Generator Repair And Maintenance By Mister Sparky: Now, Or When the Storm Is Coming | Florence, SC

Generator Repair And Maintenance By Mister Sparky: Now, Or When the Storm Is Coming | Florence, SC

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Keep Your Backup Power Ready With Our Generator Repair and Maintenance Services

What are the chances that you’ll be calling your local repair experts, Mister Sparky Generators, when the lights go out and your backup power won’t start? Here in Florence, SC, it’s a pretty common problem, because many generator owners with their busy schedules don’t have time for proper generator maintenance or even refueling. If you rely on us to keep your generator inspected and maintained, you might even be the one everyone else is coming to visit in the dark, because they didn’t take action. So, please call us, and remind your neighbors to do so also. Here’s some information on the generator repair services that we offer.

Generator Maintenance and Inspections

If you rarely check the oil on your lawn mower, you might want to make sure that we check the oil, filters, ignition, and other important serviceable parts of your backup power generator. If we notice any repairs that need doing, we can get them done for you while the sky is blue and commercial power is still flowing. We especially recommend repair and maintenance checks before the hurricane season begins, such as during the winter or early spring.

Generator Permanent Installation

If your generator is supplying power for a single location, we can arrange a permanent installation or upgrade to a permanently installed system with a bit more capacity. Our electricians can connect your backup power so that it’s available where you need it in the building while the generator runs outside. There’s nothing like the feeling of the lights going out, then backup power from your generator kicking in automatically and bringing the lights back on.

Transport Kits for Portable Generators

If your generator’s repair work is due to dropping it when loading it into your truck, we’ve got an idea for you. Many portable generator models can be outfitted with a steel wheelie carrier that lets you pull them around on two wheels and right up a ramp into your truck. No more sore backs, no more generator repairs; it’s a great option for many portable generator models.

Engine and Electrical Generator Repair

Our trained engine and electrical technicians can fix and maintain both the motor operation and the power generation sides of your generator, ensuring that your repair results in smooth operation, and quality power. We’ll perform repairs in-shop for portable models, or come out to your place for permanently installed generator repairs. Make sure you schedule maintenance at the same time if needed, we can change the oil and filters, and perform other routine maintenance during the same visit.

Generator Repair and Upgrade for Higher-Quality Power

If you need more power for your equipment such as welders and power tools, or higher-quality power for computers and audiovisual equipment, we can upgrade your power generation equipment to meet your needs. If we test your existing equipment and find that it just needs a repair to produce the power you need, we’ll let you know that, too. Either way, we want to make sure that when the storms come and the power goes out, you’re just smiling as the lights come back on and work or home life continues. It’s important to us that your backup power meets your present and future needs, and we’re always glad to discuss our wide variety of generator offerings.

Interior Wiring for Generator Power

Tired of orange extension cords running out the window to your generator? Our electricians can make sure that your building power switches over smoothly and automatically to generator power when commercial power goes out. We can also provide separate outlets so that you supply only essential equipment and lights from your generator, allowing you to operate temporarily with less capacity than you normally use from the power company.

Safety, Noise, and Emissions Generator Repairs and Upgrades

Even if your generator is working correctly and producing the power you need, you still may need a repair to replace a muffler or engine cover to reduce noise and keep emissions down. You might need safety generator repairs such as fixing a grounding strap or on-generator outlet. We can also upgrade your generator’s features if new gear is available from the manufacturer such as improved inverters.

Generator Power for Seniors and Those with Medical Equipment

For some people, keeping the lights on during storms or other power outage events can be critical. Seniors who have difficulty taking care of themselves need reliable lighting to get around their homes, cook, and keep the refrigerator running. A permanently installed generator that supplies just enough power for these essential needs and automatically kicks in when needed can help keep them safe. We can provide direct wiring features so those appliances share power sources, standard and backup, without any action on their part.

People with medical equipment such as CPAP devices, oxygen concentrators, and monitoring equipment that provides updates to their doctors need power they can count on. These devices usually come with a battery supply to tide them over when the lights go out, but for longer periods of time, the battery is likely to run out and need recharging. Keeping the lights on lets them live normally with their medical equipment.

Call Mister Sparky for Generator Repair and Maintenance

Call us now or when the storms are coming, it’s your choice. We’re ready to take good care of you when you’re doing a regular monthly test-start of your generator and concerned about its reliability, or when you’ve just given its first try in a year as you’re worriedly watching the weather on TV. At Mister Sparky, we’ve got the parts and technicians to fix your generator and have it ready to pitch in when duty calls. Give us a call at 843-213-6610 to schedule your Florence, SC generator inspection or repair at your convenience.