Signs That You Need A Generator Repair Service | Marion, SC

Signs That You Need A Generator Repair Service | Marion, SC

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As a homeowner or a business owner, investing in a backup power generator can be a great decision. This is because a power generator can help you avoid the inconvenience and even financial losses that can occur due to power outages. However, like any other machine, a power generator can break down and make it necessary for you to seek the attention of a generator repair service provider in Marion, SC, such as Mister Sparky Generators. But how can you know if it is time to call your electric generator repair provider? Below is a rundown of the signs your generator needs the attention of an expert.

Start-up Delays

Starting a generator should be easy, and therefore, if you are experiencing noticeable delays when starting your generator, there may be an interior problem. In some cases, this is a problem that can result from using bad or old fuel. The sludge in old or bad fuel can be caught in the lines or even in the tank, and consequently, make it difficult for the generator to start. Even if the generator starts after trying several times, this is not a problem you can afford to overlook. This is because the generator might completely refuse to start next time. Therefore, as soon as you notice start-up delays, it is imperative for you to consult an experienced generator repair service provider as soon as possible to avoid future frustration or further damages to your generator.

Inconsistent Power

In some cases, your generator might start properly only for it to provide inconsistent power. In other words, it might start going on and off after every few minutes. This could be a sign of internal damage, and if nothing is done about it, you can expect to continue experiencing flickering lights when using your generator. The good news is that this is a problem that professional generator repair service providers, such as Mister Sparky Generators, can help to solve. Professionals have the necessary tools and skills to diagnose the issues that might be causing the inconsistent power output and come up with an effective solution.

The Generator Is Not Producing Electricity

Sometimes, you might notice that your generator is starting properly and running just fine, but not giving any electricity. The problem might be with your electric panel or even the generator itself. But whatever the issues might be, you need to call a professional generator repair service provider to help you pinpoint it. The expert will check your electric panel for any damaged breakers. If there is nothing wrong with the panel, your generator repair service provider will poke inside your generator to find the culprit. Once the issue with your generator has been identified, you can count on your generator repair service provider to come up with the most effective and efficient solution for it.

Strange Sound

Of course, generators are not machines that are known for running silently. In fact, you might have to invest in a generator enclosure to reduce the noise pollution from your generator. However, if you have used your generator for more than a few days, you definitely know how it sounds under normal circumstances. If you notice a strange sound coming from your generator, you need to know that there could be something wrong with the generator. Strange sounds can point to several problems. For instance, if there are loose parts, their vibrations can produce an unusual sound. If such an issue is not fixed as soon as possible, the loose parts can break down and lead to the need for expensive generator repair services. Therefore, when you notice that your generator is producing an unusual sound, you need to call a general repair service provider to ensure that the issue is fixed before getting out of hand.

Strange Odor

As with the changes in sound, any change in the odor produced by your generator should be taken seriously. If you have used your generator for a long time, you know the kind of smell it produces. Therefore, if it changes, it is not hard for you to notice it. A strange smell can come from issues such as burned wires or overheating belts. Whatever the cause might be, it is imperative for it to get identified and fixed sooner rather than later. In other words, you need to call your generator repair expert as soon as you notice a strange odor coming from your generator.

Visible Damages

Some generator problems are visible, and therefore, they don’t need complex diagnostic equipment to identify. Some common visible damages include loose or worn wires, missing components, corrosion, and dents, among others. The problems might be caused by outdoor elements, such as storms and even rodents. An experience generator repair service provider, such as Mister Sparky Generators, will assess the seriousness of the issue and advise you on the best solution for it.

The Bottom Line

Overall, it is apparent that a generator can play an important part in helping you manage the impacts of power blackouts on your business or home. Like any other machine, a power generator is prone to breaking down, and therefore, you need to be in touch with a reliable generator repair service provider, such as Mister Sparky Generators, to ensure that there is an expert you can call when your generator has a problem. If you are looking for a dependable generator repair expert in or around Marion, SC, Mister Sparky Generators is an excellent company to work with. We have been in this business for many years, and we are conversant with the common issues that affect the various generator brands and models commonly used in North America. Feel free to contact us today for more information about our company and services.