How to Maintain a Diesel Home Generator in Horry County, SC

How to Maintain a Diesel Home Generator in Horry County, SC

A diesel generator combines an electric generator with a diesel engine in order to create electricity to power your home. It runs on fuel, but many versions of it are designed with natural gas and other liquid fuels as their primary source of energy.

They are popular as a home generator in Horry County, SC, since they are reliable, durable, and sturdy. Other fuels like propane and gasoline are also more expensive than diesel. They can also withstand a heavy load for a really long time but need to be regularly maintained if you want the quality of power to remain.

Here are some maintenance tips that you should follow if you want an efficient home generator in Horry County, SC.

Routine General Inspection

Even though the diesel generator is a reliable machine, you need to appoint services for the home generator in Horry County, SC regularly. The fuel, exhaust, and electrical system are prone to leaks. These leaks can be potentially hazardous, which is why you need to ensure that your generator gets regular inspections.

Changing the oil and standard servicing needs to be conducted after every 500 hours of use. Some appliances may even have shorter servicing times since they are of lower quality.

Lubrication Service

When you are shutting the home generator in Horry County, SC, down, make sure that you check on the engine oil. You can use the dipstick to conduct an inspection. You may have to wait for the oil in the upper portion of the engine to completely drain into the crack case before checking the oil. You should refer to the API for how much viscosity the oil needs to have. Use the same brand and quality of oil to refill the generator.

The oil filter also needs to be changed after some time. Do make sure that you don’t dispose of the filter in any way that could potentially harm the environment. It also pays to use high-quality lubricants, coolants, and oils in your home generator in Horry County, SC. Thiswill add to the efficiency of the machine.

Cooling System

The coolant in your home generator in Horry County, SC, also needs to be at optimum levels. During shutdown periods, you can check the coolant levels by removing the radiator cap. If necessary, you can add the coolant at about the ¾ level.

If you have a heavy-duty diesel engine, then you may need a balanced coolant mixture containing coolant additives, antifreeze, and water. You may have to inspect the exterior of the radiator for any signs of obstruction as well. Do make sure to remove the foreign material, debris or dirt with a cloth or soft brush. A low-pressure stream of water or compressed air will also work just fine.

Fuel System

Diesel home generator in Horry County, SC, can also become easily susceptible to corrosion or contamination. You need to use up any stored fuel before it gets a chance to degrade. Even fuel filters need to be drained completely at intervals since water vapor can often condense and accumulate in the fuel tank. This can contaminate the diesel stored in the generator.

You may need to indulge in some fuel polishing or regular testing every 3-6 months if the fuel has been usedduring that time. The hoses and pipes of the charge-air cooler should also be checked for leaks, cracks, debris, and holes that may be blocking the fins from working.

Testing Batteries

Any starting batteries that are undercharged or weak are the main reason behind the failure of standby power systems. The battery needs to be well-maintained and fully charged to avoid any malfunctions in the machine. You may have to call an inspection for your home generator in Horry County, SC, to check on the status of the batteries.

They must be properly cleaned, and their electrolyte levels also need to be checked. As batteries age, just checking on their output voltage levels isn’t enough of a test. You must also use a manual load tester on the battery to check whether it is still efficient.

Maintenance experts for home generators in Horry County, SC, also take some time to clean the battery carefully. Where ever the dirt is in excess, they take the time to carefully wipe it clean. They can also remove the corrosion around the battery by using natural cleaners.

Routine Engine Exercise

If you regularly exercise the engine, it will keep the parts lubricated. Any oxidation of the electrical contacts can also be avoided since that can have adverse effects on the equipment. It will also use up any stored fuel before it deteriorates and ensures that engine starting is reliable. You should exercise the engine at least once a month for at least half an hour to avoid it from deteriorating.

Clean the Diesel Generator

If your engine is regularly cleaned, you will be able to spot issues like oil drips easily. Just a quick visual inspection will also ensure that the belts and hoses of the engine are in good condition. Inspections like this can also keep pests like wasps from nesting in your generator.

Exhaust System Inspection

The connection points, gaskets, and welds in the exhaust line can also develop a leak. They need to be repaired at once by a trained technician who is an expert in home generators in Horry County, SC. If quick repairs aren’t made, the generator can heat up quickly. The excess heat can damage the engine and cause it to fail pretty quickly.

It is important to service the diesel home generators in Horry County, SC, regularly. These regular inspection and maintenance checks can drastically increase their lifespan and efficiency. If you hire high-quality services like Mister Sparky Generators,  you will definitely notice how smoothly your generator is working.