Making The Most Of Your Backup Power With Expert Generator Hookup Service | Myrtle Beach, SC

Making The Most Of Your Backup Power With Expert Generator Hookup Service | Myrtle Beach, SC

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When you invest in backup power, our generator hookup service can connect it so that it serves you well. They’ll focus on concerns like safety, sound and vibration levels, the type of connection you need, and any wiring you’d like in your home or business to bring separate emergency outlets to specific locations. At Mister Sparky Generators of Myrtle Beach, SC, our generator hookup service has performed a wide variety of installations and connections. Our planners can tell you what has worked for others and give you ideas that you might not have considered that will help you expand the effectiveness of your backup generator installation.

Comfortable, Quiet Power When You Need It

Our generator hookup service works to make sure that your backup power, connected to your residence or business, is quiet, reliable, and useful. For generator hookup service at remote locations, outdoor events, and other special locations, the plan may vary according to your specific needs. A typical residential or commercial installation and generator hookup service involves site planning, a solid concrete pedestal, fuel supply arrangements, easy access for maintenance, and wiring to your building. The location is chosen based on safety issues as well as sound and vibration concerns.

Since engines produce carbon monoxide, that is one of the key safety issues that we cover. It’s worth noting that recent changes in standards require generators to shut down if they sense that carbon monoxide is accumulating. That’s good protection for you, your family, or your workers, but it also leads to loss of power. We plan ahead to avoid any related problems from occurring in the first place, for double protection.

Generator Hookup Service for Ball Fields and Radio Transmitters

Portable generators can’t benefit from our carefully designed permanent installation plans for homes and businesses, but they are great for field locations. In Myrtle Beach, SC these can include camping trips, destinations, and locations unserved by the electric utility because they’re infrequently used, such as ball fields. If you use a portable generator for night games, keeping the lights on, and perhaps some food cooking, we can help by providing proper electrical wiring to connect it, rather than a nest of unprotected extension cords that offer a significant shock hazard.

Our generator hookup service can also install a small permanent unit that’s ready to go any time you have an event to enjoy, safety included. Similar isolated installations are common as backup power for commercial and public safety radio equipment, pump houses, and other remote resources relying on electrical power. We perform installation and hookup that ensure weather-resistant reliability, and we can connect monitoring gear so that you can check in the generator without making a rugged drive to its location.

Connecting an Upgraded or Replacement Generator

Generator hookup service for a new model can be simpler, but it’s still important to review the pedestal, fuel supply, wiring, and transfer switch to make sure everything is up to date and meets relevant safety codes. Our experienced team can quickly identify any areas where updates and modifications should or must be made for a proper installation, so you get the generator installation you can rely on.

Choices for Providing Building Power from a Standby Generator

The big decision when arranging generator hookup service for your home or business is the kind of transfer switch you prefer. The two main methods for switching over to your generator power are manual, where you throw the switch yourself at the power box, and automatic, where a system senses power loss and makes the changeover. In either case, the transfer switch wiring provides a safe, secure way to connect an alternate power source to your building’s wiring, without the risk of dangers such as connecting two live power sources to each other, or creating an unpredictable wiring or grounding situation.

Adding UPS Equipment for Smooth Transitions of Computer Equipment Power

Battery-powered UPS equipment provides a faster transition when commercial power fails than most generator systems, making them an excellent choice for equipment that doesn’t want to be interrupted. Computer systems and servers are the most common use for UPS systems, and in fact huge computing facilities use a dual backup of UPS and generator power for their highly reliable systems.

Load Management by Adding Generator-Specific Wiring

Hospitals wire their clinical areas with specific circuits that will receive generator power in case of a power emergency. These outlets, often colored orange, allow the hospital to operate on a reduced power load and still make sure that vital equipment has power. You can do the same with your home or business, providing specific wiring for refrigerators, computers, medical equipment, specific lighting, and other important requirements. We can add this wiring when we install the transfer switch or later if you decide that you want to reduce the load on your generator system instead of supplying the entire building with power.

Safety Concerns of Temporary Generator Hookup

Temporary portable generator connections can be risky, especially when performed by untrained, unlicensed individuals. There are many creative theories of what “should” work and sometimes does. Many of these wiring techniques present significant danger, including using a bare electrical plug as part of a power source, a deadly shock hazard for anyone who accidentally touches it.

Your Professional Generator Installation and Hookup Service Can Meet Your Backup Power Needs

It takes years of training and experience to know the ins and outs of backup power. The results of our work may not get much testing, after all, until that big day comes when a big storm or other event knocks out power for a prolonged period, and your generator is all you have to provide power. Then, having it done right by the team at Mister Sparky Generators of Myrtle Beach, SC will make you smile as you relax under the lights and weather the storm. Call us to help you plan a solid generator installation.