Pros And Cons Of A Dual Fuel Backup Generator | Dillon, SC

Pros And Cons Of A Dual Fuel Backup Generator | Dillon, SC

The dual-fuel backup generator attracts more buyers because of its flexibility in using more than one fuel type. People confuse dual fuel generators with bi-fuel generators, but they are not the same.

The dual-fuel engines use diesel and natural gas fuels either interchangeably or at the same time to efficiently power your Dillon, SC, home during a blackout.

Read on to know the pros and cons of the dual fuel generator before calling a generator company to get you one.

Pros of the Dual Fuel Generator


The first advantage of the dual fuel backup generator is that it is environmentally friendly. It uses diesel and gas fuels together or interchangeably, lowering toxic emissions to the environment.

The generator can start with diesel fuel, which has less harmful carbon dioxide emissions to the surroundings than gasoline, making it preferable to most people.

Refining the fuels also generates greenhouse gasses that don’t contaminate the air, making it safe for plants, humans, and animals. Natural gas is the other fuel that the dual fuel generators use to power residential and commercial buildings.

It is a clean-burning fuel with fewer emissions of carbon dioxide. Combining diesel and natural gas to run the dual fuel backup generator significantly lowers its emissions, making the equipment eco-friendly.


People also prefer dual fuel generators because of their low operating costs in the long run compared to conventional generators. Their use of two types of fuels simultaneously or at the same time makes them less expensive.

Operating a capable generator that uses one fuel type can be costly to run in the long term. The dual fuel generator can run smoothly on diesel only and gas only, and the two fuels together are a plus for the generator.

More Fuel Options

You might assume natural gas and diesel are the only fuel types that can run the dual fuel generators. Fortunately, that is not the case. The fuel depends on the generating set of the generators, and the manufacturers make them bearing in mind the most accessible fuel types in the region, county, or city. For example, if you have propane in your backup generator, you can use it with natural gas.

The proportion of the two fuels should be as per the manufacturer’s recommendations for continual comfort during a blackout. The dual-fuel power generators can also use a combination of two fuels that include landfill gas, gasoline, ethanol, biodiesel, synthetic, and biogas fuel options.

Therefore, you should be keen on the specifications of the percentage of the fuels to use, for instance, 85 percent of diesel and 15 percent gasoline, or 75 percent natural gas and 25 percent gasoline, for the dual fuel backup generator to operate efficiently.

Efficiency and Sustainability

The dual-fuel generators use a mixture of two fuels that make them the most efficient. They can power up numerous appliances in a home as long as there is an outage.

The dual-fuel generator is also sustainable because of the lower and clean-burning fuel emissions. The less harmful carbon dioxide gasses and other pollutants help preserve the environment for future generations.

Simple or Less Storage

Another benefit of dual-fuel generators is the need for less storage of fuels. Since you can mix natural gas and diesel or propane and use them simultaneously, there is no need to store many liters of fuel that might be expensive to get.

Buying large quantities of diesel, gasoline, and natural gas and yet you can use different types of fuels in your backup generator is not a priority.

It lowers the costly expenses of saving diesel that can expire if stored for long. If you choose to buy diesel in large amounts, you have to invest in fuel stabilizers and biocides, making the fuel costs high. With dual-fuel generators, you do not need to store diesel.

Cons of the Dual-Fuel Generators

No mechanical or technical appliance or system has no drawbacks. The following are some of the disadvantages of dual-fuel generators.

Expensive to Buy

The first limitation of the dual fuel generator is that it is more expensive than other conventional generators. They are costly because of their capability to use two fuels as a mixture or simultaneously. The technology that allows for two fuels to generate power makes generators expensive.

It Difficult to Maintain

The complexity of the dual fuel backup generator makes it difficult to tune up the system for longevity and efficiency. It has additional features and components that require inspections following the instructions to ensure the system operates at optimal efficiency. The generator needs frequent maintenance, including inspecting and testing tubes, fuel lines, and valves.

The generator technicians in Dillon, SC, can also check cables, circuit breakers, exhaust systems, pipes, and engines to ensure they are running smoothly. The tune-up process of the generator also involves changing the fuel filters, worn-out parts, and air filters and testing control panels.

Complex to Operate

Last but not least, the dual fuel generator is also complex to run and might require some tutorials on how to operate it safely. Homeowners can find the instructions complicated and confusing. Tutorials on the dual fuel generator can come in handy to help them know the step to step instructions.

The homeowners may also not understand the proportion of fuel mixtures. They may need a technician from the generator company to show them how to mix the fuels. Therefore, it is appropriate to get the backup generator from a reputable company that can give clear instructions.

In a Nutshell!

The dual-fuel generators are popular because of their flexibility to use two types of fuels as a mixture or simultaneously. After going through the above pros and cons and you want the backup generator in your Dillon, SC home, you should contact Mister Sparky Generators for installation and consultative services.

We are a generator company that helps clients select the correct generator that meets their power needs during an outage. Our technicians offer quality services, easy scheduling, and exceptional customer service.

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