Generator Woes: Signs You Need To Replace Your Briggs Generator | Myrtle Beach, SC

Generator Woes: Signs You Need To Replace Your Briggs Generator | Myrtle Beach, SC

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Electricity is an energy source that accounts for about 96 percent of total energy generation in the US compared to other resources such as fossil fuels, nuclear energy, and renewable resources.

Homeowners depend on electricity for multiple uses, including refrigeration, hot water usage, lighting, and cooking. The power of electricity is undeniable, and it can be quite stressful to find yourself in a blackout. That’s why you should keep your Briggs generators in top-notch shape to ensure a steady supply of the vital commodity.

However, like most appliances, generators can call it quits due to old age or prolonged wear and tear. And while the weather in Myrtle Beach, SC, can be quite unpredictable, causing frequent power outages, why not replace your problematic generator rather than have to deal with cold winters? Here are some warning signs you should look out for to know it’s time to replace your standby generator.

Recurrent issues and periodic repairs

Models like Briggs Generators can last for long periods, provided you adhere to maintenance programs and tune-ups. It would help if you didn’t have to frequently call your generator handyman due to error codes and maintenance services.

An efficiently working generator should work just fine with two annual servicing appointments. If your home receives constant visits from generator maintenance specialists, you may risk losing the convenience of reliable backup power during emergencies.

At this point, it will be worthwhile to invest in a new appliance. Otherwise, you will end up dishing out vast chunks of money to cover repairs after repairs. Always have your local generator company’s contacts handy to schedule new installation services, and be sure to ask for the latest models of Briggs Generators to get quality products.

Old age

The older any fixture gets, the more likely it is to fail. That may be obvious to you, but do you know what generator age refers to in this case? It’s not necessarily the number of years it has been in existence but the number of working hours you subject it to.

The average time a standard backup generator can last is about 1,000 to 2,000 working hours or 22 years plus more. This means that the lesser you use your generator, the more it will last.

If you reside in an area that frequently loses power and warrants the use of backup generators, you may have to change them sooner than homeowners who run their appliances once or twice in a year.

Also, those who use backup power for light-duty work may extend their generator years in comparison to people who always subject theirs to “hard labor.” Whenever you feel like your standby power source is up in years, it’s time to get you a new one. Worth checking is the Briggs generators that run quietly, hence you won’t notice you ever had a blackout.

Growing families and new home technicalities

When you first purchase your standby generator, your priorities may be running a few basic things such as your AC unit, fridge, stove, or a single bulb for you and your better half’s comfort.

However, once you add kids into the picture, you’ll increase electricity usage. Your generator may not be big enough to satisfy your electricity needs by using more fixtures such as blenders for baby food preparation and adding security lights for emergencies.

Children aside, moving to a different house can make it harder to use your old backup generator. For instance, your former house may have window air conditioning units while your new one a centralized group. That means your generator will have to overwork to keep your new home at optimal thermal temperatures. Regardless of the life changes you’re experiencing; it’s time to call the Briggs Generators technicians to seek new installation services.

Exorbitant generator fuel costs

Due to reasons such as age or worn-out parts, your generator can exhibit excessive fuel usage that translates to an upsurge in fuel costs. Your portable generator should be in impeccable condition with regular maintenance, repairs, replacements, and fuel polishing.

However, if you notice an increase in utility bills contrary to the fuel consumption provisions in your generator’s manual, it’s time to find a replacement since your unit is probably experiencing mechanical deterioration.

After all, switching to a new energy-efficient generator model wouldn’t be a bad thing, with the world going green. Besides, you’ll cut down on the high fuel as well as repair and maintenance costs. If you’re looking to swap your old generator for a newer energy-saving one, call your local technicians to find out more about fuel-efficient Briggs Generators.

Excessive carbon monoxide emission

Have you ever wondered why it’s advisable always to run your generator outside your house and refrain from enclosing it? Every generator releases carbon monoxide, a toxic gas that can be fatal if you inhale it.

Therefore, placing a working generator in an open area is crucial to let the poisonous gas vanish without harming anyone. While the gas may be dangerous, it’s vital to safely note the emission levels even if it’s from a distance. Always make it a point to observe the level of smoke your generator emits to keep track of its efficiency.

A properly working generator will release a steady “amount” of carbon monoxide exhaust. If the cloud of black smoke suddenly rises, it’s a sign that your generator has seen better days and is not working efficiently.

For eco-friendly homeowners in Myrtle Beach, SC, this problem could pose a risk to wildlife that may be in close to your generator while running. Or worse, your little furry friends may suffer the consequences! Why not call your seasoned Briggs Generators technicians to get new installation services and avert these problems.

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