Is A Backup Generator Right For Every Homeowner? | Dillon, SC

Is A Backup Generator Right For Every Homeowner? | Dillon, SC

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Some people have the idea that backup generators are for people who are concerned about major events such as huge storms and Y2K disasters, and spend their time preparing for every contingency. Backup power is certainly an important part of emergency preparedness for homeowners as well as for essential services and businesses, but it’s also an everyday solution that most homeowners should consider. At Mister Sparky Generators, we install backup generators of all sizes to help keep homes comfortable and safe with reliable power. We also provide backup generator power for businesses, remote locations, and temporary events for our clients in the Dillon, SC area. We can show you how keeping the lights on can make a big difference for your family during multi-day power outages and short power failures that are restored within the day.

Reasons to Install Backup Power for Your Home or Business

When the world was facing the uncertainty of computer, financial, and power systems during the transition to the year 2000, many homeowners invested in generator power for their homes to provide a transition for the days or weeks that it might take for chaos to abate and power to be restored. While that scenario didn’t arise, storms and other events have provided plenty of other uses for many of these homeowners, and their generators have served them well. In recent years, world events are leading to uncertainty again, and it’s not just those who worry who are installing backup power. People are realizing that things do happen that limit our access to resources such as electricity, whether they are larger scale or just a local tree falling on a power line, and every member of the family has many needs for power from homework on the computer to home office video conferencing, smart home features and electric vehicle charging. It may be possible to live simply for a few days here in Dillon, SC, but there are plenty of reasons to make it a choice, rather than a necessity.

Full and Partial Load Backup

For many families, selecting a backup generator that meets the entire power needs of your home with appropriate “headroom” for peak demands such as motor starting on air conditioners and refrigerators can be costly. If it’s the right choice for your home, it’s important to make sure your needs are met. Our team can provide alternatives which include the right capacity backup generator for your needs, plus experienced electricians who come to your home and provide appropriate wiring for your refrigerator, home office, air conditioning, lights, and other important needs, without having to connect all of your home’s circuits to a high-capacity generator. If you decide to upgrade in the future, we can provide the backup generator options and wiring to expand your power resources, or switch to a whole-house transfer switch and automatic, complete backup power that keeps life operating normally through the storm or other emergency.

Backup Power Generators Are Convenient

A professional generator installation can include an automatic transfer switch and monitoring equipment that make life easy when the power goes out. As soon as the failure is detected by the equipment, the generator starts and your home’s connections are transferred to backup power. The lights blink briefly, and it may be wise to use UPS backup for electronics that you’d rather keep operating without restarting. That’s the experience you’ll have, and with remote monitoring you can check on your generator from inside, an essential feature when the weather is wild. Smartphone access on some models even allows you to check on your power from anywhere you have mobile service. This allows you to make sure the family is staying warm, your parents have power at their house, and your cabin is safe as well.

Essential Equipment You’ll Be Glad to Keep Powered

Modern homes include a lot of essential features besides refrigerators and lights that need power to avoid hassles. Smart home systems that provide everything from your front door lock to your entertainment need power to stay running, and in many cases if you have power, your internet can remain in operation. You might have garage or gated driveway access to think about, electric vehicle or EV charging, a home office that needs to stay operating, and power for medical gear in case built-in backup batteries wear out. Don’t forget your sump pumps, in a storm they’re essential. If you list all the ways that your home is typically affected by power loss, plus all the new ways you’ve added recently, you’ll see why backup power is important for homeowners these days.

Off-Grid Operation and “Green” Power Backup

Backup power isn’t just for when the grid fails and the power lines are down. If your home, cabin, or other location is normally supplied by solar or other power sources, there will be times when you need a backup power source to upgrade your equipment, make repairs, or even just keep going through stormy weather when solar rays are minimal. Relying on your batteries can be a dead-end solution depending on the length of the problem, but a backup solution with a professionally installed generator can be an excellent power resource. This might be especially helpful if you’re relying on your off-grid power source to charge your electric vehicle or other mobility devices. With alternative power sources, you are your own utility company, and it’s up to you to provide the backup resources that you and your family may need.

Your Professional Backup Generator Installation, Maintenance, and Repair Team at Mister Sparky

If you’re considering backup power in Dillon, SC, it’s time for us to talk. We at Mister Sparky Generators can help you choose the right backup power solution for your home or business. With a professionally designed backup generator connection, your family will be comfortable, the switchover can be convenient, and most importantly, the connection and operation of your backup generator will be safe, quiet, reliable, and according to professional standards.