Mister Sparky: Your All-Weather Generator Company For The Area | Myrtle Beach, SC

Mister Sparky: Your All-Weather Generator Company For The Area | Myrtle Beach, SC

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Is a small portable generator all that you have between you and a weather-related blackout? Or do you and your family get out the flashlights and ride out the storm, hoping the electric company doesn’t have too many homes to fix? At Mister Sparky, we help you get ahead of the weather, so you’re not out in the storm with not a light to be seen trying to find your car, or setting up your generator in the rain so you don’t get exhaust in the house. For those who planned ahead: as your 24/7 generator company, if something does happen we’ll suit up for the weather and get out there to help you out. We’re your all-weather generator company, and you can count on us.

A Full Range of Commercial, Residential, and Portable Generators

Our generator company serves the Myrtle Beach, SC region with installations and by top technicians and electricians who know how to make sure your generator system is one you can rely on. We have portable generators for RV and camping use, events at remote locations, and fill-in outdoor use at your home or commercial location. We also install generator systems that provide reliable power through the night and even for several days or more. In convenient, low-sound, weather-resistant enclosures, they blend in with your home or facility and can automatically switch over as needed when your power is interrupted.

Service When You Need It, Even in the Dark of Night

When the wind blows and the rain is rattling your windows, it gets pretty dark out at night. There are no street lights, and your flashlight only works for a few feet. It’s a time when you’ll be glad that you have our number handy. We’re the generator company you can rely on, day and night. Of course, we’re also ready to make sure that your backup generator is ready to serve you well when storms knock out the power, with weatherproof enclosures and thorough maintenance. So, keep our number handy as the generator company for emergency service, and let us work with you to fine tune, repair, maintain, and upgrade your system over the years.

Weatherproof and Waterproof Generator Enclosures

The equipment we install from leading generator company lines is designed for use in all kinds of weather, throughout the world. In addition to attractive enclosures that we can coordinate with your HOA requirements, we can also provide ones that protect against the weather. Even if you’ve got a facility right on the waterfront that needs to keep running as the waves are pounding the shore, we have a solution for you. If you’re starting out with a portable unit, remember that running it in your garage or other enclosed space isn’t an option. We can help you design a protective shelter, or better yet show you how affordable an integrated backup generator can be.

Interconnect Systems that Work On Their Own

High-capacity generators that supply the power you need for your home or commercial building are wired into your existing electrical circuits by our expert Mister Sparky electricians. We can install manual switchover gear that you can operate to transfer to your backup generator when it’s needed, but our generator company offerings include sophisticated automatic switches that fire up your generator and transfer the electrical load to it even if you’re asleep at home or away from the office. These systems are also helpful for remote locations such as microwave and cell phone radio relay installations, broadcast transmitter locations, and pump stations.

Remote Monitoring and Maintenance Requests

Generator company options provided include remote monitoring systems that allow you to check on your system’s status, control operation, and log any potential maintenance issues that the system identifies, relaying them to us so we can schedule a technician visit. Briggs and Stratton generators have a basic monitoring system for homeowners that allows you to check your generator status like you check your thermostat, indoors, warm, and dry instead of out in the pouring rain.

Auxiliary Portable Generators for Recreation and Events

Do you have night sports leagues or complex events such as marathon races that require timekeeping and first aid tents? Perhaps you provide catering and party gear for large groups of people. All of these and other outdoor events and sports need power for lighting, electronic equipment like computers and DJ gear, and even cooking and warming equipment. Rather than be restricted to locations where you can arrange access to power outlets, why not choose the location that’s convenient for you, then power your event with one of our portable generators. We have models that are surprisingly quiet and amazingly powerful, in a package that’s not hard to transport to your locations, or store on location at sports fields and picnic areas.

Maintenance and Repairs for Long Generator Service

One of our heavy-duty generator systems can last for decades, depending on the frequency of operation and the quality of maintenance performed on it. To keep your equipment running and get the most out of your investment, we provide a full range of maintenance and repair services to ensure that your system works right the next time you need it, and keeps on working reliably and efficiently over the years. There’s nothing like the feeling when the storms start blowing and you’re preparing for the worst, then you smile and realize that you’ve got a generator system installed that is ready to take over as soon as the power is interrupted.

Your Round-the-Clock, All-Weather Trusted Generator Company for Myrtle Beach, SC

At Mister Sparky Generators, our team is ready to provide you with backup power systems from leading generator companies like GE, Briggs and Stratton, and Generac, along with expertly installed interconnects. Our team keeps your system ready to go, too. Give us a call 24/7 for fast service, and contact us to configure a new system to meet your backup power needs.