Residential Generator Repair Service: Portable Generator Problems | Marion, SC

Residential Generator Repair Service: Portable Generator Problems | Marion, SC

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Generators are, without a doubt, essential in most homes in Marion, SC. Portable generators provide emergency power during outages, keeping electrical appliances and lights in your home functional. The generators can also prevent incidents of food in your refrigerator from getting spoilt when there is no power. Just like other home appliances, portable generators can experience defects.

It can inconvenience you and your family when lights go out leaving you in darkness. At this point, reaching out to a generator repair service provider will help save you from the inconveniences of power outages. Some of the problems you are likely to encounter with your portable generator include:

Failure To Start

A portable generator can fail to start when you need its services the most. The reason for purchasing a generator is to be a standby power source whenever the power goes out, and when it becomes defective, you may become irritated. If you experience such an incident, you should talk to a generator repair expert to help you fix the problem. Below are some of the reasons why generators fail to start.

  • Malfunctioning Batteries

Defective batteries can make your generator fail to start. The batteries may be faulty because of the accumulation of lead sulfates on lead-acid batteries, causing the lead plates to sulfate. The damaged lead plates make it impossible for the batteries to produce sufficient current to power your generator.

  • Stale Stagnated Fuel

If mechanical fuel in the generator stays for long, it stagnates, making it fail to start. A professional generator repair service provider can help you drain the stagnated fuel and clean the fuel tank if you haven’t used the appliance for a long time. If it fails to start, it implies there is another problem. Afterward, the professional can check if the stagnated stale fuel has clogged the fuel lines and pump and fix the problem.

  • Low Fuel Levels

Some homeowners have probably come across this problem unknowingly. Low fuel levels are a common problem in multiple generators. A portable generator has a sensor that indicates if the fuel is running low and needs refilling. If your generator fails to start, you can take a look at the fuel sensor and refill the tank if the capacity is low. However, if the sensor indicates the fuel is full, and the tank is empty, you should look for a generator repair service expert to fix the defective fuel sensor.

Also, if the fuel levels are okay and the appliance still fails to start, the professional can troubleshoot the exact issue. Having insufficient fuel in your portable generator is dangerous because it can lead to a permanent shutdown. Generator repair service contractors can provide creative and prompt solutions to sensor issues to prevent such problems.

  • Faulty Spark Plug

A malfunctioned spark plug can make a generator fail to start. The plugs supply sparks to the engine to ignite the air and fuel mixture that powers the engine. Wear and tears in the plugs can hinder the production of the sparks, affecting how the engine and the generator operate during power outages.

Cracks in the porcelain insulator can make the electrodes burn or break down. It can influence the performance of the plugs, causing the generator to fail to start. You can look for a generator repair service technician to examine the efficiency of the spark plugs and replace the defective ones.

Clogged Filters

Another problem that you might encounter with your portable generator is clogged filters. Air filters protect dirt, small debris, and impediments from entering the generator’s motor, leading to a clog in the combustion system.

Clogging is a common issue in dusty environments, especially if you live near a construction site in Marion, SC. Malfunctioned filters can influence the operation of portable power generators by hindering the proper mixture of gas and air. It is worth noting that using the generators with a faulty air filter can lead to a permanent shutdown of the generator’s engine. A generator repair service technician can clean the air filters or replace it if it’s damaged beyond repair.

The Generator Starts Then Stops

Sometimes you can start your portable generator, and it shuts down after a short while. Such an issue should be addressed by a generator repair expert because messing up the engine while trying to fix the problem by yourself can make the generator fail to work permanently. It can arise from low engine oil.

A generator may not function effectively without oil in its engine. It can also shut down because of internal electrical issues that can only be fixed by a generator repair service professional. Another reason for the immediate shut down of the generator after operating for seconds is the overall overload exceeding the capacity it can handle. The generator repair technician should inspect the machine to identify the exact problem and fix it skillfully.

Loss of Residual Magnetism

If your generator has been idle for months or even years or runs with inadequate load for long periods, it might lose its residual magnetism. The magnetism of the portable generator needs restoration with the assistance of a skilled generator repair service contractor in Marion, SC. The technician should connect the malfunctioned generator to a 12-volt battery to generate the necessary electrical power to restore the lost magnetism.

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