Keeping Your Backup Power Reliable And Up-to-Date With Regular Maintenance And Generator Repair Service | Marion, SC

Keeping Your Backup Power Reliable And Up-to-Date With Regular Maintenance And Generator Repair Service | Marion, SC

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Generators, as with most engines, need proper care and maintenance even when they’re idle. They also need occasional operation just to check and see how they’re doing, and stir up the lubricants. Running them makes sure the fuel supply is still ready to go, and that both the engine side and power generation side are in good shape, performing as expected. If the engine RPMs are varying or the power parameters are fluctuating, it’s time for our Mister Sparky Generators, of Marion, SC generator repair service team to take a look and make adjustments or replace a worn part. That’s a small amount to ask from a machine that will keep your family warm and safe for days if the power goes out.

Maintenance Can Help Avoid Generator Repair Service

The generators we offer at our Marion, SC facility are high-quality units that tend to last a long time if properly cared for. Our generator repair service team often works on units that have run a long time without maintenance or have simply sat without attention while components and fluids degrade. It’s a common problem, as generators may not be on homeowners’ and businesses’ minds when storms aren’t brewing, and when a generator is inherited as part of a property transfer, the new owner may not be thinking about how to keep the generator in good shape. Whatever the reason, our generator repair service can come and perform repairs and upgrades, or remove the unit and work on it in our facility, depending on what type of unit and the problems that were diagnosed. Our maintenance team has a game plan for regular service and can arrive, get to work, and leave your unit fresh and running smoothly and reliably, so once generator repair service has gotten it running, we highly recommend that our maintenance team be on your schedule in the years to come.

Generator Repair Service for Electrical Interconnects and Related Wiring

Most of your generator system’s electrical equipment that handles your home’s generator and grid connections and transfers when you lose power is designed to just be reliable. We have a philosophy, though, that only what we’ve tested is known to work. We want to make sure that assumptions don’t leave you in the dark when an unexpected or unanticipated problem catches you off guard. It could be as simple as a breaker that wasn’t reset or wiring that got disturbed during remodeling or painting your home. If there’s anything that doesn’t work as expected when we check it, our generator repair service electricians will make it right. By the way, if over time you’ve found that your basic house wiring for generator power could be expanded and perhaps your generator capacity could be expanded to meet your family’s needs, we’re glad to help you consider your options for new features and updated generator models. Many of our customers eventually upgrade older units as well, and the new technology features on recent models are quite attractive. It’s worth noting that recent generator production now includes carbon monoxide protection features required by law, which could be an added motivation to consider the new units.

Fuel System Considerations

When your generator was installed, it may have been a diesel model that relied on a tank of fuel for operation and that was limited by that tank for the time it could run unattended. Our generator repair service workers also spend a fair amount of time dealing with fuel system problems, including aged fuel and fuel without additives that are no longer fit for service and perhaps even harmful for use. Fuel filters and lines also need attention and maintenance from time to time, and our customers who attempt to start their units just before a predicted storm sometimes find that they need some significant work on their generator and fuel supply due to disuse and lack of maintenance. We’re glad to get to work and get dormant units running well with fresh fuel and clean tanks and lines, so our customers can relax and know they’re covered by their generator capacity when the next power outage hits. This is another good time to mention upgrades, however, as our units that run on natural gas have advantages over liquid fuel, since they have much fewer concerns about the condition of the fuel and related fuel systems. We’re glad to discuss your options including swapping your older unit for a new, high-tech, fuel-efficient model running on your natural gas supply.

Running the Numbers During Maintenance to Determine Your Generator’s Current State

These days, you may see our technicians with a variety of electronic equipment when they come to perform generator maintenance. That’s because a thorough check of your generator involves more than whether it starts readily and sounds good when it runs. There’s quite a checklist of parameters to evaluate that help us ensure that your unit is tight, operating safely, and in good shape. We’ll often measure the engine speed and any variation in speed, check the power source and how well it is regulated, ensure that the power voltages and frequencies are within specification, and make sure that your generator system handles load changes properly. It’s a complex system, carefully engineered and for the brands we handle, the result of long periods of research and development. When we ensure that the system is running well, the result is simple: you have power, in the quantity you need, at the time when you need it most.

Rely on Generator Repair Service by Mister Sparky Generators of Marion, SC

Our generators serve critical needs at homes, businesses, remote outposts with pumps and radio transmitters, and even medical facilities. Our team is ready to ensure that your backup power source is everything you need it to be when the winds blow, the rain falls, and the lights go out. We encourage you to call us and be sure.