Our Generator Hookup Service Provides Much More Than Backup Power These Days | Myrtle Beach, SC

Our Generator Hookup Service Provides Much More Than Backup Power These Days | Myrtle Beach, SC

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From comfort and safety for senior citizens at home to reliable power for families with parents working from home and kids learning online, our generator hookup service is more than just experts providing safe connections for your backup generator, it’s your way of providing power for your family’s needs in these uncertain times. At Mister Sparky Generators, serving Myrtle Beach, SC, and our surrounding community, we’re working extra hard to deliver the right generators along with expert generator hookup service, quality maintenance and care, expert repairs when needed, and carefully sourced parts so your system keeps serving your family for as long as our community needs to have backup power to rely on for daily needs, security, health, and comfort.

Power Disruptions and Your Family’s Lifestyle

Even when they occur a few times a year, power disruptions can affect the way your family lives. The climate here varies from summer to winter enough that there are plenty of days when you need AC to help you stay cool and sometimes breathe better, and lots of winter nights when heat is a necessity as temperatures drop towards freezing. While whole-house systems that our generator hookup service installs can handle the load from your regular HVAC system for heating and cooling, there are also other ways to cover your needs depending on your situation. Many homeowners opt for ductless mini-split AC systems that provide air conditioning for targeted areas of the home very efficiently, and ductless mini-split heat pump systems that can provide heat as well, and are significantly more efficient than standard electric heat. If our generator hookup service is installing power mostly to support your home office or kids’ study area, targeted heating and cooling like this might be a way to get by with reduced generator capacity, and reduce your energy costs long-term as well.

Powering Your Home’s Electronics with Generator Power and UPS Transitioning

A powerful generator takes a few moments to start and supply power when the commercial power fails, which may cause your lights to blink but also lead to computers rebooting and networking equipment restarting. Ask our generator hookup service for the latest backup power solutions for electronics, which typically include UPS (uninterruptible power supply) power units, providing limited AC power via batteries to bridge the gap for a few devices, with transfer time typically less than a tenth of a second. Along with a high-powered backup generator, it’s a great solution that can really help if you’re on a video conference for work or attending class remotely. Our expert generator hookup team and electricians can customize your solution to meet your needs in many ways, and recommend off-the-shelf solutions as well. This situation is becoming particularly common for many customers, and even provides a way to avoid getting dropped from an online gaming system!

Medical Equipment and Senior Citizen Safety

For medical equipment that needs to be recharged, backup generator power can help bridge a longer-term power loss and keep power available for charging their batteries. Other benefits for seniors and many others include keeping the lights on to avoid accidents, operating stairlifts, providing heating and cooling as mentioned, and refrigeration for food and medicine. Ask our generator hookup service about any regulations that apply to specialized uses of backup power, but as a general backup power source, we’ve got you covered, even to charge electric mobility devices. As many people have found in recent times, being at home for long periods of time takes some ingenuity, and for seniors, keeping the music, TV, and other engagement available, even recharging devices for reading e-books and talking on the phone can make a big difference.

Total Home Office Backup Power

With backup power for heating and cooling, and supplying power to your home office, your day can continue on conferences with overseas colleagues, meeting deadlines with reports or software you’ve developed, and other activities. Our generator hookup service can even provide customized installation of a backup generator specifically for your home office if you don’t need coverage for the rest of your home, automatically starting and switching over when power fails to keep your desktop computers, network equipment, even servers and storage powered, using UPS equipment for the brief power transition, as we mentioned. We can help you review the benefits of targeted versus whole-house backup power, and the experiences of others that might help you avoid selecting and then upgrading as soon as you realize how important whole house power can be. Even for a few storms and outages, with today’s lifestyles being prepared helps avoid the chaos that can result from loss of power.

Making an Inventory of Power-Related Equipment Your Family Depends Upon

While improvising can be fun and is a great “teachable moment” for kids, so much of our lives is based on electronics and electrical equipment that life quickly becomes chaotic when power isn’t available. For example, if you rely on microwaveable meals and have a great supply of them in your freezer, power failure is putting your food supply at risk, especially over the long term, and even in the short term, you won’t have a microwave with which to cook. Specialized appliances for preparing meals for infants, monitoring children’s rooms, and detecting water leaks will go offline, even your sump pumps typically won’t respond when the rains bring basement water table intrusions unless they have their own separate battery power supply. Once you make a list of what goes offline without power, our generator hookup service will be ready to help!

Your Backup Power Specialists and Generator Hookup Service in Myrtle Beach, SC

As increasing numbers of families are doing, you can rely on Mister Sparky Generators in Myrtle Beach, SC for custom home backup power solutions. Our systems are serving homes and businesses throughout the area. We’ll be glad to install one for you, just call.