Safeguard Your Home With Regular Generator Repair And Maintenance | Florence, SC

Safeguard Your Home With Regular Generator Repair And Maintenance | Florence, SC

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Brownouts and power outages are always a possibility in Florence, SC, especially during high winds and rain. A generator can prevent discomfort and even damage to your home during periods without electrical service. Generator repair services keep your generator in good condition so it’s available and ready when you need it.

A generator failure happens at the worst time because we tend to use generators during challenging conditions. A generator failure frequently means loss of food, keepsakes, valuable collections, or even an emergency trip to the hospital if a family member is relying on oxygen concentrators, home ventilators, or other medical equipment requiring electricity. Keep your generator in good condition to prevent an emergency on top of an emergency due to generator failure.

Generator Lifetimes

Standby generators can last 20 to 30 years, depending on use. This translates into approximately 10,000 and 30,000 hours of life. Preventive maintenance is usually done on a schedule determined by usage hours. Generator repairs and maintenance increase in proportion to the number of hours of operation per year. Sometimes homeowners don’t need to use a generator at all for the entire year, but weather conditions could lead to using a generator quite frequently, especially during spring and summer months in Florence, SC.

Generator repair services include preventive maintenance that is essential to dependable performance. A generator is an appliance with a lot of moving parts used to provide continuous power when the main source of electrical power to your home is unavailable. Generators convert energy from diesel or other fuel sources into electrical power.

Generators do not actually create energy, but they transfer electric charges through mechanical components to designated sets of circuits. All generators have the same basic parts, including engine fuel, an alternator, a cooling system, an exhaust system, a voltage regulator, a lubrication arrangement, a battery, control panel, and a main assembly.

The fuel tank requires pipes, a pump, a filter, and an injector. Every piece of the system has to be in working order to produce electricity necessary to maintain functions in your home. People simply can’t be experts on everything. A homeowner without experience working on generators and electric should hire professional generator repair services to ensure proper function.

Regular Generator Maintenance

One key aspect of generator repair is proper air flow to keep the engine cool. Keep end louvers and the rear vent free of obstructions. Keep the area around your generator clean, and make sure no rodents or insects make a home in the immediate area.

Maintain appropriate oil viscosity and levels and check the manufacturer’s oil grade requirements. Check the oil level when the generator isn’t running, and wait 10 minutes after it shuts off to check oil levels again. This gives the oil in the engine time to drain into the sump. Keep oil levels full without overfilling, and check coolant levels in the catch, or overflow, tank. It’s a good idea to have an extra quart of oil available.

Run a weekly exercise test. Make sure the generator isn’t causing abnormal sounds or vibrations or excessive exhaust smoke. Check oil pressure and look for any leaks. Pay close attention to monitor any alarms or alerts, and ensure the unit is running at a normal engine temperature.

Check the fuel level and the fuel and water separators for diesel units. Add fuel or drain water as needed. Inspect the fuel supply piping for leaks, cracks, or other signs of damage on gas generators. Ensure that clamps and wire connections are tight and inspect wiring and terminals for any corrosion or damage.

Check coolant thermal protection levels at least every 6 months. Consult the manufacturer instructions or booklet to find the appropriate tester for the coolant in your generator. Inspect accessory drive belts and assess tension during 6 month checks as well.

Change the oil, fuel, and air filters and clean the crankcase breather annually. These filters may need to be changed more often if the generator is used frequently. An annual oil change is a good idea even if the generator was not used often.

Common Problems

Some generator problems occur more frequently than others. Battery failure is one of the most common issues, so make sure batteries, chargers, cables, and connection are in good condition if you suspect the generator will be necessary soon. Coolant leaks are another common problem frequently caused by failing block heater hoses. These hoses wear out due to heat generated by bock heaters. Wet stacking is a problem that appears to be a leak. It can be prevented by generator paralleling, but this is a generator repair that can be handled by a professional more easily than a homeowner.

Generator owners often rely on fuel gauges without thinking of the possibility of a gauge failure. A broken or malfunctioning fuel gauge could leave you without a functioning generator when you need it most. Check fuel levels manually from time to time to make sure your gauge is working correctly, and contact a generator repair service if the gauge malfunctions. Try to keep fuel stored safely on-site and have a backup plan in case you need to get more fuel during adverse weather or other types of emergency.

Circuit Breakers and Switches

Generators contain switches to manage current flow. Circuit breakers stop the flow of current when a fault is detected through a tripping mechanism to break the arc between a set of contacts. A power transfer switch disconnects or reconnects power to a main supply or secondary source. Some generators allow manual operation or have automatic failure detection to disrupt electrical current generation. These features are necessary for proper function and must be maintained for safety. This is one of the most important aspects of generator repair and maintenance.

Call the professionals at Mister Sparky Generators to conduct maintenance and generator repairs to make sure your home is ready for spring and summer storms.