Professional Generator Installation Company: Is It Worth The Hype? | Dillon, SC

Professional Generator Installation Company: Is It Worth The Hype? | Dillon, SC

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The Coronavirus outbreak has dramatically changed how Americans live; the work environment has shifted from the office to the house, and more students are now learning from home. These changes have resulted in a further increase in electricity consumption, with the residential sector accounting for the highest share of the energy source. This overreliance on electricity calls for a backup plan, especially during or after stormy seasons when power outages are bound to occur.

Imagine you are working from home with two high school students conducting their studies online, and the power suddenly goes off and stays out for hours. You are now left without lights, hot water, heat, refrigeration, or even power to handle your zoom meetings. What do you do in such situations? How long will you stay without electricity? Installing a home generator is the quickest and safest solution to your problems.

If you are located in Dillon, SC, Mister Sparky is your go-to generator installation company. Nothing beats selecting a competent and professional generator installation service to ensure necessary safety precautions are observed during the installation process. As much as DIY experts may attempt to install generators themselves, this act is not recommended because it may cause more harm than good, sometimes leading to fatal consequences.

Some may still ask, “Why should I hire a generator installation company if I can install on my own when I follow the manufacturer’s manual?” Well, aside from the safety assurance you receive when working with Mister Sparky Generators, there are other tones of benefits that we shall discuss below:

A Professional Has Access To All Tools and Equipment Necessary To Install The Generator Successfully

DIY projects enhance our creativity and are fun to carry out, but they do not apply to all circumstances. A DIYer will tell you that most tasks will be easy, but only with the right equipment. Installing a generator can be cumbersome, difficult, and time-consuming if you cannot access the appropriate tools.

However, working with a generator installation company like Mister Sparky Generators will save you time, energy, and resources. Our professionals are equipped with all the necessary equipment to conduct the installation process safely, fast, and efficiently.

Personal Installation of Generators May Be Risky or Even Unlawful

Trying to install a generator by yourself could create serious problems and health effects. In some states, handling flammable and electric equipment without professional qualification is considered illegal.

Generators should always be installed by authorized service dealers or certified and qualified technicians. Therefore, if you want to install or replace a generator, you need to hire a licensed electrician from a reputable generator installation company to follow the necessary measures and precautions.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has provided several booklets with legal standards regarding standby electric systems. The category Standards for Emergency and Standby Power Systems covers the supervisory equipment, controls, and power sources required to transfer electric power to the selected circuits. Before a technician installs the generator, always confirm that it complies with the current version of the legal standards applicable.

You are bound to face penalties if the generator is installed without complying with the required safety standards. At Mister Sparky Generators, our technicians will always issue you a certificate of compliance to confirm that the installation was completed successfully and the generator is safe to use.

A Generator Installation Company Guarantees That The Generator’s Warranty Will Remain Valid

The cost of purchasing, renting, or replacing a generator is relatively high. Therefore, it would be appropriate to take advantage of the warranty issued by a generator’s manufacturer and save some money. A proper installation of generators can solve several future issues.

The only way to have the proper installation is by hiring a professional generator installation service. Most manufacturers will only offer warranties on generators that qualified technicians installed. Our electricians are licensed and carry out professional installations that guarantee you warranties.

A Professional Will Look Into Even The Minor Details

Assuming tiny details during installation can cause severe consequences. Generators are powerful tools that become dangerous if mishandled. When they are not installed correctly, they could create hazardous problems like shorting the entire house’s electricity system.

Such results could cause expensive repairs or even fire outbreaks. To avoid such, it is advisable to rely on a reputable generator installation company. Our technicians will supervise the entire process and handle even the tiniest details, which a DIY installer might not notice but are visible to an experienced technician.

Professionals Know Both Local and National Codes

Installing generators and operating electrical equipment every day gives an electrician an upper hand in some issues about the profession. A layperson will find it challenging to review all the local and national codes. Still, the task is a walk in the park for experienced electricians working at a generator installation service.

Electricians at Mister Sparky Generators are already aware of the particulars of codes, laws, and restrictions within Dillon, SC. This knowledge will help you save money, time, and energy.

A Professional Generator Installation Company Issues Advice on Generator Related Issues

As a generator installation company, we have extensive knowledge of issues relating to generators. On numerous occasions, DIY installers buy a generator that is either too small or large compared to their needs.

An inappropriately large generator may potentially overload, resulting in permanent damage to electric appliances. On the other hand, a tiny generator may cause an inadequate power supply. Before purchasing a generator, consult a generator installation service for guidance.

Professional Generator Installation 

Power outages, especially today, can create a lot of unnecessary losses. Hiring a professional installer is the best path to follow if you wish to install or replace your generator. A trusted and reputable generator installation company will make sure that the work is efficiently done! If you live within or around Dillon, SC,

Mister Sparky Generators is the installation company for you. We will ensure that you save time and effort and have a safe installed standby generator to turn to whenever the power goes out. Contact us today for exceptional installation services.