Signs That You Need Generator Repair in Myrtle Beach, SC

Signs That You Need Generator Repair in Myrtle Beach, SC

Many homeowners are unsure whether they need generator repair in Myrtle Beach or not. The uncertainty arises from the fact that generators are complex machinery and understanding them can be difficult for anyone that does not have the information needed for maintaining them.

Generators like many other housing appliances are a onetime investment. When purchasing a generator, you should be certain of the type of generator you need. However, once bought a generator requires maintenance and regular servicing.

A fault in the generator can render a generator useless; this is why generator repair in Myrtle Beach is necessary as soon as you witness the following points.

A Leak in the Generator

A leak in the generator is a dangerous situation as soon as you witness it is important to get it fixed right away. Damage to any part of the generator and rough use causes the leak.

If your generator is leaking gas, then it usually is because of a dried out carburetor. A dried out carburetor causes the leak from the bottom of the carburetor. In such cases, it is essential to replace the carburetor gasket.

Damaged or Worn Out Electrical Components

If there is visible damage on the exterior of the generator, then get your generator inspected by a professional. The inspection of your generator will reveal the cause of damage to the generator.

The inspection involves taking a close look at the wires, buttons and other electrical items. If the review reveals frayed wires and loose connector, then it is a sign that you need generator repair in Myrtle Beach, SC.

Buttons that stay put when pressed or cause an overload leading to a generator shutdown are the most common sign of you needing generator repair in Myrtle Beach, SC

Another common sign is the voltage of the battery if it is not up to the required level then change the battery. 

Trouble Starting the Generator

If your generator is taking time to start up, then it is a sign that you need to call the electrician to take a look. Generators that stay idle for the most part face this issue. The draining of the battery and cases similar to it usually lead to the draining of the battery.

A drained battery also causes the generator to run fitfully. A drained battery may cause the generator to stop working in the middle of the period, and once it stops, it is hard to restart the generator.

An empty battery because of low use usually causes this issue. However, there are also other reasons for a generator refusing to start up. We have compiled a roundup of all the possible reasons that are preventing the generator from starting.

  • Battery Failure- There are likelihoods that low use of the generator can cause sulfation buildup. The buildup occurs when the molecules in the electrolyte become discharged causing them to coat the battery’s lead plates.
  • Air in the fuel system- This is a problem which is more common in newer generators. This failure can be avoided by running the generator frequently and not allowing air to buildup in the generator. 
  • Breaker trip- Initially it is important to verify that nobody has accidentally pushed a remote emergency causing a power switch off. A breaker trip is caused by the automatic transfer switch (ATS) this does not allow the generator to start. Only professionals can fix The ATS. Therefore, if you do not have the required skills do not attempt solving the problem on your own.          

 No Maintenance for Awhile

A generator should be checked for faults ideally after every six months. Servicing your generator regularly allows you to find in errors that have skipped your eye. Generators usually face problems which are not visible to the naked eye.

Regular checkup by a professional will ensure that all signs indicating your generator need repair in Myrtle Beach, SC are identified. A stitch in time will save nine. Therefore to protect yourself from a potential problem and a substantial cost it is essential to get a professional to have a look at your generator after every six months.

External Damage

Seeing visible damage is an instant signal to get your generator repaired in Myrtle Beach, SC. Visible exterior damage, loose parts, dents or other signs of injury should not be taken lightly as they are a signal of the generator needing repair.

In cases where there is visible external damage, you need generator repair in Myrtle Beach, SC to ensure that the generator can be used again.

It is important to remember that generators are electronic devices and they require proper maintenance and regular servicing to function appropriately in the long run. Generator repair in Myrtle Beach, SC involves the help of a professional. However, to ensure prompt and timely repair, it is essential to perform regular checkups on the generator yourself.

To make things simpler for you we have created a list of features that need to be looked at in your checkup.

Cooling System

A routine checkup of the cooling system involves the following activities

  • Checking the radiator fins, this requires the inspection of all dirt and debris.
  • Check the antifreeze levels weekly basis.
  • Ensure that the block heater is warm and is plugged in.

Fuel System

The fuel system has within it the fuel filters. Changing the fuel filters after every 200-250 hours of use is necessary given the environmental conditions. In addition to changing the fuel filters also ensure that there are no wet spots around the fittings. 

Battery and Charging Systems

During regular checkups ensure that the charging gauge reads OK on the battery charger. Additionally also take a quick look at the connections, to avoid any future mishaps it is essential that all the connections are tight and are clean of any corrosion off the terminals.


Inspect the engine belt thoroughly for wear, cracking and looseness. Check the air filters and the oil levels and also ensure that there are no fuel and water leaks in the engine. 

When performing the routine checkup, it is necessary that the generator is switched off. Moreover if in case during the routine checkups you find out any cause of concern contact the professionals at Mister Sparky Generators.