Tips for Choosing the Right Generator for Home Use in Horry County, SC

Tips for Choosing the Right Generator for Home Use in Horry County, SC

Experiencing a power outage can leave you feeling helpless and frustrated unless you have your own backup power supply.

Therefore, if you have decided to install a generator for home use in Horry County, SC, then you have surely made a very wise decision. Here’s all that you need to know before buying a generator for your house in Horry County, SC.


Understanding How Generators Are Sized

The first step in selecting a generator for home use in Horry County, SC is to determine the ‘size’ of generator that you need. In case you are unsure, the size of a generator does not refer to its physical measurements in any way. Generators are rated in watts (W) or kilowatts (kW) which indicates the amount of power that they can produce. In other words, generators are sized in the units of electricity. For instance, a generator rated at a maximum of 2.5 kW means that it can provide power to 25 light bulbs that consume 100 watts of power each. Therefore, the size of the generator required for any purpose depends on what you want to power.

Selecting a generator of the right size is really important due to various reasons. If you buy a generator that does not generate enough electricity (i.e., is of a smaller size than needed), then you will not be able to use the appliances that you intend to power using this backup supply of electricity. It can also cause a voltage drop when you switch on the appliances, and this can not only damage your generator and/or appliances but also cause the unit to shut down, leaving you stranded in the dark again. On the other hand, buying a generator that is too large for your needs will cost you extra as well as lead to higher operational and maintenance costs.

Determining the Size of Generators for Home Use in Horry County, SC

To calculate the size of generator you need, follow the steps given below.

  1. List all the items that you want to power (at the SAME time) with your new generator.
  2. Check the user’s manual or the bottom/back of the appliances to find the wattage requirement of each appliance. You need to list down the running watts as well as additional starting watts (if applicable). The running watts or rated watts means the amount of power that the electrical item needs at all time in order to keep functioning continuously. Starting watts refer to the additional watts required for a short amount of time (2 to 3 seconds) to kick start the electric motors of certain appliances such as a refrigerator.
  3. Once you have gathered all the data, add all the running watts. The end figure indicates that you require a generator that produces at least that amount of running watts.
  4. For calculating the starting watts rating of the generator, select the appliance with the highest extra wattage requirement and add that figure to the previous result. You need a generator that can produce a similar amount of additional energy.

If doing this calculation seems too tedious for you or if you are unsure whether you are doing it correctly or not, then you can consult expert electricians who deal with the installation of generators for home use in Horry County, SC. They will look into your household requirements and various other factors to tell you precisely the type of generator that will best meet your needs.

The Run-Time

Homeowners can choose from a variety of generators for home use in Horry County, SC. Once you are well aware of the size of the generator that you need, look for one that has the highest run-time. For generators powered by petrol or diesel, run-time means the duration for which it can run continuously before you need to refuel it. As for gas-powered generators, it refers to the number of hours after which you need to shut the generator down for some time to prevent overheating and damage to the internal motors. To get a peaceful night’s sleep even whenthere is a power outage, you need to pay attention to the run time before buying a generator for home use in Horry County, SC.

Power Outlets and Portability

Other important factors to consider before buying a generator for home use in Horry County, SC are portability, number and the type of power outlets available. Most homeowners prefer portable generators that can be wheeled in and out of the garage or any another storage facility as per their need. Also, you must make sure that the generator has sufficient power outlets that can support the load that you want to drive.

Selecting the Best Generator for Home Use in Horry County, SC

If you are looking for generators for home use in Horry County, SC, then it is best to consult expert electricians for detailed guidance in order tomake the right decision.

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