Generator Repair Service: Causes Of Generator Surges And Solutions | Myrtle Beach, SC

Generator Repair Service: Causes Of Generator Surges And Solutions | Myrtle Beach, SC

Over the last 10 years, power outages have increased by 78 percent. This has led many people to invest in backup generators. A generator can be life-saving in such circumstances.

To ensure it keeps working as expected and serving you for many years, you need to know the common problems of generators. One of them is power surges. Below you will find out what generator surges are, common causes, solutions, and when you should seek a generator repair service in Myrtle Beach, SC.

What Is Surging?

A surge describes the fluctuations in the power output of a generator. Lights will start to flicker, and the generator will constantly shift between fast and low speeds. Surging can damage sensitive electronics like TVs, computers, and most household appliances. It can also damage outlets and lighting in your home.

What Causes Generator Surges?

Old Generator

With proper care and maintenance, a generator can last a long time. But it won’t last forever. Normal wear and tear will cause the components to fail, leading to surges.

If your generator has reached or exceeded its expected life, it won’t work as efficiently and will often develop other issues.

A generator repair service technician might be able to replace the affected components, but this is only a temporary fix.

Solution: If your generator has seen too many summers, it is time to replace it.

Poor Maintenance and Negligence

Generators are complex machines and must be maintained regularly to keep them running efficiently.

Failing to schedule generator repair service regularly can lead to damaged components, rust, and buildup.

This will lead to malfunction and problems like surging. Neglect and skipping repairs will also reduce the lifespan of the generator.

Solution: Have your generator regularly serviced by a professional. It might cost you extra but will save you a lot of trouble and unnecessary repairs later. If you own a standby generator, the installation company likely has warranties and service agreements to cover regular maintenance.

Always hire a generator repair service technician to handle repairs. The professional has the experience and training to quickly and efficiently diagnose and solve a problem. Even if you do not use your generator often, you should run it every month to ensure it operates smoothly.

Fuel Problems

Incorrect fuel, low fuel levels, and poor quality fuel are significant causes of surges. Generators usually have precise fuel requirements. Using the wrong type can lead to surging and extensive damage.

Some people use poor-quality fuel because it is cheaper. But this fuel is often contaminated and can lead to blockages, which result in surges.

Using the wrong or low-quality fuel might increase your risk for Carbon Monoxide (CO) poisoning. 80 percent of the deaths caused by CO poisoning have been associated with generator usage.

Though not as common, blockages and leaks in the fuel line and a faulty fuel pump could cause generator surges.

Solution: Always use the fuel recommended by the manufacturer. You won’t be able to save any money if the cheaper fuel causes the generator to malfunction. During the regular maintenance checks, a generator repair service professional will clean or replace fuel filters, check the fuel line and pump for blockages and seal any leaks.

Damaged Parts

Another leading cause for power surges in generators is damaged components. A damaged capacitor, for example, can compromise a generator’s ability to generate and distribute power correctly. This will lead to extreme fluctuations in power regulation.

Faulty spark plugs, clogged carburetors, and air filters could also lead to power surges.

Solution: Checking for damaged parts and replacing them should be left to generator repair service professionals. Some generator components can be delicate and may malfunction or cease to work if tampered with.

Overloading and Load Imbalance

The load can fluctuate depending on the type of appliances you plug into your generator. Uneven load distribution in three-phase generators can also lead to power spikes.

Overloading the generator will cause it to work harder than necessary. Using too many appliances at once or starting up equipment can cause power surges and overloads that could lead to surges and even overheating of the generator.


  • Make sure that the load is always as even as possible.
  • Avoid overloading the generator by only using appliances that you need most, and stay within the generator’s maximum capacity.
  • Avoid running the generator at full capacity, as this will cause it to fail sooner.
  • Call a generator repair service technician if the problem persists.
  • There could be a generator fault, or you might need a bigger unit.

Starting Up Big Machinery

When you connect large equipment to your generator, the startup will cause an immense surge in power output. It might cause a temporary reduction in electricity to the other connected appliances.

Your generator might recover once the machinery is running. Other times it might continue to surge and struggle to keep up with the increased demand. Sometimes a generator won’t be able to handle the load and shut down.

Solution: Avoid using high-power equipment together with other appliances. Only use equipment your generator can safely handle. If you need to use high-power machinery, look for a bigger generator with a larger capacity.

Faulty Automatic Voltage Regulator

An automatic voltage regulator (AVR) is a device on the alternator that controls a generator’s output. Its purpose is to ensure that the voltage remains constant. If the AVR fails, the lack of power control will result in surges.

Solution: You will need a generator repair service technician to fix or replace the AVR. You can use surge protectors with your generator to protect your appliances from surges.

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