Safeguard Your Investment With A Generator Repair Service | Marion, SC

Safeguard Your Investment With A Generator Repair Service | Marion, SC

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Severe storms and other adverse weather, vehicle accidents, and many other events in Marion, SC, can potentially disrupt the supply of electricity. Generators are extremely beneficial in such circumstances. They power refrigerators and freezers to prevent food spoilage, let the household use lights and carry out daily tasks, and help people monitor news and alerts from emergency services. Some people rely on electricity for health reasons, and generators may prevent certain life-threatening situations by powering medical equipment. Professional generator repair service is a great way to make sure your generator works when you need it.

Coolant and Block Heaters

A home generator can provide thousands of hours of operation is cared for properly. Generator repair services include proper maintenance to extend your generator’s functional lifespan as long as possible. Maintenance is especially important for generators subjected to heavy use or long periods of continuous operation.

Coolant is an important component of many generator models. Low coolant levels can lead to overheating and possibly prevent your generator from running at all. A generator repair service technician can refill the coolant and, even more importantly, find any underlying problems. If coolant is leaking somewhere, the problem will occur over and over again until the leak is fixed. You can reduce the risk of a leak by scheduling routine generator repair services. Most owner’s manuals include routine maintenance timetables.

Radiator fins should be inspected at least once each month and immediately after inclement weather such as hailstorms or high winds. Damaged fins interfere with airflow and prevent effective cooling. You should monitor coolant levels regularly and check the integrity of the water pump, hoses, and hose clamps as well.

Another potential source of problems is the block heater. Block heaters circulate coolant to regulate temperature during operation. A malfunctioning block heater may cause overheating or oil thickening that eventually leaves the generator unable to function. This problem can also damage the generator and inhibit long-term performance. Call a generator repair service provider immediately if you notice a problem so it can be repaired quickly.

Malfunctioning Alarms

Many generators are equipped with various alarms to let you know something isn’t working correctly. The owner’s manual usually explains what each alarm means, which is very helpful when you’re trying to figure out where the problem is. Unfortunately, alarms themselves can malfunction at times. They may indicate problems that don’t actually exist or miss certain problems entirely. False alarms are inconvenient and time-consuming, and some alarms prompt an emergency shutdown in the block heater. It’s not always easy to figure out whether an alarm is accurate or not. Call a generator repair service for any alarm issues. Experienced technicians can determine whether the problem is a false alarm or if an underlying problem really does exist.

Wet Stacking

Wet stacking is the term used to describe a dark, thick substance leaking from exhaust pipes on diesel engines. This happens when a diesel engine runs for extended periods with a light load and pushes unburned fuel into the exhaust. The term may also refer to a diesel engine that isn’t burning 100% of the fuel in its cylinders. Unaddressed wet stacking over long periods can significantly reduce engine performance.

Diesel engines don’t have spark plugs, so they use hot compressed air in cylinders to ignite fuel. If the air is cooler than the engine was designed for, inefficient combustion may occur. Vaporized fuel and small unburned carbon particles are mixed together in the exhaust to form a viscous dark liquid that may look like oil. Several signs can indicate wet stacking is occurring in your generator. Watch out for continuous black smoke from the exhaust and exhaust pipes with a wet appearance. Carbon deposits in the engine can also reduce the maximum power output of your generator, which may lead to insufficient power for the devices and appliances you planned to use during a power outage.

It’s important to consult a generator repair service provider in Marion, SC, quickly if you suspect wet stacking. This problem may shorten your generator’s lifespan and force you to replace the unit much sooner than expected. Wet stacking can also lead to violations of emission restrictions in urban areas.

An experienced generator technician addresses wet stacking in several ways. Operating the generator for several hours at 75% to 100% of the rating may increase exhaust temperature enough to eradicate unburned fuel and force soot out of the exhaust system. However, overhauling the engine may be the only way to remove heavy carbon buildup. It’s best to consult professional generator repair services to fix wet stacking and avoid potential problems. In rare cases, built-up fuel and soot can catch fire in the exhaust system.

General Maintenance Issues

Many homeowners don’t think about the fuel in their generators as a potential source of problems. However, fuel degrades over time. Stored fuel should be tested regularly so you don’t end up running poor-quality fuel through your generator. It’s especially important to monitor any bacterial growth or water in the system. Generator maintenance also includes changing clogged air filters. Air filters may last up to 200 operational hours, but this may be reduced in environments with large amounts of dust, pet hair, and other airborne debris.

Engine failure is one of the most common reasons for repair service calls. Monitor signs of wear and tear on your engine, such as damaged hoses, oil or fuel leaks, and worn out or cracked belts. Change oil filters regularly as well.

Certified technicians at Mister Sparky Generators in Marion, SC, provide top-notch generator repair services and provide regular maintenance. They can also help you choose a new or replacement generator to effectively meet your household’s needs. Safeguard your investment in your family’s health and safety by requesting services from experienced, licensed professionals.