Generator Repair: Common Generator Problems and Their Solutions | Florence, SC

Generator Repair: Common Generator Problems and Their Solutions | Florence, SC

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Generators are essential for residential and commercial property owners, especially in Florence, SC. Generators make it possible for electrical appliances to run continuously even after heavy storms or hurricanes that often result in power outages. In case of such emergencies, generators can be lifesavers. However, these machines are not perfect, and they can occasionally fail to function.

Different factors can cause the malfunctioning of your generator. If you are aware of these issues, you can practice preventive maintenance measures to avoid potential danger. Furthermore, knowing how to fix these problems can be of help when you need urgent generator repair services.

Here are some of the most common generator problems and how they can be fixed.

Dirty and Clogged Air Filters

Generator air filters help to prevent the entry of contaminants like dust particles and other debris to your appliance. Once the air filters become too dirty, they interfere with the efficacy of your generator and can eventually damage it completely.

To avoid such occurrences, you must schedule a routine inspection of the air filters. When the filters are too dirty, they must be replaced with new ones. Experts in generator repair services recommend that you install a reusable filter to save money that could otherwise be used for replacement.

The Generator Has No Fuel

The most common reason why generators stop functioning is because of fuel shortage. When your generator fails to start, the first thing to check should be the fuel level. The fuel level gauge of your generator can fail to read correctly, giving false readings and making you not realize when it’s time for a refill. You should check on the fuel level using a dipstick.

You must never allow your generator to run out of fuel because air can penetrate its hoses and cause an airlock. If you have a faulty fuel gauge, ensure that you seek a generator repair service from a professional electrical contractor. As a precautionary measure, ensure you store adequate fuel for refueling when the generator is about to kick out.

Damage Caused by Weather or Pests

Outdoor issues that affect the performance of your generator include infestation by pests and weather conditions like heavy storms and hurricanes. To know whether your generator is getting affected by these factors, regularly check for any signs of forth, shredded bedding, chewing, and feces.

Burning Excess Fuel

This problem is common with diesel generators, and it can cause you to dig deeper into your pockets because your generator burns more fuel than is required. The problem occurs when the injector tip of your generator is worn-out.

When you notice black sooty smoke coming out of your generator, it’s a sign that it’s burning excess fuel. A professional in generator repair can fix the problem by replacing the worn-out injector tip with a new one.

Fouled Spark Plugs

Fouled spark plugs are easily detected as they accumulate dark carbon or sludge around them. The solution for this is replacing the spark plugs. However, before retiring them, ensure that your engine delivers electric current to the plugs. If it is, replacement of the fouled spark plugs can help fix the problem.

The Battery Is Dead

This is another common problem with generators. Making partial or complete replacement of your generator’s battery can help to fix it. Experts in generator repair services recommend that you regularly replace your battery to avoid failures. This should be done after about every three years.

To increase the lifespan of your battery, you must:

  • Buy the correct battery size
  • Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines on the battery’s usage
  • Practice routine battery maintenance
  • Store the battery in a safe place

Leaking Coolants

This is another severe problem that can lead to complete failure of your generator if not addressed soonest. When your generator is overworked, it tends to produce excess heat, which with time, causes wear and tear to the coolant pipes.

To ensure that your generator serves you right, you should hire an expert in generator repair to regularly inspect the condition of your generator’s coolant pipes. If there are any visible signs of wear and tear, you should proceed to replace them. This problem can be prevented by occasionally changing the coolants. Repair contractors recommend that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how often you should flush out the old coolant.

Overheating of the Generator’s Components

When a generator is used for extended periods, you will realize an abnormal rise in the temperatures of its components. According to generator repair experts, overheating results from low coolant levels, often caused by leakages. Before you start your generator, you must check on the levels of the coolant, fuel, and lubricant.

Loss of Residual Magnetism

When your generator runs for too long with no load, stays connected to the load when it is shut off, or remains unused for very long periods, it tends to lose its residual magnetism. For magnetism restoration, generator repair experts connect the generator to the plug or a 12- volt battery in a drill, whose motion generates electricity.

Insufficient Oil

For many residential property owners in Florence, SC, checking the levels of generator oil is rarely a priority. This should not be the case because, without sufficient oil, your generator can fail to turn on. And without enough oil, you cannot achieve maximum lubrication, and that results in wear and tear of the generator’s components. This can cause engine failure, thus ultimately damaging your generator.

You can use a dipstick to check the oil level in your generator. You must add more fuel if its level falls below the full line on your dipstick. Once you notice that the oil has started changing its color and looks darker, it’s an indication that the oil has gone bad and must be replaced with a new one. Ensure you follow the manufacturer’s guide when buying oil for your generator or leave the entire replacement process to a qualified technician.

When you experience any of the above problems, do not hesitate to contact the professionals at Mister Sparky Generators for urgent generator repair services.