Generator Maintenance: How Do You Know If You Need Generator Repair Service? | Marion, SC

Generator Maintenance: How Do You Know If You Need Generator Repair Service? | Marion, SC

Routine maintenance is essential if you’re using a generator in your home to keep the power running after a storm or other power outage. Generators need to be regularly inspected by a generator repair service to ensure they work properly and avoid potentially dangerous malfunctions. The issue is that many people aren’t sure how to tell if a generator needs repair or not. During a storm or power outage, more and more homeowners in Marion, SC, rely on generators to power appliances and keep warm. Unfortunately, no matter how well a generator is cared for and maintained, it will eventually need repair.

Corrosion or Rust

Many things can go wrong with your generator, but corrosion, rust, and leaks are common problems. If you notice any of these, you should have your generator checked out by a professional generator repair service as soon as possible. Corrosion can be a sign of a more significant problem with the electrical system in your home or office.

Rust is easy to spot because it is usually a dark brown or black color. Call a technician if you see any of these signs outside your generator. Leaks are much harder to spot but can cause significant damage if they aren’t dealt with quickly. The best thing to do is call a professional immediately if you see any sign of leaking from your generator.

Generator Isn’t Starting

The first sign that your generator may need repair is if it doesn’t start when you try to use it. You should not just assume the generator needs to be replaced if you notice this. It might need a simple fix like a new battery or some lubrication. You can also check the fuel level and make sure there is no debris clogging its lines.

If it still doesn’t start, you should have a professional generator repair service look at it. Your generator may need a tune-up or a replacement part. These solutions sound like something you can do on your own but don’t risk it. Let an expert handle the repairs for you. There’s nothing like dealing with an emergency without power to make you wish you had gotten your generator fixed sooner.


It’s an unpleasant surprise for anyone to discover that their generator isn’t working when needed. When a generator has been improperly maintained, engine overheating is one of the biggest red flags. One of the first things to check is whether your generator receives the proper amount of air intake through the vents. If you notice that the vents are clogged with debris or leaves, you’ll want to have a generator technician clear those out as soon as possible. Another symptom of improper airflow is a clogged radiator, which must be flushed out and refilled with coolant.

Suppose you’ve checked all these things and your generator still isn’t functioning correctly. In that case, it may be time for a professional generator repair service to provide more technical insight into what might be wrong.

Sparks Coming from the Engine

Sparks from the engine, especially if a burning smell of smoke accompanies them, could mean that your generator is overheating. This could happen if you’ve been running it for too long or haven’t maintained the generator properly. When your generator is working correctly and is well-maintained, it creates heat but shouldn’t ever reach the point of sparking or emitting smoke. If your generator is sparking in this way, turn it off immediately and let it cool for about half an hour. Then contact a generator repair service in Marion, SC, to inspect the unit. They’ll clean out the carbons, replace or repair any damaged parts, and get you back up and running in no time.

Abnormally High Fuel Consumption

It’s normal for your fuel consumption to fluctuate. Still, if you’re noticing a steady increase in its usage even as electricity demand stays the same, it could signify something wrong with your generator. A generator uses fuel to produce energy, but it doesn’t matter how much fuel it has if it’s not using that fuel efficiently.

Wasting fuel can be a sign of several problems, from bad seals to dirty air filters. This issue is often accompanied by other symptoms, like black smoke coming from the exhaust or a high-temperature reading on the thermostat. If your generator is using too much fuel, you should have it looked at by a generator repair professional as soon as possible.

It Doesn’t Maintain Its Power Output

It might be time for repairs if you hear your generator struggling to maintain its power output. If you know your generator well enough, you’ll be able to tell when it’s not running correctly. You’ll often be able to hear the difference in its noise output, kind of like the way an old car sounds out of tune.

The sound will be lower and more constant than usual, indicating something is wrong. This could mean several things; the oil might be low, or there could be a loose belt. Either way, call a generator repair service immediately so they can take a look at it and fix whatever is wrong. If you don’t get it fixed right away, your generator won’t last as long, and you may have to replace it sooner than you were expecting.

It Starts but Shuts Off Immediately

If your generator starts with no trouble but shuts off immediately, the problem could be with the fuel supply. The fuel pump could be damaged, or there could be a clogged fuel filter. You wouldn’t believe how many times a dirty fuel filter is to blame. Another cause of this issue might be the carburetor. The needle valve’s seat might be worn out or even broken, so it’s not sealing tightly enough to keep the pressure in the carburetor from dropping. To fix any of these problems, you’ll need to call a generator repair service to replace the part that’s at fault.

Don’t Wait Until Your Generator Breaks Down – Get Quality Generator Servicing Now

The most important thing for you to know about generator maintenance is that you need to know your equipment and get a generator serviced by generator repair service professionals. Seek out the best, most reputable, and professional in Marion, SC. There are a lot of technicians claiming to be experts, but it may not be all they’re cracked up to be.

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Suppose a technician can fix your generator with little cost and no service call fee. In that case, they probably lack the necessary experience or training to complete the job correctly. Call Mister Sparky Generators for professional generator repair service.

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