise level.

Use Our Experience to Plan Your Generator Installation

Generator power should be the last thing you have to think of in an emergency. It’s our job to help you design a system that will take care of you when the lights go out. Give Mister Sparky a call for service at 843-213-6610.