Simple Ways to Avoid Common Generator Problems | Generator in Florence, SC

Simple Ways to Avoid Common Generator Problems | Generator in Florence, SC

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Installation for you generator in Florence, SC is essential so that your life doesn’t come to a halt in case of emergencies. But can you imagine frantically searching for a repair company for your generator in Florence, SC in those situations?

If not, then you must keep your backup generator in Florence, SC well maintained. We’ll help you familiarize yourself with the problems you might face with a focus on their solutions.

Battery Failure

There could be several different reasons behind a failed battery. Here are some of the most common ones:

Sulfate Buildup

When the electrolyte level falls, sulfur molecules get discharged in the acid. They deposit on the lead plates of the batteries making them unable to supply current. Substituting the lead plates will fix this issue.

Shorted Battery Cells

Lead residue deposited in the sedimentary tray in large quantities is an indication of this. Change the battery cells on a regular basis. A well-maintained battery can last for up to three years, but it is recommended to change it after that.

Open Cells

Although it is rare, batteries can sometimes fail due to open cells. This is when excess current runs through the system. Getting large-size batteries with high CCAs would be better in case the battery frequently fails because of this reason.

Tripped Breaker

A charger that isn’t turned back on after servicing your generator in Florence, SC may cause the battery to fail. After getting its maintenance done from a repair company for your generator in Florence, SC do cross check the unit.


Generator re service is not just the mechanic’s job. Constant maintenance, monitoring, cleaning and tightening cable connections at home is an effort required from you.

Air in the Fuel System

If you’ve recently purchased a generator in Florence, SC for home use, you’re more likely to face this issue. It might not start as the new systems design is according to the current emission requirements. The fuel system is highly sensitive to air due to limited tolerance.

If the unit injector solenoid contains an air bubble, it wouldn’t fire at startup. The engine will not turn on if there are numerous such injectors. In order to remove the air from the fuel tank, we suggest that you keep it under running condition. During inspections, keep it running till the time you’re sure that the engine will start. It will take less than 5 minutes for the system to reach the voltage and frequency.

Coolant Level Running Low

An external or internal leak may lead to a low coolant level. When you’re running your regular checks, do keep an eye out for visible puddles of coolant. The coolants manufactured in Florence, SC as opposed to other cities may have different colors, but often it is similar to diesel fuel with a red-dye. If the coolant leaks into the oil the texture become milky or changes color. Hoses can also indicate as it makes them crust. Most generators in Florence, SC you find in stores have built-in low coolant level alarms. They’re attached along with a high coolant temp shutdown circuit.

Shutdowns because of low coolant levels will also result from internally plugged radiator cores. The core is unable to ensure proper flow when the generator in Florence, SC is under load as the thermostats become completely open. As a result the coolant goes through the overflow line. The thermostat closes once the engine cools down. As the level drops the low coolant level shutdown begins.

Another occurrence is due to the use of float switch-type coolant level sensors. The lines are connected to the top and bottom of the radiator tanks. In case the thermostat is open, the float switch lines offer the least resistant path. This flow leads to a drop and system shutdown. To check if it is functioning properly, you can get an addition load from a generator repair company in Florence, SC. Attach it to the generator and check if the thermostat is open under full load.

Controls Not Set to Auto

If your system flashes a “not in auto” message, it might be because of a human error. Likely to occur after a service when the main control switch is left on reset position. Be sure to cross check the unit yourself after service.

The unit will not start if the control switch is at a position of ‘cool down’ or ‘off/reset’. In both cases an alarm would go off. Not in auto not only indicates issues with the main control switch, but also that the unit is not shut down. It could happen when switchgear or alarms are not reset, emergency stop buttons activated or breakers tripped.

Most of the models you find for generators in Florence, SC are designed in a manner that at the time of an emergency fault shutdown, the main circuit breaker opens up. To shut off the alarm in case the unit shuts itself, you have to reset the control panel manually. In case of an automatic shutdown, you should look out and reset quite a few things. Do that after you’ve detected the reason the alarm went off and its shut.

Some building codes or engineers demand ground fault sensors supplemented with the system during construction. They’re much like powered off light switches. They’re not usually connected with an alarm which makes these shutdowns hard to identify. When you purchase it from a store for generators in Florence, SC do ask if your unit has this facility and how you can reset it. In case it has remote switchgear, it would need to be reset. You must have a good understanding of your system to know what happens in case of a fault shutdown.


We’ve provided you with all the important information you might need. You’d know what signs to look for when dealing with standby generators. While some issues are simple enough to solve yourself, when it comes to your generator, it’s best to let a Mister Sparky Electric of Myrtle Beach a professional generator repair in Florence, SC take a look.