Hybrid Generator Installs, Dual Fuel, Ask Our Generator Hookup Service About Your Options | Myrtle Beach, SC

Hybrid Generator Installs, Dual Fuel, Ask Our Generator Hookup Service About Your Options | Myrtle Beach, SC

Are you thinking about combining PV solar power with a traditional generator, or installing dual-fuel capability for flexible generator operation? Do you have other complex configurations in mind? At Mister Sparky Generators in Myrtle Beach, SC, our generator hookup service is led by experienced electricians who know power source wiring and house wiring strategies to meet your specific needs. They’re familiar with electrical practices and code requirements and can provide ideas, solutions, and other help to create a practical way to implement your power requirements and principles. Hybrid generator installs present risks that you may not anticipate, as you may have grid power, solar, and backup generator systems all feeding into your home and potentially into each other. In some cases, such as selling solar electricity back to the electric company, that arrangement can make sense if implemented correctly. In other cases, such as a power outage in the commercial power grid, your system can present unexpected dangers to electrical workers restoring power. There are many practical reasons why it’s wise to leave your backup generator configuration to the professionals at our generator hookup service.

What Happens When Your Solar Power Fails?

Battery problems, repairs, and too many cloudy days in a row can limit a solar power system’s ability to meet the needs of your home. As with losing commercial power, a backup generator can be an important resource for meeting your power needs, especially in cases such as remote pump or radio transmitter locations, where solar power may be your primary electricity source. Working with generators, transfer switches, and the inverter systems that convert solar power to useful AC electricity requires an in-depth understanding of the features and assumptions of each part of the system. Manufacturers of the equipment involved may also place limitations on how they can be interconnected, affecting your warranty and also indicating the ways that safety features have been designed to work. Clearly, you want a system that is designed to put the built-in protections to good use! Our generator hookup service electricians are trained and have years of experience in anticipating what could go wrong and making sure that they use their professional knowledge to protect you and your property.

Dual Fuel Systems

Varying costs of energy sources like natural gas, propane, and diesel fuel and even issues with the availability of each one can make a multi-fuel generator installation attractive. Some generators for permanent installation at businesses include sophisticated systems that transition from one fuel to another, such as diesel to natural gas or allow both propane and natural gas operation. For your home, you may find that having our generator hookup service install a single, reliable fuel source such as natural gas is a more cost-effective solution. As time passes, the sophistication of commercial generators is being offered in smaller home generator systems, so ask our team what options you have for your specific situation and the power load your home presents. An increasing number of homeowners are installing backup generators, and manufacturers are responding with increasingly competitive models with features designed to meet the specific needs of homeowners.

Battery Based Generator Units and Portable Generators

Customers sometimes ask if their portable generator that fits in the back of their SUV can be connected to their home as well as used on camping trips and similar outings. One of the important concerns with portable units no matter how they are connected is the risk of exhaust fumes entering the home, including poisonous carbon monoxide. That’s one reason that these units shouldn’t be used in garages and other enclosed spaces, especially attached to the home. Battery-based generator units provide power for a period of time without noxious fumes, though they typically can’t be refilled and are only useful for a limited-service period. Our generator hookup service team can explain the advantages and disadvantages of these devices, and the considerations required for use at home. For example, there may be questions about the type of power, the voltage stability, frequency stability, and waveform of the power. Less expensive power sources sometimes provide a lower-quality waveform that is only useful for lighting and other resistive loads and can damage electronics. These devices should have proper protective devices to handle electrical overloads and other situations. As we mentioned, our electricians are experts at thinking ahead and covering the “what ifs,” so your backup generator power is reliable and safe, even when you’re asleep.

Getting the Latest Backup Generator Systems and Hybrid Power Configurations

A well-installed, capable backup generator system carefully installed by our generator hookup service, observing local and professional standards and requirements, HOA rules, and your family’s needs is your best choice. It may be tempting to start small with basic portable equipment or a permanent system that handles a partial load, but at Mister Sparky Generators, we’re here to make sure you’re satisfied with your backup power. Planning ahead with sufficient capacity, full safety features and automatic operation can make your life so much better when the power fails. Many home generators are now internet-connected for the ultimate convenience! With proper financial planning, instead of paying for upgrades and compromises as your power solution evolves, you can enjoy the right system for your home from day one. Let us design yours.

Your Myrtle Beach, SC Generator Hookup Service for Backup and Emergency Power

At Mister Sparky Generators in Myrtle Beach, SC, our generator hookup service provides versatile, expert care to ensure that your backup or emergency power system is safe, reliable, and long-lasting. Our electricians can make the transfer switch connections you need, proper wiring into your home, and also within your home if you’re planning for partial backup power. Our generator hookup service can recommend the right way to get it done and perform the work efficiently and professionally. Give us a call and let’s talk about your backup power needs!

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